Sachet & Pouch Packing Machine

Synda sachet packing machine offers an economical soltuion for automatically forms, fills, and seals pouches and sachets. Our machines are high efficiencient, realiable, precise, and durable. Our versitle sachet packaging machines designed for primarliy packaging grains, powder, small block, tablets, capsules, liquid or paste, which is viscous or semi-visous, free-flowing or none-free-flowing. We can customize your format sachet with versatile bag shapes, seal types, and cut styles at your request to ensure good marketing for your brand. With more than 25 years field experience, Synda can provide you a leading sachet packaging solution in food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, distinfectants, sanitizers, dairy, nutraceutical, and chemicals.

Sachet packing machine is multi-functional that is to automatically do sachet makingmeasuring, filling and sealing, date printing, cutting, and counting. It customizes different product filling and versatile sachet formats. Learn more about the colorful sachet packaging machines and their applications.

What to pursue in Sachet Packaging Machines 

Sachet packing machines are widely used for industrial primary and secondary packaging, from liquid to solid, and powder to block for new startup businesses or innovations. The stainless steel 304 and 316L housing keeps hygienic. Suitable fillers are selected to give high accuracy and durability. The fashionable and reliable die-cut format guarantees you good brand marketing.

  • Materials: stainless steel 304 and contact part stainless steel 316L keep high clean performance. It’s food-grade and hygienic and protects from erosion.
  • Bag shapes & sealing types: versatile bag shapes and sealing types meet your consumer habits and attract them easily. Your clients will remember your product quickly and long. It makes you win out your competitors.
  • Cut styles: cut styles ensure it tears easily when your customer uses your product.
  • Filling machine: a suitable filling machine matches your product status and can have high accuracy and efficiency to avoid waste.
  • Optional device: the auxiliary equipment makes your package safe and attractive. Synda can integrate a complete intelligent packaging line for your large-scale production output.

Sachet Packing Machines from Synda

Design a sachet packaging for dye paste? Want an intelligent sachet-filling machine for coffee? Looking for a sachet into box filling machine for ketchup? No matter what you are looking for, Synda will always give you a better sachet packaging solution.

  • Both 4-side-seal and 3-side-seal or center-seal, any sealing style for your favorite choice
  • Single square sachet, twin sachet, chained from 2 pcs to 10 pcs,  bottle shape, mold cut shape, all can be realized at your requirement
  • Zigtag, plain, tear-notch, you can select the easiest one for your client
  • For normal speed & high-speed, single lane, multi-lane, small and medium production, high production, medium and low outputs are all available to be chosen from for you.
  • Complete packaging line: boxing machines, cellophane wrapping machines, and other auxiliary packaging equipment are all available to integrate an intelligent and complete line for your business


Check our sachet packing machines here. Use our categorized titles to select your most suitable pouch packaging machinery.

Sachet Packing Machines By Function

Sachet Packing Machine

Multi-lane sachet packing machine has the highest capacity. Max 20 lanes and the speed can be up to 800 sachets/minute. 

Single-lane Sachet Packaging Machine

The single-lane sachet packing machine has only one track that forms and fills sachet. It’s economical, and less space layout. 

We can produce 3-side-seal sachets. It’s widely used and often seen in the market. It can attach a tear-notch on top or bottom. 

Shampoo Packing Machine

It can manufactures 4-side-seal sachet. It’s usually flat seal with tear notch. You can explore dimond, or serrated sealing pattern.

Sachet Packaging Machines By Application

Liquid Sachet Packing Machine

The liquid sachet packing machine is a highly advanced multi-lane stickpack filling machine. Capacity as much as 24000 sachets per hour. Powder, granules, and liquid are all available to fill and pack with different stick filler machines. Used as an automatic stick filling machine for liquid or paste products, such as mouthwash, yeast, juice, ketchup, etc. Synda can also give you a custom-made liquid multi-lane sachet packaging machine.

SLY-50 Sachet Filling & Sealing Machine

Ketchup Sachet Packing Machine

3 sides seal or 4 sides seal pack both are available. High-speed pneumatic filling machine with filling 3ml, 5ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 150ml, and 200ml per sachet. As lower power consumption as less than 1.5kw. Laminated foil sachet packaging is a food-grade guarantee. A customized sealing pattern makes your product attractive. Not only for ketchup but also for similar products.

