SWP-290B Cellophane Wrapping Machine

SWP-290B Cellophane Wrapping Machine

By Syndapack

SWP-290B cellophane wrapping machine is an advanced overwrapping machine for boxes and cases. It uses BOPP film as the packaging material. Well designed with compact structure, SWP-290B cello wrapper is a very good helper for many industries, such as cigarette, pharmacy, health care, food, cosmetics, stationery, music discs, etc.

Controlled with PLC & HMI, the SWP-290B cellophane wrapping machine is a very easy operation wrapping machine. Set with different wrapping values, this wrapper machine can overwrap a wide range of boxes. Only change the modal parts, where one dimension of box suits one modal part, it can easily overwrap different types of boxes.

Besides the 4 sides of box sealing, the SWP-290B cellophane wrapping machine has also been designed with another 2 side sealing device. 6 sides of box sealing make the boxes overwrapping very flat and neat, greatly improving your product’s added value.

Acrylic doors and windows are well covered on the SWP-290B cello wrapper machine. It does not only make this cello wrapping machine looks more modern and nice but also makes it operate safely. All the main driving parts are been covered.

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