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Stick Packing Machine

Descrioption of Stick Packing Machine:

Synda Stick Packing Machine is mainly suitable for various liquid products. We use advanced technology to achieve high precision, speed and efficiency of the process. Moreover, the packing speed and bag length can be adjusted within the rated range, and there is no need to replace parts. The hopper is made of stainless steel, which is clean and pollution-free, and conforms to the quality certification of GMP and food QS. The synda stick packing machine currently has single-lane, 6-row, 8-lane and 10-lane options, which greatly improves the output while ensuring the packaging quality.

Features of Stick Packing Machine:

Safe and sanitary: suit for liquid and food.

Efficient:support single-lane, 6-row, 8-lane and 10-lane options.

  • Speed: – max.60 bags/min per lane.
  • Power source: AC-380v/50Hz/3-Phase
  • Dimensions: 1650*1480*2550mm(8-lane) 650*1580*2550mm(10-lane)
  • Weight: 960kg(8-lane) 1060kg(10-lane)
Technical Data ML6L-CS
Bag Width 16-35mm
Bag Length 50-170mm
Volume per bag 1-20ml
Packing film type Heat-sealable laminated film

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    multi-lane stick sachet packing machine
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