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VFFS 800

Synda VFFS 800 is designed for a more wide filling and packaging range. The max. film roll width is up to 800mm. It can fill from 1kg to 5kg products.

VFFS 800 uses double servo motors to drive the film before making the pouches out of the rolled film. It’s smooth and stable. Greatly improves the stability of the machine’s performance.

With a large bags making range, VFFS 800 expands your product package types. 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, and 5kg per bag are all available. Gusset device, hand-hold perforation device, makes your package beautiful and products value-added.

Matched with a 10″ HMI touch screen panel, it’s easy to operate. The sensors will detect and alarm when packaging materials run out. An empty bag is also can be detected and alarmed.

  • Speed: PE/PET Pouch – up to 3500 bag/hr
  • Dimensions: 1300*1500*1750mm
  • Weight: 450kg
Technical Data VFFS 800
Speed PE/PET Pouch:Up to 3200 Bags/hour
BOPP/PET Pouch: Up to 40 Bags/min
Bag width range 150-375mm
Bag length range 300-500mm

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