Cellophane Wrapping Machine

The cellophane wrapping machine is a widely-used automatic Bopp film overwrapping machine for cartons, boxes, and cases. Cellophane wrappings are fashionable, dust-proof, value-improved for your products.

Synda cellophane wrapping machine is able to do BOPP film wrapping for cigarettes, teabag boxes, pharmacies, cosmetics, stationery, electronics, as well as foods. Based on different wrapping requirements, Synda Pack can tailer the cellophane wrapping machines.

Well-designed though compact, Synda cellophane wrapping machine considers well of the user’s using experiences. It has enough space for machine commissioning or maintenance, through its compact design.

Compared with other suppliers’ pneumatic driving for cello wrapping, the Synda cellophane wrapping machine explores motor driving, which means it’s a fully automatic cellophane wrapping machine. It’s quite stable and durable with a long using life.

Except for SWP-400B advanced cellophane wrapping machine, Synda Pack has also designed a new model of the SWP200B cellophane wrapping machine. It’s motor driving too, easy operating with bag adjusting space though compact. Most of all, the price is very competitive with multi-functions.

cellophane wrapping machines

Cellophane Wrapping Machine Advantages

With better Cellophane Packing Machine price

  • Suitable for boxes, cartons, cases overwrapping with BOPP film.
  • Compact design with enough operating space, easy operation.
  • Fit for variable boxes sizes, easy film folding model change.
  • From simple cellophane wrapping to complicate cello wrapper, Synda gives you more.
  • Acrylic sheet doors and covers guarantee the cello wrapper is safe.
  • Servo motors drive make it run stable and durable.
  • Synda is a leading manufacturer of cellophane wrapping machines.
  • PLC & HMI (touch panel controller) controls, fully automatic cellophane packing machine.
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    Advanced Types of Cellophane Wrapping Machines

    cellophane wrapping machine

    SWP290B Cellophane Wrapping Machine is our newly designed model. It’s flexible with a compact structure. With applied wider sizes but smaller space, the SWB290 cello wrapper is a very multi-function cellophane wrapping packer with competitive cost.

    SWP290 cellophane wrapping machine is a fully automatic transparent film overwrapping machine. With horizontally inserting the boxes, driven by the cam, it’s the fast speed with stable running.

    It matches with double sides heating & flattening devices, making the box’s cello wrapping more flat and beautiful. Exploring transducer to control the overwrapping speed, according to different boxes of different products, the wrapping speed can be up to 30~70 boxes/min.

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    swp-400b cellophane wrapping machine

    SWP-400B cellophane wrapping machine is widely used for tea, pharmacy, health-keep product, food, cigarette, cosmetics, stationery, music discs, as well as other industries. It’s an automated overwrapping machine packing with BOPP film, a special packaging machine for cigarette boxes.

    Controlled with PLC and HMI (touch panel controller), exploring multi-adjustable transducer with digital display, SWP-400B cellophane wrapping machine realizes automatic box feeding, auto counting, as well as transparent film feeding.

    SWP-400B cellophane wrapping machine also matches with easy tear thread device. Adding some sensors, the machine can link with other packaging equipment and form into a production line.

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    SWP-400 Cellophane Wrapping Machine

    SWP-400 is a classic model among our cellophane wrapping machines. It has features of stable running, easy operation and maintenance, fast speed. The maximum BOPP film width is 400mm.

    SWP-400 transparent film overwrapping machine explores mainly mechanical driving and infinite speed regulation. With PLC control technology, it realizes automatically sealing 6 dimensions of the boxes after auto-feeding the boxes.

    The machine shell, platform, and the parts that contact with the materials are all made of stainless steel (1Cr18Ni9Ti), complying with pharmacy making GMP rules. Above all, the SWP-400 cellophane wrapper that has concentrated with the mechanic, electric, and pneumatic parts is a high-intelligent packing machine.

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    Helpful Documents of Cellophane Wrapping Machine

    The Ultimate Guide To Cellophane Wrapping Machine

    Cellophane wrapping needs are getting more and more in many industries nowadays. Fashionable, value-added, dust-proof, all these factors are making the cellophane machine a compulsory packing machine for your factories.

