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STB-16N Tea Packing Machine

The STB-16N tea bag packing machine is electromechanical integration of packing machine, which suit for the pharmaceutical, food and other industries.

STB-16N packing machine can pack 2~60meshes granular materials, such as black tea, green broken tea, red tea, herbsinto the bag.

lt meet functions of ration feeding, teabag heat-sealing, automatic threadingand labeling, envelope filling and sealing, etc. The envelope is cold-sealed by pressure.The machine adopts PLC control and touch screen display. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Intelligent PLC control system, touch screen display.
  • Automatic marks tracking to assure proper trademarkslocation.
  • Production count function, convenient to manage.
  • Monitor and alarm for jam teabag, shortage of materials,empty bags, tag paper/ thread, etc. Automatic failure shut-down.
  • New appearance design; meet requirements of GMP andCE certification.
  • The envelope paper is cold-sealed,environmental anddegradable.

Power1.5kwMachine Dimension1720*920*2030mmWeight850kg

Technical Data STB-16N
Speed Max. 130bags/min
Filling Range 6 cm3
Filter teabag size (L*W) 62.5mm x 50mm
Paper envelope size (L*W) 70mm x 65mm
Tag size  28mm x 24mm
Cotton Thread length 210±5mm
Total power AC380V/220V,50HZ/60HZ

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