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Green Tea Packing Machine

Green tea packing machine is mainly used for green tea auto weighing, filling, bag forming, sealing, printing, etc. Green tea involves loose tea leaf, crushed, granular, blends, etc.

Green tea packing machine explores PLC & HMI control. It’s widely used for green tea’s auto-filling & sealing. Teabags range from filter paper bags to biodegradable tea packaging.

Not limited to the filter tea bag, but envelope and box packaging machine we can also supply. Including outer plastic sachet, box filling machine, overwrapping packing machine, etc.

Except for supplying the green tea packing machine, we can also supply one-stop green tea packaging and processing machines, including tea leaf grinding, blends, filter paper packaging material, cotton thread, tags, envelope, box.

  • Widely used for green tea, green tea mix, etc.
  • Suits for single chamber or double chamber tea bags
  • Different teabag styles, such as triangle tea bag and flat tea bag.
  • Fast filter tea bag filling and sealing, with tag and cotton thread.
Technical Data STB-50H, STB-10A, STB-15N, STB-DC10
Packing Speed Filter Bag: Up to 3000~7200 Bags/hour
Plastic Pouch: Up to 50~120 Cycles/min
Weighing Range 1~10ml
Width of Rolls 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm
Length of Sealing 50, 60, 70, 80 mm
Quantity of Sealing Device Heat seal, ultrasonic seal, and glue adhesive
Power 380v, 50Hz, 1.2~5 Kw

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