    Synda cellophane wrapping machine is a terminal packaging suitable for a variety of finished products. The materials it can pack include but are not limited to gift boxes, cartons, boxes, cards, even boxes, square soap, etc. It is widely used in food, medicine, department store and cosmetics industry.
    We use the advanced technology in China to produce this cellophane wrapping machine, which not only has obvious advantages in speed, but also is easy to adjust the packaging size.
    So that one cellowrapper can realize multiple sizes packaging need.

    cellophane wrapping machine

    Cellophane Packagings

    However, most people do not know deep or more about the cellophane wrapping machine. Even if you know about it, you don’t know how it works. You might need to know how to find a good cellophane wrapping machine for your business at present.

    We’ll break down what you need to know about cellophane wrapping machines in a way that’s easy to understand. We will make the most valued advice when you choose a suitable cellophane wrapping machine for your present stage of business.

    Buying a cellophane wrapping for your packaging needs a pretty costly affair and you would want to be sure you are checking all the right boxes. That is why you need to go through this ultimate guide to purchasing a cellophane wrapping machine. 

    Buying Cellophane Wrapping Machine

    Cellophane Wrapping Machine

    This article details all you need to know about cellophane wrapping. Here’s what you will find from this in-depth guide:

    • What is the cellophane wrapping machine
    • What are the applications of the cellophane wrapping machine
    • What are the differences between the cellophane wrapping machine and the shrink wrap machine?
    • What are the advantages of an automatic cello wrapper over a manual cello wrapping machine?
    • Compared with the manual cello wrapper, what are the advantages of an automatic cellophane wrapping machine?
    • How are cellophane wrapping machines classified?
    • How does the cellophane wrapping machine work?
    • What to look for when buying a cellophane wrapping machine
    • What should you pay attention to when buying a cellophane wrapping machine?
    • What Is The Cost Of Cellophane Wrapping Machines?
    • Closing Thoughts

    What Is The Cellophane Wrapping Machine?

    When it comes to marketing your products, presentation is a vital component. With a cellophane wrapper, you can package an array of packages that come in multiple shapes and sizes. 

    A cellophane Wrapping Machine can wrap a wide range of products ranging from boxes containing dairy products, to cigarette boxes.  

    Cellophane Wrapping Machine Sample

    When you use a cellophane packaging machine, your product stands out as attractive and appealing to customers. 

    Apart from making your products attractive, wrapping your packages preserves the products from damage, deterioration, and other forms of external contamination.  Additionally, the protective cellophane wrapper helps lengthen the product’s shelf life while making the contents more hygienic for consumers.


    Cellophane Wrapping Machine Applications And Uses

    As a business owner, a cellophane wrapping machine can find multiple wrapping applications to suit your packaging needs. 

    Many manufacturers overwrap their products to ensure the safety of the packages during transportation and storage, and for a sleek visual look. 

    Below are some of the areas where businesses use cellophane wrapping machines: 

    1. Packaging in the Food Beverage Industry

    In the food industry, the cellophane wrapping machine has numerous uses to pack products to stop external adulteration and to preserve the freshness of food items.

    Some typical areas of use include packaging cakes in food boxes, dairy products such as cheese, processed food items, or beef products.

    1. Packaging for Cosmetics

    Cosmetics are usually packaged in bottles, or cans which are then encased inside boxes. To prevent the accidental opening of cosmetics and to improve their attractiveness, the boxes are wrapped in cellophane film. The film helps to retain the integrity of contents by preventing the entry of moisture. 

    cellophane wrapper for food box

    1. Packaging in the Medical Industry

    Cellophane is waterproof and therefore ideal for the packaging of medicinal products. By offering an airtight cover, a cellophane film helps to prevent dirt and moisture from entering medicinal packages. 

    Cellophane wrapping helps to maintain the integrity of the medicinal products while also preventing the unintentional exposure of the contents. 

    1. Packaging for Cigarettes

    Cellophane wrapping is suited for sealing cigarettes as the packaging film is nearly completely impermeable to air, water, and other contaminants. 

    cigarette cellophane wrapping machine

    With a cellophane wrapping machine, you can wrap cigarette boxes of various sizes in a transparent cellophane film. This keeps the cigarettes looking new. Additionally, it secures the cigarettes from tampering and gives a superior appearance owing to the transparent nature of the film. 