Powder Sachet Packing Machine

High-quality powder sachet packing machine suits different kinds of powder products packaging. Powder with high density or low density, with dust or without, fine or coarse, Synda powder sachet packing machine can meet various powder packaging. High accuracy as lower as less than 1 gram. High speed as up to 60 sachets per min. Filling 5g, 10g, 50g, 100g, and 150g. With different auger fillers, it can pack chili powder, seasoning, pharmacy, spicy powder, coffee, milk powder, chloride powder, etc.

Honey Sachet Packing Machine

Automatic sachet making, filling, and sealing, Synda can provide you with the best honey sachet packing machine. 

  • Filling 1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 15ml per sachet.
  • Suits low-viscosity and high-viscosity honey
  • A wide-filling utility
  • 3 sides sealing, 4 sides sealing, or stick sachet
  • Customized sealing patterns: flatten, saw, net
  • Tailored cutting style: normal and foreign cutting, easy-tear-notch, chained

Shampoo Sachet Packing Machine

Automatic filling and sealing machine for shampoo sachet packaging. Standard or customized sachet sizes, Synda can give you the best shampoo sachet packing machine. 

  • Hygienic & GMP standard,
  • PLC & HMI screen controlled greatly improves packaging efficiency
  • Colorful packaging types, from 3 sides seal, 4 sides seal to stick sachets
  • Contat parts stainless steel 316L, and SS304 housing
Dye Paste Sachet Packing Machine

Dye Paste Sachet Packing Machine

This machine is for dye past sachet making, filling, and sealing. 

  • Volume is 25ml or 30ml per sachet
  • AB two different products dosing and filling
  • Two filling systems attached
  • Twin sachet making with one layer inside the sachet
  • Specially designed for dye paste
  • Contat parts stainless steel 316L, and SS304 housing

Sugar Sachet Packing Machine

Synda sugar sachet packing machine is flexible and perfect. It’s an ideal choice for sugar packaging. The filler explores 4-head vibration electronic weigher. It’s high accuracy with screw vibrating feeders. 

  • Automatic and multi-function
  • Popular for sugar filling and sealing.
  • Various sachet packaging styles: stick sachet, 3-side seal, 4-side seal,
  • Available for the paper sachet
  • Filling 1g, 10g, 20g, 50g per sachet. White sugar, brown sugar are both available.
Sugar Packaging Machine

Stick Packaging Machine

Synda stick packing machine is also known for tomato sauce packing machine, paste sauce packing machine, or liquid bag packaging machine. It has featured fast filling with high accuracy. It suits GMP standards.

  • Center-sealed stick
  • Multi-lane large output up to 400 bags/min.
  • Laser printing for multi-lane
  • Multi-head cup filler
  • Photo sensor makes the length
  • The sealing style is available to be tailored

Drip Coffee Bag Packaging Machine

Advanced with a high-tech double ultra-sonic sealer, the Synda drip coffee packing machine is the most reliable and stable packing machine. Fully automatic from inner filter sachet packaging as well as out package of plastic sachet packaging. Fashionable, neat drip coffee package, it’s a dreaming drip coffee packaging machine for you. We can also provide you high-quality and standard drip coffee filter packaging materials. One-stop services save you time a lot. We guarantee any uncertainty.  Inquiry us now!

Sachet Packaging Machines By Models

MLY-880-4 is an automatic multi-lane sachet sealing and filling machine.

  • Filling volume 1~30ml
  • 4-lanes, max. film width 880mm
  • Filling speed 35~45 cuts/minute
  • 4 sides sealing
  • Suits for cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals in liquid or paste status
  • Available for the plastic compound laminated film: PET/PE, VMPET/PE, Paper/PE, etc.

SLY4-50 is a multi-function single-lane sachet filling and sealing machine.

  • 4-side-seal sachet making
  • Filling volume 1~50ml
  • Using liquid filler pump 
  • SS304 housing, contact parts explore 316L
  • Suits for filling sanitizers, shampoo, sauce etc.
  • With mobile wheels
  • HMI & PLC easy operation
  • CE certificated standard

MLY-680-3 is designed for die-cut sachet format forming and filling. You can customize your sachet with our thousands of mold sachet samples. 

