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Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

Synda Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine is a fabulous tea bag filling sealing machine. Completely automatic double chamber tea bag machine, it has functions of automatic double chamber filter paper bag forming, filling, and sealing attached with string, hard tag, and aluminum staple.

High speed, complexed, and fine structure, Synda Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine is the most advanced packaging machine for tea filter paper bags with the double chambers. Not only for tea packaging but this tea machine also used for medicine, healthy food, and other products with 20 meshes t0 60 meshes granules. Such as CTC black tea, broken green tea, herbals, loose leaf tea, etc.

Double chamber filter bag, Synda Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine can realize double chamber tea bag forming by cold sealing,  and auto feeding hard tag attached with the aluminum staple firmly.

The whole working process controlled by PLC, setting the technical parameters on the Touch Screen, counting device, Synda Automatic Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine represents high speed, good performance, reliable quality, easy operation, and maintenance.

  • Double chamber tea bag with hard tag and aluminum staple
  • Wide range for many kinds of tea and healthy food
  • High speed, reliable quality, and easy operation
  • Most advanced tea packaging technology for double chamber filter bag
Tea Bag Machine  Model STB-DC10
Speed Filter Bag:Up to 7200 Bags/hour
Plastic Pouch: Up to 120(+-10) Cycles/min
Dosage 1~10g
Filter Bag width range 40-60 mm
Filter Bag length range 45-60 mm
Tag Size 28 x 32. mm
Thread Length 148 +- 5 mm
Size of Staple 13mm (5mm after being folded)
Tea Bag Machine Dimension 3500 x 1500 x 2400mm
Weight 4250kg
Power Supply 3 phase 380V/3 phase 220V 50Hz 10kw (custom-made)

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    High-Speed Double Chamber Tea Bag
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