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VFFS 740

Synda VFFS 740 is a medium packaging machine with max. film width of 740mm. With the large volume of forming cubes, it’s the best VFFS Packaging Machine for 5kg dosing and packaging.

Whether in powder or granules material, Synda VFFS 740 can complete the packaging task with good performance. The compact design makes sure limited workshop space is saved.

Matched with granular weigher, auger filler, and liquid pump filler, Synda VFFS 740 is able to support many industries’ production. They are the milling industry, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical processing, and chemical production industry.

With alarming, PLC & HMI control systems, Synda VFFS 740 is flexible, robotic, and safe for the packaging unit. United with auxiliary packaging equipment, such as bucket elevator, screw elevator, belt elevator, belt conveyor, data printer, and TTO printer, this VFFS packaging machine can be forged into an improved packaging line.

  • Speed: PE/PET Pouch – up to 3500 bag/hr
  • Dimensions: 1300*1500*1750mm
  • Weight: 450kg
Technical Data VFFS 600
Speed PE/PET Pouch:Up to 3500 Bags/hour
BOPP/PET Pouch: Up to 50 Bags/min
Bag width range 100-280mm
Bag length range 50-450mm

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