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VFFS 600 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Synda VFFS 600 Machine is a medium vertical form fill seal machine with max. film range of 600mm. It’s mainly used for 1kg rice, and 2kg powder automatic packaging.

Compared with Synda VFFS 420 Vertical Packaging Machine and Synda VFFS 520 Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine, Synda VFFS 600 Machine has a wide pouch range with a heavier filling range.

Integrated with High-dream Multi-head Weigher, Synda VFFS 600 Machine has a super find performance for snacks and potato chips. High-speed with stable running, it’s a great helper for food factories, small-scale businesses, or startups.

Controlled with SIEMENS PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and HMI (Human-Machine-Interface), it can realize fully automatic operation. With easy parts changeover, robotic, flexible, and fast, it ensures the Synda VFFS 600 Machine is a favorite packaging machine in the market.

  • Speed: PE/PET Pouch – up to 3500 bag/hr
  • Dimensions: 1300*1500*1750mm
  • Weight: 450kg
Technical Data VFFS 600
Speed PE/PET Pouch:Up to 3500 Bags/hour
BOPP/PET Pouch: Up to 50 Bags/min
Bag width range 100-280mm
Bag length range 50-450mm

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