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STB-10N Nude Filter Tea Bag Machine

Synda STB-10N is a nude filter tea bag machine. It makes the filer paper tea bags while filling loose-leaf tea and sealing it. It’s a perfect inner filter paper tea packing machine that attaches with thread and tag without an envelope.  With a much low budget, it’s a good help for a start-up business.

With a specially designed tea filter bag sealer, Synda STB-10N Tea Packing Machine can easily pack loose-leaf tea, herbal tea, black tea, and flower tea. Heat sealing and filling, this tea bag packing machine is a fully automatic bag packaging machine for your tea packaging. Unlike our STB-50 Pyramid Tea Packing Machine, this packaging machinery is mainly for rectangular tea bag packaging.

Synda STB-10N Tea Packing Machine is PLC controlled with a Touch Screen, which is quite easy for your workers to operate. It has a wide variety of bags of packaging. This automatic tea bag packing machinery explores Servo Motor as transmission power and has very reliable performance at high speed. The packing speed is as much as 1800 bags/hour.

As a small tea packing machine, STB-10N Tea Packing Machine is affordable for a small-scale business or start-up. It’s a machine automatic operating that has a very good ROI for your investment on the base of high efficiency, reliable running performance, and limited maintenance.

  • Pneumatic bag clamping, auto bag giving, tag sticking, string cutting
  • PLC/Touch Screen Operation Panel to control
  • GMP standard with 304 Stainless Steel.
Technical Data STB-10N
Speed Filter Bag:Up to 1800 Bags/hour
Plastic Pouch: Up to 30~45 Cycles/min
Weighing Range 1~5g
Filter Bag width range 47-70mm
Filter Bag length range 55-80mm
Tag Size 20 x 20 mm
Packing Speed 30 ~ 45 BPM

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