Vertical Form-fill-seal Machine

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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine – Reliable & High-Efficiency

With competitive VFFS machine price

  • We can supply the competitive VFFS machine and custom-made packaging solution.
  • Free automatic packaging line design for your business.
  • VFFS film is less expensive than the premade pouch.
  • VFFS has much output on the base of continuously running.
  • Fewer interruptions with high-speed running make sure great efficiency.
  • The multi-function vertical form-fill-seal machine has a good ROI (return of investment).
  • Fully automatic packing machine with PLC & HMI controlled to make it easy operating.
  • Free spare parts during the warranty and permanent service life out of warranty.
  • Stainless steel up to food-grade standard.
  • Star machine among vertical baggers.
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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine use a roll of film to make the packages, like pouches or bags, then fill and seal. Snacks, liquid, powder products can be filled. Pillow, gusseted, hand hole, box pouch as well as other styles of bags are available to realize. Best VFFS machine for the packaging of almost all products.


Synda can supply advanced VFFS 420 packaging machines for many products auto-filling, sealing, and packaging. With more than 20 years of experience, Synda can provide the best VFFS packaging machines for you. Having served dozens of industries, Synda can give the qualified vertical packaging machines and ensure the reliable packaging for your products, such as sugar, snacks, coffee, honey, tomato ketchup, sauce, juice jam, shampoo, etc.

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Stainless steel made, Synda manufactures vertical packaging machines for the food packing machine unit. VFFS 520 is manufactured for 500 gm and 1 kg packing machine unit. Synda would like to give you a continuous-motion vertical pouch packing machine from pouch making, filling, sealing, data printing, and counting.

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There are several main VFFS machines manufactured by Synda, VFFS 600 is one of them. This vertical bagging machine has a wide applied utility for many products, such as liquid, paste, granules, and powder. Food and non-food products. Synda can choose the most VFFS machine for your industrial packaging.

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A medium vertical packaging machine is also a needful form-fill-seal machine in the market. Synda self-designed and high-quality VFFS 740 is among the medium vertical bagger. It’s mainly for a 5 kg packing machine unit with 5 kg weight fillers. Synda will make sure the most suitable VFFS packaging machine for your products’ wrapping.

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This model is one of most stable VFFS running machine newly designed by Synda. Fashionable and reliable, Synda can give you the high-speed vertical packaging machines. It can match the advanced and editable Markem-Imaje TTO printer.

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With the biggest vertical packaging machine of the Synda VFFS series, VFFS 1100 is a big vertical form fill seal machine, which can make pouches for 20 kg filling weight. Synda can supply the best filling and packaging machine with custom-made packing solutions on the base of different VFFS baggers.

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