  • Die-cut sachet packing machine
  • Bottle shape, cup shape, etc.
  • Suits for AB dosing sachet with AB different materials
  • Medium production output
  • Contat parts stainless steel 316L, and SS304 housing

Features Of Synda Sachet Packaging Machine

Market your brand

Marketing Your Brand

You can market your brand with Synda sachet packaging machine. You can print your brand design on the packaging film. It indicates your logo, product info, and company contact. Your customers will remember your brand and buy again and again.

smart data coding

Smart Data Coding

The expiry date can be coded on your package. We can supply high quality & reliable printing solutions for you. The sachet packing machine is flexible enough to match many kinds of printers, like economical Thermal Ribbon Printers, Laser printers, & easy-operate TTO.

GMP-Food Grade Filler

GMP Food-Grade

Synda sachet packing machine is stainless steel 304 in-housing. The contact parts with the product are made of SS304 or SS316L. It depends on your product. For food, SS304 is compatible with GMP grade. For cosmetics industry, SS316L is compatible with GMP grade.

High Output Sachet Machine

Highest Output

Synda sachet packaging machine has the highest production output. The standard filling speed is 35 sachets per minute, and max. speed can be up to 800 sachets per minute. With super fast sachet filling speed, we can tailor to improve the highest capacity according to your factory’s utility. 

Your Professional Sachet Packing Machine Manufacturer

Synda is a professional sachet packing machine manufacturer and sachet packaging solution supplier. We have more than 25 years of packing machine manufacturing experience.

Synda sachet packing machine is mainly used for powder, liquid, and granule products automatically dosing, sachet making, filling, and sealing. It helps you package your products and market your products.

The filling weight ranges from 1g to 5,000g with different models. It produces smarting sachet styles that can be rectangular sachets, and die-cut sachets. 

We have exported our machine to many countries, such as the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Thailand, PNG, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, etc.

Sachet Packaging Line
Bag Styles

Versatile Sachet Styles

There are versatile sachet styles you can realize with the Synda sachet packing machine. We can customize the sachet mold and sealer pattern. Before we manufacture, you need to fix the sachet style and sealer pattern.

 For different sachets, we have 3 side seals, 4 side seals, stick, and die-cut styles. A chain sachet is also available. 

The die-cut sachet mold can pouch any type you want. For example, bottle shape, cup shape, etc. The sealing pattern has types of flat, serrated, stripped, diamond, etc.

High-Quality & Fully Automated Sachet Filling Machine

Find Synda sachet packing machine features and advantages: 

  • Rectangular sachet with 3 side seal or 4 side seal, stickpack, and die-cut shapes
  • Suitable for variable applications: cosmetics, food, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Easy to produce sample sachet with intermittent jogging mode
  • Serrated, flat, diamond multiple sealing types for your selection 
  • High-speed packaging up to 400 bags per minute
  • Easy to operate, plug and start
  • Single-lane or multi-lane max. up to 12 lanes at your request
  • Intelligent controlled with PLC & HMI (Touchscreen)
  • Hygienic in-housing and contact parts made of food-grade stainless steel 
  • Supplying with manual instruction and video guide
  • Can be Integrated with other auxiliary equipment to improve the highest efficiency
  • Standard with CE certificated
sachet filling & sealing machine

Technical Parameters & Videos

Applied ProductPowderLiquid/PasteLiquid/PasteLiquid/Paste
Filling Volume7 Grams30ml15~70ml30ml
Sachet StyleStickpack4-Side-Seal
Double Chamber
4-Side-SealBottle Shape
Double Chamber
Lane Number6 Lanes4 Lanes1 Lane3 Lanes
Sachet Size39x115mm90x125mm96x13083x152mm
Filling MachineAuger FillerPiston Meter PumpPiston Meter PumpPiston Meter Pump
Packaging Speed180 bags/minute140 bags/minute35 bags/minute90 bags/minute
Sealing TypeFlatChain Bag with easy tear notchFlat with easy tear notchFlat with easy tear notch
Structure MaterialStainless Steel 304 Housing & Contact PartStainless Steel 304 Housing & SS316L Contact PartStainless Steel 304 Housing & SS316L Contact PartStainless Steel 304 Housing & SS316L Contact Part
ControlPLC + Touch Panel (HMI)PLC + Touch Panel (HMI)PLC + Touch Panel (HMI)PLC + Touch Panel (HMI)
Level DetectrorAuto Detect the Level Position With AlarmAuto Detect the Level Position With AlarmAuto Detect the Level Position With AlarmAuto Detect the Level Position With Alarm
PowerAC220V Single Phase 60Hz 6.5kwAC380V 3 Phase 50Hz 2.7kwAC220V Single Phase 50Hz 1.1kwAC380V 3 Phase 50Hz 2.5kw
Crate Dimension1800x1800x2050mm1900x1650x2050mm1270x750x1820mm1800x1800x2250mm

