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STB-15 High-speed Tea Bag Packing Machine

The high-speed STB-15 Tea Bag Packing Machine is the fastest tea packing machine for inner filter and envelope tea bags. The speed is up to 105 sachets/min. It’s glue sealing the tag. Heating seals the tag is also available.

Rotary feed the bags and string placer makes it much fast making the filter bags with string and tag. Free-tool changeover, no easy-damage spare parts needed, Synda STB-15 high-speed tea bag machine is an ideal choice for group companies of tea production.

Synda STB-15 high-speed tea bag machine also attaches a counting chute that can automatically count and fill the tea bag into the paper box. It will greatly save the investment cost and improve the packaging efficiency.

Easy to operation, few spare parts needed, PLC and HMI touch screen controlled, Synda STB-15 high-speed tea packing machine can be a great assistant for your tea bag packaging as well as the tea-bag box packaging.

  • Automatic tea bag counter chute attached and manually fill into the paper box
  • Automatically fill and pack filter paper tea bag without envelope bag
  • 25 sachets, 30 sachet, 40 sachets, 50 sachets, 60 sachets, 100 sachets grouped before manually filling into box
  • GMP standard and applied for CE certification
  • Sensor detects and ensures printing in the wanted position
Modal STB-15
Packing Speed 120 bags/min.
Max. Dosage 6 cm3
Filter Paper Width 125mm
Filter Bag Size 62.5mm x 50mm
Tag Size 28mm x 24mm
Length of thread 210mm
Power supply AC 380V/220V 50HZ (Custom-made available)
Power Load 1.2kw
Machine Net Weight 650KG
Machine Gross Weight 810KG
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6bar
Machine Dimension 1700(L)×900(W)×2000mm(H)

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