Sachet Packing Machine

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Sachet Packing Machine

The sachet packing machine is kinda wonderful small packaging machine for pharmacy, nutritional, and detergent products. It’s widely used for sauce, coffee, cereals, shampoo, tomato ketchup, juice, jam, palm oil, and water. Synda Pack can give you the best sachet filling machine on the base of sachet filling and sealing equipment.

Synda Pack can provide you the best sachet packaging machine for your products, suitable for powder, liquids, paste, or granules. It can give the most suitable sachets wrapping of 3-side sealing, 4-side sealing, multi-lane sachet, and foreign sachet. We are excellent at the sachet packing machines from design to manufacture.

Synda sachet packing machines have multi-function for sachet packaging. It’s automatically sachets forming, measuring/weighing, filling, and sealing. Tear notch and easy-open systems are also available. Variable seal patterns can be realized too.

Synda sachet packing machine is a great small packaging machine for pharmacy and nutritional products.

Sachet Packing Machine Manufacturer From China

Best Sachet Packing Solution With Better Price

  • Synda can supply sachet packing machine with many sachets types
  • 3 sides seal, 4 sides seal, central seal, stick, multi-track sachets for your choice
  • Easy notch for tearing can be added
  • Saw, flat, stripped, grid sealing pattern is free to realize
  • Paper, PET, Nylon, Foil compound laminated film adapts to the machine
  • All fillers, including pump filler, volumetric cup, auger filler can be perfectly matched with the sachet machine
  • Synda can choose the best sachet filling and sealing machine for sachet packaging of shampoo, sugar, salt, ketchup, honey products
  • PLC controlled with HMI touch screen make the sachet packaging machines fully automatic
  • High-speed up to 30~40 bags/min
  • Newly designed with stainless steel 304 make it be accord with food and pharmacy utility
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Ketchup Sachet Packing Machine

Synda can give you the best ketchup sachet packing machine. 3 sides seal or 4 sides seal pack both are available. With a special pneumatic filling machine, the filling capacity is up to 200ml. Machine power 1.5kw. Synda can also supply the rolled foil film with your logo printed on it. The package pattern is custom-made. Flatten, net or the round corner are all for your choice. It’s widely used for jam, sauce, tomato ketchup, and jelly.

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Sugar Sachet Packing Machine

This sugar sachet packaging machine is one of our star-ratings packing machinery. Synda can choose the most flexible sachet packing machine for your sugar products. It has a super fine function for brown and white sugar filling and sealing. Fully automatic from small sachet forming till end sugar package. Stick with 4 sides seal are also the favorite package in the market. Bag width can be up to 15cm. This sachet packing machine is also packaging for granules, snacks, cereals, cashew nuts, and dried fruit.

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Shampoo Sachet Packing Machine

This is a shampoo sachet packing machine designed for shampoo packaging. Synda is a manufacturer of shampoo sachet packaging machines from China. We can give you the best shampoo sachet automatic packing machine with pneumatic filler. Packing range up to 200 grams. It’s very fast filling and sealing. The speed can reach 60 sachets/min. The sachet packing machinery is made of stainless steel which is anti-erosion protection from the shampoo.

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Honey Sachet Packing Machine

This honey sachet packing machine has the function of sachet making, honey filling, and sachet sealing. There are pneumatic filling equipment and pump filler. Filling range from 1 ~ 200ml. 3 side seals, 4 side seal and stick sachet for your choice. Sealing patterns is also can be custom-made. Flatten, saw, net, etc. Notch tear and chain sachets are also can be realized. Synda will give you the best honey sachet packaging machinery with comfortable customer service. This small sachet packing machine can also pack sauce, seasoning, edible oil, mayonnaise, palm oil, and grease.

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Powder Sachet Packing Machine

Synda can give you the high-quality powder sachet packing machine. The filling mode uses vertical auger filler or horizontal filler. It depends on the powder fluidity. With accurate dosing, the filling accuracy is within 1g. Pouches capacity up to 60 sachets per min. Pouches weight range from 1g to 150g. It’s mostly powder packaging machine for chili powder, seasoning, pharmaceutical powder, spicy powder, coffee, milk powder, chloride powder, pepper powder, etc. Notch tear, data print is also can be optional at your requirement.

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Drip Coffee Sachet Packing Machine

This drip coffee packaging machine is advanced with a new type of heat sealing mode, the ultra-wave sealing. It’s an automatic drip coffee packing equipment with inner and outer sachet finished at one time. Synda can give you the most fashionable and reliable drip coffee packaging machine. The inner bag is a filter paper specially designed for drip coffee. The drip coffee package has a beautiful shelf showing. Make your coffee valued much.

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