Bottle ShapeD Sachet Packaging For Cosmetics

4-Side-Seal Sachet Packaging For Pharmacy

Stickpack Pouch Packaging For Mothwash Liquid

4-Side-Seal Powder Sachet Packaging Machine

Frequently Asked Questions

Synda sachet filling machine consists of several parts. 

  • Film Transporting System
  • Sachet Molding System
  • Filling System
  • Printing System
  • Auxiliary Equipment

The Film Transporting System is to transport the expanded rolled-of-film. You need to install the rolled film on the pouch machine, then coat it on the transport rollers and sachet mold. The servo motor will drive the rollers to draw the film under a certain tension. 

The sachet molding system is to form a sachet. There’s a premade mold that is made according to your sachet styles. After the coated film passes the mold, it will form a sachet. The longitudinal and transverse sealer will seal it. The cut is modular and will cut the sachet simultaneously with the transverse sealing. 

The Filling system measures your bulk product and fills it into the pouch. The filler is installed on top of the pouch machine. It connects with the sachet mold. After the sachet mold forms a sachet, the filler will fill the quantitative product into the sachet. Multi-head filler is usually used to improve the highest output. 

The Printing system is to code the expiry date on the packaging film. There’s a printer installed beside the film-transporting roller. It will pre-code during the film’s transformation. 

The Auxiliary equipment is compulsory to match with the pouch packing machine. It improves automation and saves labor costs a lot. The auxiliary equipment is raw product transfer and end belt conveyor. The raw product transfer is automatically transfer the raw product onto the silo. It will automatically stop when the silo is full, and start before empty. The end belt conveyor is to convey out the end package.

It’s made of laminated compound film. The materials includes PE, PET, VPET, Aluminium, Foil, Nylon, etc.

Synda sachet packing machine has a wide industrial application. It can be used for many kinds of bulk product packaging, such as powder, liquid/paste, and granules. With our long years of expertise and multiple fillers, we can give different sachet packaging solutions for you. We have already exported our sachet machines for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, sanitizers, dye paste, shampoo, sanitizers, ketchup, salt, yeast, dairy, ground coffee, sugar, and tissues.

You can buy a sachet filling machine. It automatically makes the sachets, fills, and seals.

Single-lane sachet packing machine has only 1 bag former. It comes out the end sachet package from only 1 track. It has advantages of easy-to-operate, maintenance, and economical. It quite suits for a small business or starter. It’s also suitable for laboratory since it’s good for sample producing one by one. The max. packaging speed of single lane can be up to 40 bags per minute.


Multi-lane sachet packing machine explores multi tracks of sachet making and filling. It can customize the multi lane sachet packing machine according to your expected output. This types of multi lane sachet machines occupy little workshop space. It’s high efficiency with highest output. Synda can customize your multi-lane sachet packaging machine from 2 lanes to 12 lanes. The maximum filling speed can be up to 400 sachets per minute.

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Sachet Packing Machines – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Sachet packing machines are ideal for sachet packaging of liquid, granules, and powder products to meet your different sachet packaging needs. It has gained immense popularity as they offer you convenient, cost-effective packaging for food and pharmaceutical products. 

Today, we will elaborate on the categories of different sachet packaging machines. From the mechanical and electrical explanation, you will know more deeply whether you have used the sachet filling machine before or you are just buying. Get a sachet packing machine price now.  

shampoo packing machine
Sachet Packing Machine Demo

We know that sachet packing machines are easy to use. The basic function is to automatically make a sachet on a forming tube from a reel of film material. Then fills it with your product, and seal it. These machines are cost-effective, and small sachet packaging machines with economical investment. 

What Categories of Sachet Packing Machines?

Before we answer this question, we want to tell you how many sachet pack styles. There are 3-side seals, 4-side seals, center seals, and stick packs.

So there are sachet packing machines for these 4 types of sachets. We can call 3 side seals sachet packing machine4 side seals sachet packing machinecenter seals packing machine, and stick pack filling machine.

Let’s see this category of sachet packaging machines, which is separated by sachet styles.

