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Round Tea Bag Packing Machine

Round tea bag packing machine is a nude filter tea bag packaging machine. It’s a fully automated tea bag maker & filler machine that forms a round tea bag type. The packing speed is as fast as 35 bags/min.

Features Of Round Tea Bag Packing Machine

The round tea bag packing machine uses filter paper that at least has 2000 perforation holes for each tea bag formed on the round tea bag machine. It guarantees well infusion and tea release. Meanwhile, it’s also very easy to place the round tea bag at bottom of the cup or mug.

round tea bag packing machine

Round Tea Bags (Also called Circular Tea Bags)

Computer control, intelligent temperature modular, STB-10R round tea bag packing machine is totally intelligent. Easy to operate with stable running, making the round tea bags, after which filling the tea into the teabag, sealing, cutting, and conveying out.

It’s adopted with a sensor controller to control the diameter of the round teabag. With a reliable photo-cell detecting system, it’s auto-alarming if there’s any trouble.

Compared with rectangular tea bag packing machines, the round tea bag packing machine is cost-effective and quite easy to operate. It’s suitable for a start-up business. Meanwhile, it’s also a compulsory complement to other types of tea bags.

  • Automatic round tea bag making, filling, and sealing machine
  • Easy filter paper packaging for the black tee, green tea, red tea, mix tea, etc.
  • 24 Hours technical support
  • Stainless steel fabrication for food grade
  • High speed as fast as 30 bags/min.
Modal STB-10R
Packing Speed 30 bags/min.
Max. Dosage 2~10ml
Filter Paper Width 125mm 140mm
Filter Bag Dia. Max. Φ70mm
Power supply AC 220V 50HZ (Custom-made available)
Power Load 2.2kw
Machine Net Weight 350KG
Compressed Air Pressure 0.6bar
Machine Dimension 900(L)×700(W)×1500mm(H)

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