Types of Packing Machines – All You Better To Know

Flow Wrapping Machine

The packing machine is widely used and suitable for many different kinds of product packaging. However, there are so many types of packing machines that might confuse you.

This article will tell you about variant types of packing machines. If you have different product needs to fill, it will teach you how to choose. Or you might have a different package, it can also let you know which packaging machine to use.

Types Of Packing Machines By Automation

There are automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines.


You just feed the bulk materials in the hopper of an elevator, and collect the ended packages. There is little work for you to do except to operate the machine.


You might have to do partial work, for example, to manually seal the bags after the machine’s automatic weighing and filling.

Types Of Packaging Machines By Package

There are packaging machines for different packages or containers.

Pouch & Sachet

The pouch and sachet material is made of a PE (Polyethylene) compound, such as Aluminum/PE, PET/PE, Paper/PE, etc. The pouch dose is above 50g, while the sachet is below 50g. You can use a pouch-filling machine, form-fill-seal machine, and sachet packaging machine.

Jumbo Bag

The jumbo bag is made of PP (Polypropylene), which is also called woven plastic bags or PP bags. Used for packaging with larger weights, it’s closed with a stitcher.

You can use an automatic bagging machine or a semi-automatic bagging machine for 25kg, 40kg, and 50kg. And tonne bagging machine for 1000kg.

Courier Bag

The courier bag is made of double layers of LDPE. You can use an automatic bagger machine for courier bags, which automatically feeds and opens the bag with air blowing, manually puts product, and presses to seal.

Bottle & Can

There are linear bottling-filling machines and rotary bottle-filling machines for bottles and cans. It matches with liquid filler, auger filler, or weigher according to your different status of products. Such as beverages, powders, or granules.

Bottle Filling Machine

Jar & Bucket

The packaging machine often uses a linear jar-filling machine. An automatic cap-covering machine is matched to cover the lip on the bucket automatically.

Linear Jar Filling Machine


The capsule could be made of gelatin, polymer, or HPMC. You can use manual, semiautomatic, and automatic capsule-filling machines. The sealing method for gelatin is heating, and for polymer and HPMC is ultrasonic.


The softgel uses gelatin as packaging material. The softgel encapsulation machine consists of a gelatin traction machine, liquid or thick liquid measure-filling, sealing, drying, and cooling. It dries the excess liquid attached to the encapsulated soft gel.


The blister packing machine uses Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or Aluminum as the packaging material. It forms blister by PVC with heat-molding to shape, and Aluminum with cold-molding. Polyethylene (PE) compound is used to seal the blister.

bliser packaging machine

Carton & Case

There is the automatic case packing machine and automatic cartoning machine.

case packer

Types Of Packing Machines By Filled Product

There are types of packing machines for different statuses of filled products, like liquid & paste, granules, powder, or blocks.

Liquid & Paste

You can fill liquid & paste filling into the bottle or sachet. Such as linear bottle-filling machines, rotary bottle-filling machines, and sachet packaging machines.


You need granules packaged in these types of packaging machines. Such as form-fill-seal machines, premade pouch-filling machines, bottle & jar filling machines, and sachet packaging machines.

granular weigher


You can use auger filler with a form-fill-seal machine or a premade pouch packaging machine. If you want to fill the powder into the bottle, you can use an auger filler with a linear conveyor system.


For blocks, you can use a multi-head combination weigher to fill, or use a belt-feed scale.

Types Of Packing Machines By Function

There are many types of packaging machines with different functions. They can meet your different packaging requirements.

Form-fill-seal Machine

If your package material is a roll of film, you can use a form-fill-seal machine.

Pouch Filling Machine

You can use a pouch-filling machine to pack a premade pouch.

Sachet Packaging Machine

If you have a small dose of 1~50g, you can use it.

Flow Wrapping Machine

If you have unusual products, for example, toothbrushes & toothpaste, you can use a flow wrapping machine.

Multi Lane Sachet Packaging Machine

If you have a small dose of 1~50g but with heavy packaging, you need to use it, which speed can be up to 35 cuts/minute with 4 to 12 lanes.

Tea Bag Machine

Specially used for your tea bag packaging. Rectangular or pyramid tea bag packaging with PLA or filter paper tea bags. Attached with a thread and tag, and plastic envelope packaging included.

Cellophane Packaging Machine

If you want your box product protected from moisture or make it more attractive, this machine is a good choice, which overwraps the box with BOPP film.

Palletizing Machine

If your product is a carton or jumbo bags that need to be stacked, this machine helps.

Stretch Wrapped Machine

After you palletize your case or jumbo bags on the pallet, you can use it to wrap the pallet with a PVC stretch film.

Cartoning Machine

If you need to insert a product into a box automatically, the cartoning machine is a good choice.

Case Packing Machine

It automatically forms cases from cardboard or opens a pre-formed case, fills, and seals.

Shrinking Machine

If you want to bundle dozens of bottles with a cheap cost and high efficiency, just shrink them with PVC plastic film.

Labeling Machine

Stick the label on your bottle or box with a labeling machine.

Sticker Labeling Machine

Strapping Machine

This is used for your case strapped for a strong hold.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

It is used to package your food and rice with air extracted from the bags.

Sealing Machine

There are different types of sealing machines. Such as manual sealing machines, manual pulse sealing machines, paddle-type sealing machines, vertical stand-up sealing machines, continuous sealing machines, intermittent sealing machines, and induction sealing machines, etc.

Capping Machine

It’s an automatic cap-sealing machine including an automatic caps feeder.

Capping Machine


You know all the types of packing machines in the market now. How to choose a suitable packing machine for your business, you can easily make a choice. Just from your package, your filled product, and the function, you can quickly fix the type of packing machine.

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