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SR380 Stand-up Pouch Filling Machine

Synda SR380 Stand-up Pouch Filling Machine is widely used for stand up (doybag) pouch packing. This stand-up pouch filler and sealer is made for snacks, rice, pet food, frozen food, liquid, paste, and powder products.

With 8 stations or 12 stations, Synda SR380 Stand-up Pouch Filling Machine can realize the multifunction of filling and packing. Taper, secondary sealing, pre-sealing for gusset pouch, this rotary pouch packing machine is available to pack a variety of styles stand-up pouches by adding these add-on devices.

For the security consideration, Synda SR380 Stand-up Pouch Filling Machine has electrical eyes, overload protection, and alarming system. Additionally, the rotary pouch bagging machine also has a spring lock door that can automatically stop according to the flexible procedures it preset on the packing machine.

Easy cleaning with washdown design, compact design, flexible packaging, SR380 Stand-up Pouch Filling Machine is a perfect pouch packing machine for your product. Nitrogen flushing, zipper opener, secondary sealing can be attached to fulfill various pouch packaging

  • Speed: PE/PET/Foil Premade Pouch – up to 35~65 bag/min.
  • Dimensions: 2080*1630*1460mm
  • Weight: 1000kg
Technical Data SR200A
Speed Premade Pouch:Up to 35~60 Bags/Min.
Bag width range 60-200mm
Bag length range 200-280mm

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