STB-6C Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

STB-6C Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

By Syndapack

STB-6C is a high-speed and fully automatic tea packing machine. The speed is as much as 105 sachets/min. It automatically makes tea bags, attaches string and tag, fills tea inside, envelope bag, till the end package.

STB-6C has been upgraded. The body structure complies with the GMP food standard. Tag sealing explores a heating mode that is hygienic. The automatic counter device automatically counts the tea bags before manually or automatically filling them into the paper box.

This STB-6C automatic tea packing machine is improved the controlling system compared with the old model. Compared to the mode of buttons control, it uses an HMI touch screen and PLC controller. It only sets the parameters in the touch panel and adjusts the machine function.

Working with photocell sensors, the STB-6C automatic tea bag machine can detect and alarm the malfunction. It will stop when there’s empty bags or packaging materials ran-out-of. It’s the best tea bag machine for your plant.

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