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Synda Pack’s tea packing machine has a wide variety of uses for teabag automatically filling and sealing. 3-sides seal plastic bag with an inner filter bag. As one of the tea packing machine manufacturers in China,  Synda Pack supplies many types of tea packaging equipment for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and all types of tea and coffee.

The package can be only a filter sachet with string and tag, or a filter sachet into a plastic pouch, or into the box. The double chamber sachet tea packing machine is our most advanced type which designs and integrated with an easy tea box packaging machine.

In order to meet heavy tea bag production, we have a type of super high-speed STB-15 Filter Tea Bag Packing Machine. The speed can be up to 110 bags/min. Automatic count and group the filter sachets by 10~100 sachets/box, and automatically put them into the box.

The pyramid tea bag machine is also a popular type of inner filter tea and outer pouch packing machine. Hygienic and popular for snack tea and coffee packaging. The tea sachet machine makes bags of heat-seal filter paper with a string and tag for both traditional and herbal teas.

Add-ons of the tear notch and easy-open systems can also be accommodated. Synda Pack’s teabag production machine is a great packaging solution for tea and coffee. With a complete tea packaging design, we can supply the best tea sachet packing machine for you.

Compared with the manual tea packing machine, Synda’s automatic tea bag machine has very good performance with a high ROI. The dip tea bag-making machine is a good automatic tea packaging process machine for group companies or small businesses.

Different from the tea bag maker only, Synda Tea Packing Machine is a tea bag-making machine with a filling and sealing device that has high-speed performance.

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  • Synda is a leading manufacturer of tea packing machines.
  • We can supply tea bag machines for loose leaf tea and fermented tea.
  • Flexible tea bag filling and sealing machine for Lipton tea bags, paper filter bags, pyramid tea bags, and nylon filter bags.
  • Our tea packaging equipment can be added with different weighers or fillers for the different tea.
  • A small tea bag machine is available for start-ups or small businesses.
  • The tea bag maker uses roll stock film to automatically make the bags.
  • The tea filling machine is specially designed for black tea, green tea, white tea, loose leaf tea, and flower tea.
  • Tag and string can be integrated with the teabag-making machine.
  • Synda can choose the most reliable tea bag packaging machines for your specific tea packaging.
  • The double chamber tea bag packing machine is our newly designed and advanced tea packing machinery.
  • After paper filter bag packaging, we can also supply a cellophane wrapping machine for the tea packaging box.
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    Advanced Types of Tea Packing Machines

    Tea Bag Packing Machine STB-10A Demo

    As a leading tea packing machinery supplier, Synda STB-10A is an integral teabag packaging machine with the functions of the filter paper packing machine, tag and threads attach, as well as envelope packing machine.

    In other words, it can realize filter teabag making and attach tag & cotton threads.  Then it will automatically be put into the made envelope package.

    This dip tea bag-making machine is made of hygienic stainless steel. It’s an entirely auto tea bag filling and sealing machine. This STB-10A tea packaging machinery is widely used for loose leaf tea, fermented tea, Lipton red tea, and black tea.

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    STB-15 High-speed Tea Bag Packing Machine Demo

    The high-speed constant tea bag packing machine is the fastest single chamber tea bag packing machine. Up to 120 sachets/min. Automatic filter tea bag making, filling, and sealing. Counter and tea-bag paper box filling device attached, economical and convenient.

    Stirrer, material vacuum feeder, tag heating system, material vibrator are all at your choice according to your tea status. The outer tea package packing machine is also available to be attached.

    Packaging materials are also available to be supplied by us.

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    double chamber tea bag packing machine

    STB-DC10 is an automated double chamber tea bag packing machine. The automatic filter bag counter and box filling device are matched. The function is for packing loose leaf tea, fermented tea, and herbal tea.

    It’s a dip tea bag-making machine that automatically forms double chamber tea bags with rolled teabag paper. Meanwhile, it makes a hard tag out of rolled tags stapled with staples and cotton threads.

    After a double chamber filter bag form-fill-sealed with tags and threads, it attaches envelope or into a paper box.

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    STB-50 Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine Demo

    The STB-50 pyramid tea bag packing machine consists of an ultrasonic sealer and a weigh filler. Perfect pyramid bags made before filling with string and tags from rolled packaging materials.

    Synda would like to give you the most reliable pyramid tea bag packaging machines. You can use this packaging machinery to pack any kind of tea into non-woven filter bags. This pyramid tea bag packing machine is hands-free and the capacity can be up to 2000-3000 bags/hr. Branded electrical parts guarantee steady running.

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    STB-10N Tea Packing Machine

    The STB-10N is one of lite tea sachet packing machine among the tea bag machines. It’s used to pack for a dip tea bag making with string and tag. It does not have an outer bag, but only filter paper bags. Synda supplies our client with a high-quality dip tea bag-making machine.

    Meanwhile, the volumetric filling machine or electronic weigher can be matched. STB-10N tea bag filling and sealing machine has two types of roll film width, 125mm & 140mm.

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    envelope packing machine

    STB-120 High-Speed Tea-Bag Envelope Packing Machine

    The STB-120 high-speed tea bag envelope packing machine is the fastest single chamber tea bag packing machine. Up to 120 sachets/min.

    It’s especially used with STB-DC10 double chamber tea bag packing machine. The tail end conveyor of the STB-DC10 will be linked with the STB-120 tea bag envelope packing machine.

    Work synchronously and stably, STB-120 envelope tea bag machine is a wonderful envelope tea bag packing machine after filter tea bag packaging.

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    A high-speed STB-6C tea packing machine combines tea bag packaging and envelope tea bag packaging. With string and tag, filter tea bag, and envelope bag, it’s a fabulous constanta tea bag packing machine for your business.

    Economical and multi-function. The speed is up to 105 bags/min. Free from spare parts and long-running life, it only needs to change the knife when you buy.

    It matches the tea bags counter and box filling device. High efficient and convenient.

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    Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine STB-50X Demo

    STB-50X pyramid tea bag packing machine is for inner filter bag and envelope. It adds a bucket elevator and envelope packing machine on the base of STB-50X. The packing speed is up to 40 bags per minute.

    Packaging material includes corn non-woven bag for inner bag, with string and tag, as well as plastic or paper compound envelope.

    It suits all kinds of loose leaf tea. For instance, rose, herbs, green tea, black tea, flower tea, and healthy drinks. Furthermore, machines are all food-grade stainless steel made.

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    STB-50G tea bag packing machine demo

    Looking for a high-quality envelope for your pyramid teabag or pre-made tea sachet? Look no further than the STB-50G! This machine produces tightly compressed and systemized envelopes that are perfect for your tea needs.

    The STB-50G is a powerful pyramid teabag and premade envelope packing machine that offers a super nice envelope compared to other rolled film-made envelopes. It is also compacted and systemized for filter teabag and outer sachet.