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Tea Packaging Machine

Tea packing machine has a wide variety of usage for teabag filling and sealing. 3-sides seal plastic bag with an inner filter bag. As one of the tea packing machine manufacturers in China,  Synda Pack supplies many types of tea packaging equipment for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and all types of tea and coffee. The package can be only filter sachet with string and tag, filter sachet into a plastic pouch, or into the box. The double chamber sachet tea packing machine is our most advanced type which designs and integrated with an easy tea box packaging machine.

The pyramid tea bag machine is also a popular type of tea pouch packing machine. Hygienic and popular for snack tea and coffee packaging. The tea sachet machine makes bags of heat-seal filter paper with a string and tag for both traditional and herbal teas. Add-ons of the tear notch and easy-open systems can also be accommodated. Synda Pack’s tea packing machine is a great packaging solution for tea and coffee.

Compared with the manual tea packing machine, Synda automatic tea bag machine has very good performance with high ROI. It’s a good automatic tea bag machine for small business. Different from the tea bag maker only, Synda Tea Packing Machine is a tea bag making machine with a filling and sealing device that has high-speed with perfect running.

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Tea Packing Machine Manufacturer

With better Tea Packaging Machine price

  • Synda is a leading manufacturer of tea packing machine.
  • We can supply tea bag machines for loose leaf tea and fermented tea.
  • Flexible tea bag filling and sealing machine for Lipton tea bags, paper filter bags, pyramid tea bags, and nylon filter bags.
  • Our tea packaging equipment can be added with different weighers or fillers for the different tea.
  • A small tea bag machine is available for start-ups or small businesses.
  • The tea bag maker uses roll stock film automatically making the bags.
  • The tea filling machine is specially designed for black tea, green tea, white tea, loose leaf tea, and flower tea.
  • Tag and string can be integrated with the teabag making machine.
  • Synda can choose the most reliable tea bag packaging machine for your specific tea packaging.
  • The double chamber tea bag packing machine is our newly designed and advanced tea packing machinery.
  • After paper filter bag packaging, we can also supply solution wrapping into the outer envelop or box.
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    Advanced Types of Tea Packing Machines

    Synda is one of the leading manufacturers for the tea packing machines. STB-10A is an automated tea bag packaging machine. It has both functions of the filter packing machine and the pouch packing machine. Filter bag into the pouch. Tag and string are also matched with. This tea bag making machine is made of hygienic stainless steel. It’s an entire auto tea bag filling and sealing machine. This tea packaging machine is widely used for loose leaf tea, a fermented tea, Lipton red tea, and black tea.

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    versatile tea packing machine

    The STB-10C tea packing machine is one of our main tea bag filling and sealing machine. Synda designs and manufactures the most advanced tea bag packaging machine for our client. We supply the fully automatic tea bag packing solutions for tea factories or small scale tea businesses. Synda small tea bag machine is a machine for small businesses. We have different tea machine with kinds of weigh fillers fro different tea. It suits almost all tea, like black tea, flower tea, and white tea.

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    double chamber tea bag packing machine

    The STB-DC10-2X is an automated double chamber tea bag packing machine. The function is for packing loose leaf tea, fermented-tea, and herbs. It’s a tea-making machine that automatically forms double chamber tea bags with teabag paper. Synda will provide you with the excellent double chamber tea bag machine. It makes a hard tag out of tag rollstock with staples and strings attached too. After double chamber filter bag form-fill-sealed with tags and threads, it will explore rotary-filling into chutes. Then horizontally put the filter sachet into box automatically.

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    STB-10N Tea Packing Machine

    The STB-10N tea packing machine that packs for paper filter bag with string and tag. It does not have an outer bag, but only filter bags. Synda supplies our client with high-quality tea bag packaging machine automatic with fillers. A volumetric filling machine or electronic weigher can be matched with the STB-10N tea bag filling and sealing machine. The auxiliary packing machinery is also available, such as printer, elevator and belt conveyor, etc.

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    The STB-50 pyramid tea bag packing machine consists of an ultrasonic sealer and a weigh filler. It makes perfect pyramid bags before filling. String and tags are also automatically attached out of rollstock. Synda would like to give you the most reliable pyramid tea bag packaging machines. You can use this packaging machinery to pack any kind of tea into the non-woven filter bags. This pyramid tea filling machine is hands-free and the capacity can be up to 2000-3000 bags/hour. The tea making machine uses branded electrical parts and guarantee continuous running with safety.

