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STB-16 High-speed Tea Bag Packing Machine

STB-16 intelligent tea bag packaging machine is an optical mechanical and electrical integration intelligent packaging equipment, suitable for medicine, food and other industries.

It can package materials for 20 mesh–60 mesh, with good fluidity of granular/flake tea or crushed other crushed materials, with quantitative feeding, heat sealing inner bag, automatic hanging line labeling, inner bag automatic counting into the box function. The whole machine adopts PLC control, touch screen display, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

  • Intelligent PLC control system, touch screen display.
  • Production count function, convenient to manage.
  • Monitor and alarm for jam teabag, shortage of materials,empty bags, tag paper/ thread, etc. Automatic failure shut-down.
  • New appearance design; meet requirements of GMP andCE certification.
  • Group, count and stack, automatic cartoning, save labor.
Modal STB-16
Packing Speed Max. 150 bags/min.
Max. Dosage 6 cm3
Filter Paper Width 125mm
Filter Bag Size 62.5mm x 50mm
Tag Size 28mm x 24mm
Length of thread 210±mm
Power supply AC 380V/220V / 60HZ
Power Load ≤1.5kw
Machine Net Weight 650KG
Machine Gross Weight 810KG
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6bar
Machine Dimension 1700(L)×900(W)×2000mm(H)

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