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SWP-400 Cellophane Wrapping Machine

SWP400 cellophane wrapping machine is a medium cellophane overwrapping machine. It wraps the boxes and cartons with BOPP film. Folded, overwrapped, it’s the most beautiful packaging for your boxed products.

We prepare several package sizes of the model that can wrap different dimensions of boxes. Easy changeover matched, you can pack different types of boxes. Saves a lot with very good ROI.

The packing speed is very fast. It’s able to catch 45 boxes per min. Compact structure designed, SWP400 cellophane wrapper occupies a small space at your workshop. The boxes feeder can be designed according to your workshop layout. One line or 90 degrees both are available.

SWP400 cellophane wrapping machine is suitable for variable industries applications. Such as pharmacy, food, health-keeping, tea, cigarette, etc. We can give you different BOPP film packaging solutions on the base of automatic cello wrappers.

  • Driven by a series of servo motors
  • Explores multi-functional digital-displayed infinite speed regulation
  • PLC programmable procedure control technology, automatic box feeding, auto counting
  • Touch panel realizes human-machine interface
  • Available working with other packing machine as a packing line
Technical Data SWP-400
Wrapping Speed 30~45 boxes/min.
Packaging Material BOPP film; Gold tear tape
Max. Packaging size (L*W) L100~360mm x W50~230mm x H25~130mm;
Power Load 220V/50Hz/6kw
Machine Weight  900kg
Machine Dimension L2350*W1000*H1890mm

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