  • 3 side seals sachet packing machine
  • 4 side seals sachet packing machine
  • center seals packing machine
  • stick pack filling machine

3 Side Seal Sachet Packing Machine

The 3-side-seal sachet packaging machine is a sachet filling and sealing machine that makes 3-side seal sachets. It uses sachet packaging like paper and plastic laminated rolls of film to form the 3 side seal sachets.

It uses a forming cube, also called sachet former, to make the sachet packets. The former is specially forged by hand. It should be smooth for the film to move on it when the sachet packing machine drives the roll of the film.

If you need to fill different sizes of sachets, we say 3 gram, 5 gram, 10 gram, 50 gram, 100 gram, you need different formers. However, we suggest one sachet packing machine only applies 3~4 formers for convenience.

4 Side Seal Sachet Packing Machine

This 4-side-seal sachet packing machine has the same function as a 3-side-seal sachet packing machine. There are only 2 differences.

Firstly, it’s the former is different. It’s specially forged by hand too. Made for 4 sides seal sachet, the 4-side-seal former is slightly different from its counterpart.

Secondly, it’s the sealers that seal the sachet are different. There are 4-side-seal sealers on the 4-side-seal packing machine while the 3-side-seal sachet packing machine has only 3-side-seal sealers.

Center Seal Sachet Packing Machine

This center seal sachet packing machine is easy to understand. Compared with 3 side seals and 4 side seals, the center seal packing machine has a different sachet former and sealer. Here just put center seal sachet samples and machine samples below for your easy understanding.

Stick Packing Machine

I want to introduce specially the stick packing machine for you. Stick packing machine has a very wide utility. It’s also very popular in the food and pharmacy industry.

Stick pack. Blank sachet package mockup for coffee and tea isolated on white, paper food product packaging. Vector coffee stickers templates, packaging for biscuits, sugar sticks

With advanced technology, there are a lot of advantages and features of stick packing machines. We abstract several as below:

  • Fashionable stick packs
  • Heavy output with high speed
  • Wide utility in the industries

We know the machine can pack different products. Therefore, there are Liquid Sachet Packing Machines, Powder Sachet Packaging Machines, Paste Sachet Packaging Machines, Granules Sachet Packaging Machines, and Drip Coffee Sachet Packing Machines.

There are many methods of classifying the sachet packing machines. It’s for liquid, powder, paste, granular, tea, coffee, multi-lane, 3-side-seal, 4-side-seal, center seal, quad seal, etc.

What are the Uses of Sachet Packing Machines?

Sachet packing is popular as it’s a packaging solution that’s convenient to customers and manufacturers. It’s implementable across multiple industries and sectors.  Sachet packing machine used to pack brown sugar, salt, ketchup, coffee, spicy, sauce, etc.

Coffee and tea

Here are demos of some products and industries that have found uses in sachet packaging. 

  • Coffee and tea sachets packing; There is a wide range of options for coffee and tea manufacturers who need packaging solutions for their produce. Synda Pack offers Drip Coffee Sachet Packaging Machine is an automatic, easy-to-use machine that’s perfect for whole bean coffee and ground coffee packaging. 
  • Liquid food products; Machines that are tailor-made for packaging liquids, pastes, jams, and so forth. The machine will be suitable for industries that deal with fruit juice, milk, honey, sanitizer, shampoo, water, or edible oil.
  • Household hygiene products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals; The Sachet Packing Machine is perfect for packaging pharmaceutical powder, chemical powder, and spice powder. Sachets are popular household cleaning agents. 
  • Food items; These machines are designed for food packaging in powder, liquids, or various granular forms. The Automatic Liquid Sachet Filling Machine is suited for foodstuffs in liquid form and pastes such as ketchup, mayonnaise, and tomato paste. Food powders and additives can also be automatically packaged using the state-of-the-art Sachet Packing Machine. 

What are the Benefits of Sachet Packing Machines?

Sachets present innumerable benefits to manufacturers, retailers, marketers, and consumers. Sachet Packing Machines deliver this benefit consistently. It enables faster production and precise packaging for mass consumption.

Sachet Packing Machines are Compact Saving on Floor Space

With commercial space becoming more and more precious, every manufacturer desires a machine that will occupy smaller floor space. Saving floor space can make more machines used. It cuts the lease costs a lot.

