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STB-50S Pyramid Teabag & HFFS Envelope Packing Machine

The STB-50S pyramid teabag and envelope packing machine is efficient and compact, making it a great choice for your packaging needs. Up to 35~45 bags can be packed per minute with this method, which makes packing inner and outer bags much easier.

This machine is suitable for packaging inner and outer bags of tea, medicinal tea, health tea, Tieguanyin, Longjing, Da Maofeng, Wuyishan Dahongpao, rose tea, ginseng slices, and other products. This machine can automatically supply film bags, fill them, heat seal them, cut them, and print the date and batch number.

Small- and medium-sized tea enterprises would benefit greatly from this machine.

The STB-50S pyramid teabag machine is systemized and compact, making it easy to use and maintain. It also explores HFFS envelope packing style, which is super nice compared to VFFS style.

  • The inner bag is produced by ultrasonic sealing and cutting to produce.
  • The inner triangular conical bag and the square flat bag can be switched with one click.
  • The outer bag is made of heat-sealing composite film, and temperature is controlled by module communication.
  • The pattern can be designed according to the customer’s own requirements.
Technical Data STB-50S
Packing Size Inner Sachet:58*60(140mm)
Outer Bag: 90*100mm
Packing Size Inner Sachet:68*70(160mm)
Outer Bag: 100*115mm
Packing Size Inner Sachet:80*80(180mm)
Outer Bag: 110*120mm
Packing Speed 35~60 Bag/Min
Unwinding Outer Diameter ≤Φ 400mm
Inner Diameter of Unwinding Paper Core Φ 76mm
Machine Power 3.5 Kw
Machine Dimension 2100 x 1000 x 2200 mm
Machine Weight 700KG

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