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    Helpful Documents of Tea Packing Machine

    The Ultimate Guide To Tea Packing Machine

    Getting the right tea packing machine isn’t a cup of tea. You’ve probably gone through a great deal of information on tea packing machines to choose the most appropriate for your industrial tea packing needs. We’re here to help.

    We’ll breakdown what you need to know about tea packing machines in a way that’s easy to understand.

    In this article we’ll cover the following items:

    • What’s a Tea Packing Machine?
    • What’re the Benefits of Automatic Tea Packing Machines?
    • What’re the Categories of Tea Packing Machines?
    • What’re the Working Principles of Tea Packing Machines?
    • How Do I Choose a Tea Packing Machine?
    • Conclusion

    What’s the Tea Packing Machine?

    A tea packing machine packages tea, ground coffee powder, herbs, and granular cereals by automatically forming a single-use tea bag using filter paper, filling the bag, sealing, and cutting it. Some machines provide for the addition of a string and tag for convenient handling.

    Advanced tea packing machines simultaneously form an outer envelope that encloses the filter paper tea bag for improved hygiene. The machine automatically counts and packs the finished product into boxes.

    Watch this video to see how an automatic double chamber tea packing machine works.

    Tea packing machines can be used to pack loose leaf tea, herbal tea, green tea, black tea, red tea, and fermented tea. They can also be used to pack herbs, ground coffee powder,  granular cereals, and tea powder.

    Tea packing machines provide various bag styles for teabag filling and sealing that can produce;

    • A filter sachet tea bag with a string and tag.
    • A teabag encapsulated in a 3-sides seal plastic pouch
    • Tea Bag sachets packet into a box
    • A pyramid filter bag with a tag
    • A pyramid sachet without a tag
    • Double chamber filter sachet

    tea bag styles-filter tea bag with outer plastic tea bagtea bag stels-flat nylon tea bag

    What are the Benefits of Automatic Tea Packing Machines?

    #1. High Productivity

    High productivity to meet the increasing demand for tea packaging. Automatic tea packing machines can pack up to 1,800 tea bags per hour. By using these machines you can grow your packaging business through higher productivity and save a lot of manhours.

    #2. Compact Space-saving Machines

    Many tea processing machines occupy small spaces as they are compact. This saves on factory space lowering leasing costs. Besides, the additional space also allows for the storage of products to be processed, and the already packaged tea ready for onward shipment. 

    #3. Enhance Brand Visibility

    Tea packaging machines produce tea packages that are neat and attractive, improving brand visibility. This boosts your marketing initiatives by producing tea packaged to appeal to customers.

    #4. High Standards of Hygiene

     The parts of the tea packaging machines that process tea are made from stainless steel. This is in compliance with CGMP and CE for improved sanitation. Stainless steel is easy to clean and conventionally approved as safe for handling food and pharmaceuticals.

    Moreover, the extra safety of content is enhanced through the double casing of teabags. This involves encapsulating a filter paper teabag inside a tougher outer envelope. 

    #5. Cost-effective

    Using automatic or semi-automatic tea packing machines reduces the need for human labor. The packaging processes are mostly hand-free cutting the cost of human labor.  A skilled operator runs the complete packaging process using user-friendly controls. 

    Furthermore, there’s improved industrial safety as diminished human labor in the factory results in fewer industrial accidents.

    In the long run, the high productivity of the machine compensates for the upfront capital investment.

    #6. Versatile Packing Machines

    The machines are customizable and allow for the production of different bag sizes. You can also regulate the weight of each bag’s content and the machine’s performance speed to your preference. 

    versatile tea packing machinedouble chamber tea bag packing machineversatile tea packing machine

    #7 Precision Packaging

    Tea packing machines achieve a high degree of packing accuracy. This ensures quality, consistent output as the weighing of contents, and sealing of packages is machine guided. This is unlike manual packing that’s prone to human error and inconsistent packaging. 

    #8. Easy to Use

    Automatic tea packing machines are integrated with a colorful touchscreen Human-Machine-Interface and PLC.  This makes it easy to use by an average operator in a packaging environment.

    #9 Tea Retains Freshness for Longer

    Lastly, tea packing machines pack tea into single-use paper filter bags. These may also be secured in a second sachet. The tea remains until they’re opened for use. They’re disposed of shortly after use. 

    What are the Categories of Tea Packing Machines?

