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Tea Grinding Machine

Tea Grinding Machine is an auxiliary tea processing machine in the tea industry. Synda supplies the best tea leaf grinding machine for you. G-60 tea leaf grinder is a good helper for your tea production.

G60 tea grinding machine consists of the grinder, cyclone device, pulse de-duster, and blower. The main part is the grinder which has two discs, one fixed and the other is activated.

By changing different meshes of grinding sieves, you can produce different meshes of tea powder. The grinding sieves we supplied are a general set with frames that are quite easy for you to change.

GMP standard complies with the food production rule. With all the grinders being covered, it’s safe for your operator to operate. The crude tea leaf enters the feeder hopper, the end tea powder product will come out of the discharger immediately.

  • GMP Standard & Stainless Steel Fabricated
  • Easy Operating with Safety
  • Different Meshes of Sieves for Your Different Tea Powder Sizes
  • General Set of Sieve with Frame, Quick Fit
Technical Data G-60
Speed 10~25KG/Hr.
Power 2kw
Voltage 220/380V
Dimension 550x420x1080mm
Weight 180kg
Package Seaworthy Wooden Cases For Long Transport

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