Easy to Set-up and Operate With Basic Support and User-friendly Manuals

Most modern sachet packing machines are automated. Automation is beneficial to users during packaging. It produces uniform, consistent sachets that have limited errors.

The machine is programmed. The operator controls it easily by keying in specifications into the machine interface. Automation also cuts down manpower costs. Consistent product packaging enhances customer satisfaction. 

Sachet Packaging Machine is Affordable

Sachets packaging requires less material. Compared to other traditional packaging methods, sachet packaging materials occupy smaller spaces. This lowers storage, containerization, and shipping costs. 

Sachets Packaging Preserve Quality

Sachets packaging contains products in small quantities. Opening a sachet only exposes a small proportion of the content, it leaves the remainder safely sealed in sachets. 

A shorter product exposure period leads to a minimal use of preservatives. It extends your product’s shelf life. You get to deliver the product to your customer in a near-fresh state.  


As a manufacturer, you can customize the design and style of sachets to meet your unique specifications. Sachet packaging machines can produce sachets in a spectrum of shapes and sizes to match market preferences. 

You can gain a competitive edge in the market by choosing from a wide range of packaging solutions and designs. 

Environment-friendly Packages Can be Used

Recyclable sachets can save on disposal costs and reduce greenhouse gases. 

Sachets packaging is small in size and therefore produces less waste. Sachets are eco friendly since some sachets can be recycled. 

Superior Preservation Against the Elements

The multiple-film laminated sachets offer superior preservation against air, moisture, and extreme temperature. Film materials such as plastics that are often used are water-resistant. 

Whether you’re packaging food for humans or pets, animal feeds, sanitizer gels, cosmetic oils, or pharmaceutical products, you can have the peace of mind that your product is safely conveyed to your buyers.

Effective Branding

Sachets make it easy to effectively brand and market products. Furthermore, selling in small packs is possible. Consumers prefer the convenience of small size packs. 

Effectively Branded Sachets

How Does a Sachet Packing Machine Work?

If you choose a different type of sachet packing machine, it might work in a slightly different way.

You will choose the sachet packaging machines according to your packaging. Sachets are best suited for handling products in liquid form, granulated content, and powder. 

Sachet packing machines can also operate in these broad categories.

  • Single-lane sachet packing machines; Sachets are produced on a single-lane yielding a single long pack that is cut into individual sachets.
  • Multi-lane sachet packing machines; Produces several lanes of sachets at the same time which are cut into individual sachets. Recommended for higher packaging needs.

Sachet packing machines can produce pillow bags, quad seal bags, three side seal sachets, four side seal sachets, center seal sachets, gusseted bags, flat bottom bags, stick packs, and multi-track sachets as per your industrial product packaging requirements. 

Choose a machine that best suits your industrial needs. 

For your guidance review the table containing the categories of sachet packing machines and ensure you know the 8 things you must consider before purchasing a sachet packing machine later in this article.

Sachet Packaging Machine Style

Here’s a step by step guide on how a sachet packaging machine works;

Packaging Rollstock Film Unwinding and Transport

The process begins by unwinding a large roll of pre-printed film material from roll stock. 

The film material is wound up into a reel around a core that’s located at the rear end of the sachet packing machine.

The film material is commonly made from polyethylene, cellophane laminates, paper laminates, and foil laminates depending on the industry preference. 

The film is most commonly pulled from the reel by film transport belts that are positioned on the side of the tube that forms the bags from the film material.                   

Some machine models that do not use transport belts have sealing jaws to move the film into the forming area. The jaws grab the film and move it downwards from the reel into the bag forming zone.

Maintaining Film Tension

As the film unwinds from the reel, it is ordinarily prone to sag if it’s loosely held, making it wander as it moves through the sachet packing machine.

Filming Material Under Constant Tension

To ensure this does not happen, a series of brake rollers move it up and down, applying regular pressure, to ensure the film is under constant tension. 

Film Centering

Optical sensors located in the machine detect the positioning of the film on the transport belt. They ensure it is perfectly centered. This mechanism autocorrects any wandering of the film by re-centering it. 

Film centering and maintenance of constant tension is critical. This is because it will ensure that perfect sealing and cutting of sachets is realized. Perfectly cut sachets have properly aligned graphics.

Optional Printing or Embossing

The film moves through this section if a printing unit has been attached to the sachet packing machine. Thermal ink or ink-jet printers can be used here. You’ll find this section useful if you need to print dates, registration marks, logos, or infomercials on the package.

