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VFFS420-VC10 Packing Machine

VFFS420-VC10 automatic packing machine consists of VFFS420 vertical form-fill-seal machine and VC10 volumetric cup filler. It’s widely used for fully automatic industrial packaging. Such as white sugar, brown sugar, salt, rice, seeds, etc.

VFFS420-VC10 is a multi-function automatic packing machine. It has the function of auto film driving, bag forming, cup measuring, filling, data printing, cutting, till conveying out. Controlled by PLC & HMI touch panel, it’s quite easy to set and operate.

Compared with electronic weigher, VFFS420-VC10 volumetric cup filler has a competitive investment cost. It’s also easy to maintain with less cost. While volumetric cup filler has a very compact structure. It saves the occupation.

With auxiliary packing equipment, Synda can give you a full packing machine line. There is auxiliary packing equipment that includes not limited to elevators (different kinds of elevators), conveyors, metal detectors, weight checkers, secondary packing machines, pelletizing machines, etc.

  • Fully automatic packing machine for sugar, rice, salt, etc.
  • Rolled film as packaging materials
  • Stainless steel fabricated with GMP standard
  • PLC & HMI touch panel operation
  • Available forms a whole packaging machine line
Technical Data VFFS420-VC10
Speed 40bags/min.
Bag width 70-240mm
Bag length 40-300mm
Packaging Material PE compound film, or PE single layer film (custom-made)
Filling mode Volumetric Cup Filler
Power 220V,50HZ/60HZ,3.5KW
Compressed Air 0.35m³/min,0.6MPa

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