Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

The pyramid tea bag packing machine is a popular type of inner filter tea and outer pouch packing machine. Each pouch is individually packaged, and several pouches fit into a larger bag. There is the inner triangle sachet packing machine, outer pouch heat-sealed bag, and all-in-one packing machine. It is widely applied for tea industry packaging.

Nowadays, people prefer to drink tea bags with this triangular packaging. The raw materials of this scented tea are clearly visible and look good in a water cup. Pyramid tea bag packing machine that comes with labels and strings for easy brewing. Moreover, we also support spraying aromas on tea, such as roses, fruit flavors, etc. This will be very promising in the market.

Synda has compact design pyramid tea bag packing machine that can pack both inner pyramid teabags and envelopes in one machine. It’s fashionable with high-efficiency. It saves the layout space and saves cost a lot. One machine is enough!

Synda mainly produces fully automatic pyramid tea bag packing machines, which can meet the requirements of high output. Whether you are a small start-up company or a large factory, you can contact us to customize an exclusive product line.

pyramid tea packaging machines

Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer

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  • Synda is a leading manufacturer of pyramid tea packing machines.
  • We can supply pyramid tea bag machines for loose leaf tea and fermented tea.
  • Our tea packaging equipment can be added with different weighers or fillers for the different tea.
  • A small tea bag machine is available for start-ups or small businesses.
  • The tea bag maker uses roll stock film to automatically make the bags.
  • The tea filling machine is specially designed for black tea, green tea, white tea, loose leaf tea, and flower tea.
  • Tag and string can be integrated with the teabag-making machine.
  • Synda can choose the most reliable pyramid tea bag packaging machines for your specific tea packaging.
  • We can add fragrance spray device.
  • After paper filter bag packaging, we can also supply a cellophane wrapping machine for the tea packaging box.
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    Advanced Types of Tea Packing Machines

    STB-50S Pyramid Teabag & HFFS Envelope Packing Machine Demo

    Are you looking for a teabag packing machine that is efficient and space-saving? The STB-50S is all you need! This machine is designed to occupy minimal space and be highly efficient in packaging, making it perfect for small-scale tea businesses.

    The STB-50S can pack up to 35~45 bags per minute, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to minimize their packaging time and maximize efficiency. HFFS envelope packaging makes the outer bag super nice.

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    STB-50 Demo

    The STB-50 pyramid tea bag packing machine consists of an ultrasonic sealer and a weigh filler. Perfect pyramid bags made before filling with string and tags from rolled packaging materials.

    Synda would like to give you the most reliable pyramid tea bag packaging machines. You can use this packaging machinery to pack any kind of tea into non-woven filter bags. This pyramid tea bag packing machine is hands-free and the capacity can be up to 2000-3000 bags/hr. Branded electrical parts guarantee steady running.

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    STB-50X Demo

    STB-50X pyramid tea bag packing machine is for inner filter bag and envelope. It adds a bucket elevator and envelope packing machine on the base of STB-50X. The packing speed is up to 40 bags per minute.

    Packaging material includes corn non-woven bag for inner bag, with string and tag, as well as plastic or paper compound envelope.

    It suits all kinds of loose leaf tea. For instance, rose, herbs, green tea, black tea, flower tea, and healthy drinks. Furthermore, machines are all food-grade stainless steel made.

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    STB-50G tea bag packing machine demo

    Looking for a high-quality envelope for your pyramid teabag or pre-made tea sachet? Look no further than the STB-50G! This machine produces tightly compressed and systemized envelopes that are perfect for your tea needs.

    The STB-50G is a powerful pyramid teabag and premade envelope packing machine that offers a super nice envelope compared to other rolled film-made envelopes. It is also compacted and systemized for filter teabag and outer sachet.

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    STB-50V Pyramid Teabag & Envelope Packing Machine Demo

    Looking for an efficient and space-saving teabag packing machine? Look no further than the STB-50V! This machine is designed for minimal occupation and high packaging efficiency, making it perfect for small-scale tea businesses.

    With a packing speed of up to 35~45 bags/min, the STB-50V is a must-have for any tea lover looking to minimize packaging time and maximize efficiency. It makes inner and outer bag packaging much easier

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    Hot Sale Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machines

    Find our most popular pyramid tea bag packing machines that people favor. Below are the most advanced hot-sale pyramid tea bag packing machines. Check the price with us after seeing the machine videos.

    Model: STB50G

    Speed: 35~45 Bags/Min.

    Bag Type: Pyramid Tea Bag

    Bag Size: 70~120 * 60~90mm

    Cotton Thread: Yes

    Tag: Staple Stitched

    Envelope: Plastic Pouch

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    Model: STB-50S

    Speed: 35~60 Bags/Min.

    Bag Type: Pyramid Tea Bag

    Bag Size: 58 x 60mm/68*70mm/80*80mm

    Cotton Thread: Yes

    Tag: Yes

    Envelope: Plastic Pouch

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    Model: STB50X

    Speed: 40 Bags/Min.

    Bag Type: Pyramid or Rectangular Tea Bag

    Bag Size: 60 x 60mm;70 x 70mm

    Cotton Thread: Yes

    Sealing Method: Ultrasonic

    Envelope Packing: Yes

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    Model: STB6C

    Speed: 110 Paper Bags/Min.

    Bag Type: Rectangular Tea Bag

    Bag Size: 50 x 62.5 mm (G: 1~2mm) or (G: 3~4mm);

    Cotton Thread: Yes

    Tag: 26 x 24 mm

    Box Filling: Auto Counting

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