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STB-120 High-Speed Tea-Bag Envelope Packing Machine

The Model STB-120 is an automatic envelope packing machine. STB-120 puts teabag into envelope packing solutions. Our company respond to market demand for envelope packing machine which is connected to the other teabag packing machine, the DXDW120 offers teabag sealed into envelope to suit customer’ S demands. The individual envelope offers a way to improve the filter bag’ s moisture proof refreshment. The printing of envelope has been designed to meet the requirements of our customers.

●Safety Protection: Short circuit protection, overload protection, leakage protection.
●Grouped tea bag output device.
●Various heat sealable laminated materials. (Plastic/P.E, Plastic/foil/P.E)
●Perfect tea bag performance.
●Provide Servo and PLC control system, touch screen display, Operating easily.

●Date printing device.

Packing materials consumption

Note:Envelope material:OPP19/PET-AL12/PE40, Other materials is different.

Modal STB-120
Packing Speed 120±10 bags/min.
Max. Dosage 10 cm3/td>
Filter Paper Width 125mm, 140mm
Filter Bag Size 45mm x 60mm
Envelope Size 70mm x 80mm
Tag Size 28×32mm
Length of thread 148±5mm
Power supply AC 380V/220V 50HZ(Custom-made available)
Power Load 10kw
Machine Net Weight 450KG
Machine Gross Weight 500KG
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6bar

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