STB-15N Tea Packing Machine

STB-15N Tea Packing Machine

By Syndapack

STB-15N high-speed tea packing machine is one of Synda co. fastest tea packing machines. The packing speed is as fast as 110 bags/min.

Filter paper bag, adhesive tag, cotton thread, the STB-15N is also a fully automatic tea packing machine that can realize from bulk tea into teabag with thread and tag.

The paper envelops packing machine is attached to the STB-15N tea bag machine. Paper envelopes take heat iron pressing seal to seal the sachet, making it easy to open.

Box filling device, though the teabag boxes are manually placed, is also attached to the STB-15N tea packing machine. It realizes automatically counting teabags by 10s, 20s, 25s, 50s before filling them into the box.

Other auxiliary equipment, such as bulk tea stirrer, vacuum feeder, cellophane wrapping machine, can be added for a better tea packing machine line.

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