Pouch Filling Machine

Synda Pouch Filling Machine is mainly used for pre-made pouches filling and sealing. Unlike our VFFS machine that uses the rolled film to form bags, Synda Pouch Filling Machines use premade pouches to fill and seal directly.

Stand-up, zipper, gusset, quad, and many premade pouches types are applicable to the pouch filling machine. It makes your packaged produce more attractive to your client.

Integrated with different fillers, like auger filler, piston filler, and electronic weigher, the pouch filling machine can fill different products. We say a variety of industries from liquids, powder, and granules can be packed.

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Pouch Filling Machine Features

  • Packing almost all products from powder to snacks, liquids, and pet food with premade pouches
  • Versatile premade pouches fill and seal automatically
  • PLC control & Touch Screen make unbelievably easy to study and operate
  • Integrated with weighers, pump fillers, conveyors make a fine pouch filling machine
  • Superfast filling and sealing with high accuracy and reliability
  • Food-grade and long-life stainless steel structure of pouch filling machine
  • Customized for special pouch packing machine with special devices, not limited to zip opener, vibrator, and puncher.
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    SR200 Pouch Filling Machine

    SR200A Pouch Filling Machine is Synda’s newly designed premade pouch filling and sealing machine. With automatic adjusting the bag size on the touch panel, it’s much easier to operate. Synda can give you the customized packing solution for your preformed pouches.

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    SR240 Premade Pouch Filling Machine

    SR240 Premade Pouch Filling machine is a medium pouch packing machine. With wide use, Synda can give you the best premade pouch packing solution for your products. It’s a good premade pouch packing machine for many products that range from liquid, powder to granules.

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    SR300 Liquid Pouch Filling Machine

    SR300 Liquid Pouch Filling Machine is Synda newest automatic filling and sealing machine for liqud and paste products though with viscosity or not. It’s mainly for the premade pouch. Stainless steel structured, it’s suitable for food-grade packing.

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    SR380 Stand-up Pouch Filling Machine

    With fully automatic stand-up pouch filling and sealing, it’s easy to operate and maintain. Instant heating to seal and cool, and the specially designed device attached, Synda SR380 Pouch Filler Machine has excellent performance on stand-up pouch filling.

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