    There are several types of tea packing machines;

    • Small Tea Packing Machine with Tag and Thread
    • Pyramid Tea Packing Machine
    • Loop Tea Packing Machine
    • Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

    We’ll discuss some of them in a bit more detail.

    Small Tea Packing Machine with Tag and Thread

    filter tea bag packing machine

    The machine packages tea into single-use filter sachets. The filter teabag is packaged with a hanging thread and an attached tag. 

    The machine’s components consist of stainless steel for the improved hygiene of the contents being packaged.

    Sealing of the drip bags is by ultrasonic sealing or by heat sealing. 

    The machine may be connected to auxiliary devices that provide for date printing, flat cutting, and an option for easy tearing.

    Pyramid Tea Packing Machine

    The pyramid tea packing machine forms pyramid-shaped tea packages. The filter bags may be made of nylon, non-woven material, or other biodegradable materials. 

    It’s popular for packing coffee, traditional tea, and herbal tea into filter sachets. The pyramid pouch formed may have a string and tag automatically attached from the rollstock.   It can also incorporate an easy-open technique and a tear notch on the tea bag.

    The machine comprises a weigh filler, a sealer, and a conveyor. An ultrasonic sealer or a cold sealer is commonly used on the filter bag.

    Small packaging businesses prefer investing in this machine. This is due to its high-speed performance that packs between 2,000-3,000 bags per hour. 

    Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine


    The double chamber tea packing machine is an automated tea packaging solution. It employs advanced technology when compared with other tea packing machines.

    It packs all kinds of loose leaf tea, red tea, black tea, green tea, herbs, and coffee. 

    The machine produces double casing filter sachets for the teabag by simultaneously forming an inner filter tea bag and an outer envelope that houses the teabag. 

    The inner bag comprises filter paper and is cold-sealed. A tag and thread are attached to the tea bag for ease of handling. 

    The outer bag is made up of paper-composites such as plastics, nylons, and aluminum foil. 

    Next, the outer bag is sealed by either cold-sealing or heat-sealing. Thereafter, the automatic multifunctional machine counts and packs the packages into boxes.

    The machine is versatile and can accommodate varying sizes for the inner and outer bags, and varying bag packing capacities of up to 12g. It’s equipped with a user-friendly PLC and a color touchscreen that is used to preset the preferred packaging specifications.

    What are the Working Principles of Tea Packing Machines?

     If you need to know the working principles, you need to know the components of the Tea Packing Machines. We will go directly to the components of each tea packing machine right now.

    Pyramid Tea Packing Machine

    • The linear weigher or the tea filler fills the pyramid bags with tea. A tea weight measurement device, such as an electric weigher, is used with the tea filling hopper.
    • The conveyor system moves the containers to the tea filling device. The device empties the tea into the pyramid sachets that are being formed. These sachets will be the teabags that’ll directly handle the tea.
    • These sachets form from a tea filter paper roll. The filter paper rolls from stock to an internal filter bag forming device. Here, the sachets are formed and filled with weighed tea from the filling hopper.
    • The internal bag sealing and cutting gadget seals and cuts of the teabags. They’re formed into pyramid-like paper filter sachets. However, some machines allow for adjustment of the tea bag design to produce rectangular teabags.
    • Next, the teabags move to an envelope that’s formed from a foil roll stock. This constitutes the external bag in which the tea bags are packed for additional sanitation. 
    • The external bag forms on the external foil bag forming device. The external bag sealing and cutting device seals and cuts the external bag that’s filled with tea bags. High accuracy is achieved by means of an optoelectronic positioning device. The external bag cutting device counts the number of tea bags to be packed in a single external bag. 
    • The bags are then released onto an output conveyor for further packaging.

    Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine

    The Double Chamber Tea Bag Packing Machine packages teabags with a double chamber. The inner tea bag is formed from a filter paper with a thread and tag for hygienic handling.

    It’s a fast performing machine that can package 400 bags/min.