Sachet Formation

Sachet Formation on Sachet Packing Machine

The film then moves to the sachet-forming tube. The film wraps around the forming tube until the opposite ends meet. They form what looks like a continuous tube of filming material.

The conical tube forms the sachet into the correct size. It then seals the base of the sachet and the converging ends where a vertical seal is applied. 

The width of your sachet is determined by the size of the forming tube. Where you need to produce sachets of different width, replace the forming tube on the sachet packing machine with one that corresponds to the required width.

The length of the sachet can be varied by adjusting the sachet length dimensions on the machine’s operational interface. 

Materials Filling Into the Sachet

Once the sachet has received a bottom and vertical seal, filling with contents begins. 

The sachet packing machine is tightly integrated with a filling mechanism that releases granular, liquid, or powder contents into the sachet via round tubes, flat nozzles, or auger fillers. 

The filling system is responsible for the accurate weighing of contents to ensure the quantity dispensed is exact. A volumetric cup, a liquid pump, or an auger filler are used to weigh the contents being packaged.

The sachet packing machine automatically synchronizes its operations so that the product is automatically released when the sachet opens.

Sugar Packaging Machine

Sachet Sealing

The sachet at this point is already sealed vertically and at the bottom. The top portion is what remains to be sealed after receiving the contents.

Sealing of the top part of the sachet happens when a set of horizontal jaws come together to heat-seal the sachets. Note that sealing the top of one sachet creates the base for the next sachet on the packaging line. 

A sachet packing machine that operates constantly without having to pose for an action to be executed is referred to as a continuous motion machine. In that case, the sealing mechanism has constant contact with the packaging film as it passes through the sealing area. 

A continuous motion machine has faster output than an intermittent motion packaging machine and is recommended for high-speed production.

Heat sealing may not be appropriate for industries where products are heat sensitive or need to be packaged in a frozen state. Ultrasonic sealing that makes use of vibration is often used for “cold sealing”.

Synda Pack’s sachet packing machine comes with an easy tear notch and variable seal patterns

Sachet Discharge

Sachets Discharged From a Multi-lane Sachet Packing Machine

Finally, the sachet that has been filled and sealed is discharged from the machine. It is now ready for further packaging and distribution. As sealing occurs, a sharp knife located inside the sealing jaws cuts off the sachet. After that, it is released for onward transmission. 

The sachets are released into an outfeed conveyor or a container. 

Sachet-packing machines can produce 30-60 sachets in a minute depending on the type of machine and the sachet used. 

Post-Discharge Operations

The sachet may need to undergo specific quality control tests to confirm the packaging aims have been achieved. The sachets may go through check weighers or metal detectors, and x-ray machines depending on your industry.

The sachets may be further consolidated through a case or carton packaging. Then it will be containerized for transportation to your warehouse or consumers.

What is a Multi-lane Sachet Packing Machine?

A multi-lane sachet packing machine is being used to create several strips of sachets. The process will be based on the same principles above but would differ slightly. 

Here’s what happens;

  • The packing film material is cut into several strips as it is pulled into the sachet-forming area. The number of strips cut is based on the number of sachet packing lanes on the machine.
  • The sachet strips made in the previous step move around several forming tubes forming a long sachet strip.
  • The filling, sealing, and discharging process occurs simultaneously along the several forming tubes in the same manner already explained in the above processes. 

Here’s a video demonstrating how a multi-lane sachet packing machine operates.

Can a Sachet Packing Machine Handle Different Products, Sachet Sizes, and Packaging Styles?

Yes, it can package different products on the condition that they are in the same status. For example, the granules products, all products are similar granules. Liquid products, all the products are liquids or paste. Powder vice verse. 

3-side-seal Sachet Packing Machine

For there are different fillers that are integrated with sachet packing machines. Liquids use piston filler or pump filler; powder uses auger filler; and granules use volumetric cup filler. 

No, it cannot package for different packaging styles in one sachet packing machine. For the sealer styles are different. There are 3 sides of seal styles, such as a 3-side-seal sachet, a center-seal sachet, and a 4-side-seal sachet.

Yes, it can pack in different sizes. This is achieved by adjusting your machine to cater to different sachet sizes and packaging styles. The process of adjusting the machine to package a different sachet size or type is called a changeover.

