VFFS Machine

VFFS Machine uses roll-of-film to make the bags. It fills and seals the bags afterward. Because of its multi-function, in other words, form-fill-seal, it’s a versatile vertical packaging machine.

So it’s widely used for wide usage. For example, it can fill granules, liquid, and powdery products. In addition, it’s available to package the paste. Furthermore, it has a wide bags making range. The minimum film width is 420mm. And the maximum width is 1100mm. In other words, it can fill a wide weight of products inside the bags.

Meanwhile, the VFFS machine also can make variable bag styles. For instance, pillow, gusseted, hand-hole, quad, and so on. That is to say, it can make bags with different sealing types. We set some examples here, 3-side-seal, 4-side-seal, and center-seal.

Additionally, there are a lot of sealing patterns that the VFFS machine can realize. There are strip seals, web seals, serrated seals, flat seals, etc.

In short, the VFFS machine has versatile usage and multi-function, it’s a good packing machine for you. Regardless you are a group company or a start-up, there’s always a suitable VFFS machine for you.

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VFFS Machine

VFFS Machine Features

  • We can supply the competitive VFFS machine and custom-made packaging solution.
  • Free automatic packaging line design for your business.
  • VFFS machine uses rollstock film which is less expensive than the premade pouch.
  • VFFS machine has much output on the base of continuously running.
  • Fewer interruptions with high-speed running make sure great efficiency.
  • The multi-function vertical form-fill-seal machine has a good ROI (return of investment).
  • Fully automatic VFFS packing machine with PLC & HMI controlled to make it easy operating.
  • Free spare parts during the warranty and permanent service life out of warranty.
  • Stainless steel up to food-grade standard.
  • 5 Star VFFS machine is one of our vertical baggers series.
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    Advanced Types of VFFS Machines

    VFFS 420

    Synda can supply advanced VFFS 420 packaging machines for many products auto-filling, sealing, and packaging. Furthermore, with more than 20 years of experience, Synda can provide the best VFFS packaging machines for you. Synda has served dozens of industries, therefore, Synda can give qualified packaging machines and ensure reliable packaging for our clients. Likewise, sugar, snacks, coffee, honey, tomato ketchup, sauce, juice jam, and shampoo, etc.

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    VFFS 520

    It’s made of stainless steel 304, therefore these vertical packaging machines can work for the food industry. For instance, VFFS 520 has been widely used in the food industry. Furthermore, the VFFS machine has continuous-motion. So, it has a high output. Additionally, it’s multi-functional too. It can realize completely automatic bag making, filling, sealing, cutting, date printing, and conveying too. Consequently, VFFS 520 is the best choice for your product packaging.

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    VFFS 600

    VFFS 600 is a versatile vertical packaging machine. Firstly, it can pack granules products. Second, it can fill and seals liquid products. Thirdly, it can pack powdery products. In addition, it’s available to pack these products in different styles of bags. For instance, they are gusseted, hand-hole, pillow, and so on. Most importantly, VFFS 600 can fill a wider range of weight. Likewise, it is able to fill 100 gram, 500 gram, 1000 gram, 1500 gram, and 3000 gram.

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    VFFS 740

    VFFS 740 is a medium vertical packaging machine with a larger roll film width. So it’s able to make bigger bags. Similarly, it can fill heavier products inside the bag. Because it’s a medium vertical packing machine, it installs a higher capacity of servomotors. Consequently, it’s powerful and stable.  It runs very smoothly with good performance. Few of breakdown occurs. That is to say, you can easily rely on its safety. At the same time, a 10″ touch panel is upgraded from 7″. In other words, this model VFFS machine will be much easier to operate.

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    VFFS 800

    VFFS 800 is a newly designed vertical packing machine. Therefore, it improves a lot of high-technology that makes it have good running. Its film feeding brake structure, for instance, has been renovated. So it will stop and start the film-driving easily and safely. Meanwhile, there is a pressing device added on the roll of film, which rolls and helps drive the film. So it makes the film feeding more easily. In addition, a new pneumatic meter is added too. It controls and detects the compressed air well.  Finally, the Markem-Imaje TTO printer is compatible. So you can easily edit and print what you want to in the bags.

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    vffs 1100

    VFFS 1100 is the biggest vertical packing machine in our factory. Its maximum film width applies to it is 1100mm. Consequently, it can fill max. 20kg weight of products. However, it requires the machine structure and electricals higher. Therefore, VFFS 1100 is strictly designed and fabricated. Subsequently, it has very good advantages that can be used for other special scenes. For example, it can be used as a bailing machine. In other words, it’s for the bag-in-bag machine line. In short, VFFS 1100 is an essential vertical packing machine.

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