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SWP-400B Cellophane Wrapping Machine

SWP-400B cellophane wrapping machine is mainly used for automatic overwrapping the boxes with BOPP transparent film. Modern, fast-speed, easy to operate, SWP-400B is the most multi-functional and advanced one for industrial overwrapping utility.

It’s a favorite cello wrapping machine for you. With the SWP-400B cello wrapper, you can improve your box overwrapping appearance as well as improve efficiency.

Matches with different sizes of the model, each model for each size of the box, sometimes it can share one model for two or three boxes, SWP-400B cellophane wrapping machine has a quite wide application range of boxes.

Made of stainless steel, the SWP-400B cellophane wrapper complies with GMP food standards. It can be used for many industries, such as pharmacy, food, tea, cosmetics, stationery, music dics, etc.

  • Driven by a series of servo motors
  • Explores multi-functional digital-displayed infinite speed regulation
  • PLC programmable procedure control technology, automatic box feeding, auto counting
  • Touch panel realizes human-machine interface
  • Available working with other packing machine as a packing line
Technical Data SWP-400B
Wrapping Speed 30~45 boxes/min.
Packaging Material BOPP film; Gold tear tape
Max. Packaging size (L*W) L100~360mm x W50~230mm x H25~130mm;
Power Load 220V/50Hz/6kw
Machine Weight  900kg
Machine Dimension L2350*W1000*H1890mm

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