    We will summarise the  working mechanism of this advanced tea packing machine:

    • Packaging of the tea begins at the tube forming terminal. The dosing mechanism fills the filter paper with tea. The tea is dosed from the tea feeding hopper. 
    • The tea bag is formed at the core of the machine. This is a station that consists of a wheel that’s in constant motion where the bag formation is completed. The machine completes the head folding and bottom formation of the teabag.
    • Finally, the double chamber tea packing machine attaches a tag and thread to complete the packing process
    • The machine is equipped with a mechanism that expels faulty bags from the packaging line increasing efficiency

    The machine can come with several optional add-ons such as a flavor metering device, and a weighing device that automatically confirms the weight of the packaged boxes

    Filter Paper Tea Bag Packing Machine

    This tea packing machine produces a paper filter tea bag. The filter paper tea bags are formed from a filter paper roll. The paper filter film is stretched onto a forming device and automatically filled with tea from an overhead tea feeding hopper. The tea has already been weighed for accuracy using a weighing device.

    The paper filter bag is then heat-sealed, cut by knives on the machine’s cutting device. The teabags are counted and packed into boxes, then conveyed away for subsequent packaging.

    Teabags may be packed with or without labels and threads.

    The machine is highly automatic, compact, and easy-to-use. A single operator can run the entire packaging process. The operator can easily regulate the filling speed and the size of the teabags. 

    Outer Bag For Double Chamber Tea Packing Machine


    The double chamber outer bag tea packing machines packages tea in outer plastic sachets. 

    The working mechanism is similar to that of the out bag tea bag packing machine but it fills the filter sachet into the plastic bag in a different way. It horizontally makes the bags and inserts the filter bag horizontally.

    The machine is computer-controlled to perform weighing, filling, sealing, and cutting of the teabags. The packaged teabags are automatically counted. There is an option to integrate a for printing on the packages. 

    The operator feeds in the required bag length, machine operating speed, and bag weight. This can be easily adjusted via the colorful, screen touch human-machine interphase. 

    How Do I Choose a Good Tea Packing Machine?

    It’s advisable that you make some critical considerations before acquiring a tea packing machine. Here are some important factors that’ll ensure you meet your industrial packaging needs.

    #1. Budget

    Your business is primarily established to make a profit. Before acquiring your tea packing machine, formulate your financial projections to ascertain business feasibility.

    Explore the available financing options. Do you have sufficient funds to purchase, install, and run the new machinery?  Consider the possibility of obtaining machine financing from financiers, or investors if necessary. 

    Furthermore, you may also consider leasing or renting a machine if applicable. 

    Leasing and renting cost less upfront compared with purchasing the machine. However, they may prove costly in the long run. Renting could work if you need the machine for short-term projects. However, it’s unlikely to make business sense for longer-term packaging projects.

    #2. Packaging Requirements

    Be clear on your tea packing requirements upfront.  Clarify the packaging output or the tea bag designs you intend to realize to satisfy your market.

    It’s advisable to acquire a tea packing machine most relevant to your packaging needs. Although machines can be customized to meet a range of packaging requirements, frequent changeovers will waste valuable time and affect productivity. 

    Additionally, be cognizant of the packaging speed needed. Highly automated machines will present higher levels of productivity. Consider your current and projected packaging needs so that you acquire an appropriate machine.

    #3. Evaluate the Available Machinery

    Check for compatibility between the packaging machinery you already have and what you intend to acquire. 

    You could save money by only purchasing the components of a tea packing system that you need. 

    #4. Factory Floor Space

    Assess the available floor space to determine if it’s sufficient for the machinery you intend to install.  

    Automated machinery is commonly compact but you should provide for space for other packaging functions such as storage of packaged products, raw materials awaiting packaging, spare parts, and an area for the operators.

    #5. Reputation of Supplier

    Be careful to check out for product authenticity through independent product reviews. Also, verify the reputation of your supplier, brand reliability, certifications, and recognition.

    Gauge the level of technical user-support by way of videos, detailed manuals, online, or telephone availability of the vendor. What’s the quality of after-sales support provided?

    #6. Ease of Use

    Automatic tea packing machines ordinarily come equipped with Human-machine interfaces (HMI) that make them easy for technicians to operate. Ensure that these human-machine interfaces are simple enough.

    Check for clarity of user manuals and available online support.

    Evaluate bag changeovers; are they simple to carry out? Low machine downtimes save valuable time.


    We have defined what tea packing machines are, and how you can benefit from them as an industrial tea packer. We considered the categories of tea packing machines, particularly the pyramid tea packing machine and the double chamber tea packing machine. The double chamber tea packing is more advanced with higher output per hour. 

    We highlighted the machines’ working principles, and the crucial factors to consider before purchasing one. You’ve seen how your budget, packaging requirements, factory size, and the machine’s ease-of-use are of particular importance.