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STB-50X Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

Synda STB-50X Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine is a complete pyramid tea bag filling and sealing machine with an inner filter bag and outer plastic pouch packing machine. The thread and tag are automatically attached. Rolls of nylon and the non-woven cloth are both available to form the inner pyramid tea bag.

Ultrasonic sealer, PLC controlled with Touch Screen, easy changeover parts, STB-50X Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine is easy to pack a variety products, such as black tea, green tea, white tea, health care tea, herbal, medicine tea, coffee, etc.

Using a flexible bucket chain conveyor to link the inner pyramid tea filter bag and outer tea pouch packing machine, STB-50X Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine is the ideal packaging machinery for your pyramid tea bag products with outer plastic pouch. Compared with the manual tea bag packing machine, it avoids the human hand to touch the inner pyramid filter bag and enables hygienic.

Small tea bag packing machine, flexible, reliable running, easy to operate, Synda STB-50X Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine is an excellent tea packaging equipment for your tea factory. With a small cost, it’s really a good choice for small businesses or start-ups.

  • Environmentally, friendly and 100% biodegradable transparent packaging material
  • The high-quality nylon and non-woven fabrics are compatible with
  • Adopts a unique, tight, hygienic, and safe ultrasonic sealing without a trace
  • Flexible, Easy changeover makes the operation easy and reliable
Technical Data STB-50X
Packing Speed Filter Bag:Up to 3000 Bags/hour
Plastic Pouch: Up to 30 Cycles/min
Weighing Range 1~5g
Width of Rolls 140, 160, 180 mm
Length of Bags 50, 60, 70, 80 mm
Number of Sealing & Cutting Devices 2 Sets
Power Supply 380v, 50Hz, 1.2kw (Custom)
Machine Dimension 3300 x 1600 x 2300 mm
Machine Weight 700KG

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