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  • Speed: PE/PET Pouch – up to 260 bag/hr
  • Dimensions: 1450*1650*2000mm
  • Weight: 600kg
Technical Data VFFS 1100
Speed PE/PET Pouch:Up to 260 Bags/hour
BOPP/PET Pouch: Up to 15 Bags/min
Bag width range 375-540mm
Bag length range 400-900mm

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    VFFS 1100

    When you want an automatic vertical packing machine to make 5kg & 10kg bags out of the rolled film to contain powder, granular, and liquids, VFFS 1100 is your best choice from Synda Pack. This machine has a very good performance by automatically forming the bags, filling, sealing, cutting, and printing. The complete result is making the 5kg & 10kg bags at a speed of 6~10 pcs/min. with reliably sealed.


    VFFS 1100 machines are just among the achievement form-fill-seal machines by Synda-Pack. They are superior packing machines for a large number of different materials/products, though there’s also other packing equipment you can select. Eg. is the horizontal form-fill-seal machine, which is horizontally making the bags, and are also been used for a large number of products.

    Finally, there’re vertical form-fill-seal machines, which pack with products like detergent powder, grains, seeds, snacks, sugar, feedstuff, wheat, fertilizers, and so on.

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