Sachet in Center-seal Sample

However, not every sachet packing machine is versatile enough to handle all the parameters you may want. 

Invest in a machine that is best suited for your sachet specifications. This is because machines are made to operate at best for a specific function. They can be adjusted to perform other functions, but with less efficiency.

How Much Does a Sachet Packing Machine Cost?

It’s not easy to give a specific price. This is because the price of the sachet packing machine will vary depending on the function, material, and dimension of the machine.

However, we can give a price estimate.

For an automatic sachet packing machine for small sachet dosing 5~100g granulespowder, and liquid, the price is around $3,800 per set. A 4-side seal sachet packing machine costs more than a 3-side seal at $300.

You can get a quick quote with us and submit the specifications of the sachet packing machine you need to get a better quote.

You’ll generally pay more for a more complex machine, customized, and has a higher processing speed.

How Do I Prepare my Factory for a Sachet Packing Machine?

You need to prepare well before receiving and operationalizing your machine. 

  • Ensure your workforce has the technical capacity and training to operate the machine you purchase
  • Have adequate space to allow for the sachet packing machine, the operators and storage area for contents, and shelf-ready sachets.
  • Plan for growth early as you automate your packaging. You may need more machines in the future.

Should I Buy My Sachet Packing Machine From China or the USA and Europe?

It’s increasingly clear that China is a global manufacturing powerhouse capable of producing high-quality goods at a competitive price compared to the USA or Europe. 

China has gained a high reputation as a manufacturing hub earning the name, “the world’s factory”.   There are many US and European-based companies that manufacture goods in China. 

Buying from China is a good decision.

How Easy is it to Operate a Sachet Packing Machine?

Most of the sachet packing machines at SyndaPack are easy to operate. You do not require advanced engineering and technical expertise to run the machines.

Our machines are user-friendly with color Touch Screen human interfaces that are easy to understand. 

Furthermore, our expert technical support team is available to train and give support to your firm.

Eight Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Sachet Packaging Machine

1. Machine versatility; Consider a machine that can handle various product lines and not just a single packaging solution.  Having a futuristic mind that accommodates business growth prospects can guide the purchasing decision.

2. The sachet type you want to produce; flexible sachet packing machines give a leeway for the production of many types of bags. Common bag types are flat, stick packs, 3-side-seal packs, 4-side-seal packs, and center seal packs.

3. What’s your required speed output; How many bags are you planning to produce per minute? Continuous motion machines have a higher output than intermittent motion packing machines. 

Small-scale sachet packaging may require manual to semi-automatic sachet packaging machines. And industrial sachet packaging machines need to produce a lot of sachets that need fully automated high-speed machines. 

  1. Choosing between ready-made pouches and roll stock film; Producing sachets from a film roll is cheaper but a preformed pouch has a classier look. Resolving what you’ll produce will determine the sachet packing machine that will suit you.
  2. Bag specifications; Your requirements should match the predefined features of a sachet-making machine that you intend to purchase. The machine you purchase should satisfy vital bag specifications such as bag size and weight.

Will you need gusseted or stand-up bags? Does your product need enhanced sealing to meet regulatory requirements?

  1. Product specifications; Consider whether your products are in liquid, powder, or solid states and if there is a need for packing at low temperatures or packing at high. Powder in fine mesh or coarse mesh.
  2. Space availability at your factory; This will determine the size of the machine that you can purchase. Space should be adequate for the machine, machine operators, other devices that may be integrated into the machine such as filling components, and a packaging area.
  3. Check if there are auxiliary (complimentary) services added to the package. A sachet machine with add-ons such as an easy tear notch, color ribbon printer, chained sachets, and a punch hole for wall display can promote your packaging outcome.


Sachet packing machines offer a great packaging option for pharmaceutical products, food substances, and detergents as these machines are renowned for handling loose and granulated products and liquids.

Synda Pack offers the best in class sachet packing machines at the best price for your nutritional or pharmaceutical packaging. We offer modern technology, excellent technical support, user-friendly manuals, and add-ons on your sachet machine purchase. 

The sachet packaging machines come in a wide variety for your selection to meet your unique industrial packaging needs. All fillers are perfectly matched with the sachet machine making Synda Pack your one-stop shop for all your packaging requirements.

Sachet packing machines are automated and with basic guidance, training, and support, which is also available online. With Synda Pack, you can successfully move your business to the next level and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

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