STB-12H Single Chamber Tea Bag Machine

STB-12H Single Chamber Tea Bag Machine

By Syndapack

STB-12H tea bag machine is our newly designed packing machine for the single chamber tea bag packaging. Like STB-15, STB-12H is a high-speed tea bag machine too. STB-12H automatically makes filter sachets with a speed of 240 pcs/min. It’s a super-fast tea bag filling and sealing machine.

Bag Styles

STB-12H makes filter sachets which are single chamber tea bags with string and tags. However, unlike normal single chamber teabag, STB-12H makes a completely new type of single sachet tea bag.

These tea bags are center sealed, downsides gusseted, and upper sides’ corners cut. Meanwhile, the cotton thread is sealed inside the tag after having been well inserted into the tag.

The cotton thread can be easily drawn from the tag when you need to make tea.

Packing Speed

Same with other high-speed tea bag machines, such as STB-15, STB-15NSTB-6C, DC-10, and STB-12H is also a high-speed tea bag machine. It is amazing that the speed is double times that of any other previous models.

Thanks to our engineer, STB-12H has got double filling and packaging systems. Each filling and packaging system can pack 120 filter bags per min. Therefore, the total speed for STB-12H is up to 240 bags/min.


Of course, STB-12H is a completely automatic single chamber tea bag machine. From the bulk tea to the filled and well-packaged tea bags that have attached with thread and tags, there are no human beings attending.

STB-12H single chamber high-speed tea bag machine has also upgraded intelligent automation. It matches with a full alarm system. It can automatically stop the machine when it examines there’s no bulk tea or packaging materials.

Expanded Function

There’s a very good function of STB-12H you will like. It’s the same function as the DC-10 double chamber tea bag machine. It’s the automatically counting filter tea bags and grouping them before they are manually put into the box.

However, since that STB-12H has double filling & packaging systems, it has a movable device to collect the counted teabags. It’s really super-fast filter tea bags counting and grouping device.

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