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STB-10C Tea Packing Machine

Description of STB-10C Tea Packing Machine:

Synda STB-10C Tea Packing Machine is mainly used for tea filling and sealing machines. It is designed for filter paper bag and outer plastic pouch without thread and tag. With a variety of utility range, this automatic tea bag packaging machine can pack black tea, flower tea, pharmaceutical products, and coffee. Matched with a photocell alarming system, Synda STB-10C Tea Packing Machine is reliable with safety. Intelligent examining the rollstock film, this automatic tea packaging machine will stop when the film runs out of.

Features of STB-10C Tea Packing Machine:

Synda STB-10C Tea Packing Machine can easily changeover the forming cubes that form pouches. It’s very easy for your operators to change the forming cube when need to produce different sizes of teabags. Besides Volumetric cup fillers, Synda STB-10C Tea Packing Machine is flexible to integrate with different fillers, such as vibration feeder scales, electrical weighers, etc. We will give you the best and tailored packaging solution for your tea packaging machine.

  • Step-motor accurate distributive technology with high pouch forming accuracy and less than 1mm;
  • Temperature controller endurable and high-quality heat sealing
  • Easy changeover makes the operation much easier

Outer Plastic Pouch width range60-90mm

Technical Data STB-10A
Speed Filter Bag:Up to 1800 Bags/hour
Plastic Pouch: Up to 30~45 Cycles/min
Weighing Range 1~5g
Filter Bag width range 47-70mm
Filter Bag length range 55-80mm
Outer Plastic Pouch length range 75-100mm
Tag Size 20 x 20 mm
Packing Speed 30 ~ 45 BPM
Machine Dimension 950 x 650 x 1750mm

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    Tea Bag Packing Machine STB-10C
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