    1. Packaging for the Hardware Industry

    You can wrap hardware materials like iron products using a cellophane wrapping machine. The cellophane film keeps away dirty, acid, and water that may cause the corrosion of these items.  

    Cello wrapping machines may also be named depending on their major areas of application with the most common being named depending on the industry that they predominantly serve. 

    • Perfume Box Cellophane Wrapping Machines
    • Cigarette Cellophane Wrapping Machines
    • Small Box Cellophane Wrapping Machines
    • Manual Wrapping Machines

    What Are The Differences Between The Cellophane Wrapping Machine And Shrink Wrap Machine?

    It is easy to mistake a shrink wrap machine for a cellophane wrapper. However, these machines differ in several aspects of their operation and application.

    Most importantly, Cellophane Wrapping Machines fully enclose what you are packaging. This keeps the item free from dust, air, grease, moisture, chemicals, and other contaminants. 

    A Shrink Wrap Machine, on the other hand, appears to perform a similar job but creates vents in the shrink film to allow for ventilation of air between the packaged box or product with the surroundings.  Therefore, products packaged using a Shrink Wrap Machine are exposed to the elements by exposure through the vents created on the packaging film. 

    What Are The Advantages Of An Automatic Cello Wrap Machine Over A Manual Cello Wrapping Machine?

    Automated cellophane wrapping machines have several advantages over manual wrappers. 

    Here are the most important:

    • Speed: high-speed packaging capabilities that make it possible to pack between 40 boxes and 80 boxes per minute. They achieve these high speeds using frequency converters. 
    • Multipack functionalities.
    • The presence of a double cutting knife makes for accurate cutting of the film and longer service life. 
    • Can be adjusted to package items of multiple sizes and designs as they have modules that are easy to change to suit the required size and design. 
    • Sophisticated electrostatic eliminators help make the film package smoother as it gets rid of absorption on the BOPP film. 
    • Easy to run, troubleshoot, and maintain through digital displays that make for easy human-machine interaction. 
    • How are cellophane wrapping machines classified?

    How Are Cellophane Wrapping Machines Classified?

    You may classify cellophane wrap machines under three main categories; automatic, semi-auto, and manual. 

    The suitability of each of the cellophane wrapping machines depends on the size of the packages and the quantities you intend to package.

    These machines use various wrapping materials ranging from thermoplastic to paper and film. 

    Let’s take a deeper look into each of the three types of cellophane wrapping machines:

    1. Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machines (Overwrapping Machines)

    automatic cellophane wrapping machine

    An overwrapping machine is a packaging machine that automatically wraps packages or products using the BOPP film wrapper. The processes of cutting, folding, and sealing the film are automatic. 

    The bulk of the automatic BOPP films used to wrap packages are moisture-resistant and have tamper-proof properties with automated tear tapes for superior product preservation. 

    What’s more, automatic wrapping machines can integrate effortlessly with other packaging systems such as pillow packs and cartooning in a completely automated packaging line.

    Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine: Distinguishing Characteristics

    • A robust performer with a compact structure with automated output.
    • It’s made of stainless steel and provides 3 side sealing of products.
    • Features easy-to-read LCDs that make man-machine interactions convenient.
    • An automatic cello wrapper can adjust to varied functionalities and elements like digital-indication frequency inverters. 
    • Product counting and the product feeder apparatus on the automatic cello machine are automated. 
    • The automatic cellophane wrapping machine displays the temperature at the thermal seals using digital indicators. 
    • The machine is reinforced with anti-wear properties that keep the cellophane wrapping machine from shaking when in operation by the use of an original swing device mechanism.
    • For ease of troubleshooting and maintenance, the auto cello wrapper automatically displays malfunctions and errors. 
    • The machine has a clutch that facilitates steadily feeding the wrapping film over the feeder and thus helps save packaging materials used in wrapping packages. 
    • The machine is highly accurate and well synchronized when integrated with a full cylinder drive for optimal performance. 
    • Thanks to embedded mechanisms of dual protection, the cello wrapper machine runs steadily for longer and with minimal maintenance. This translates to lower operational costs. 
    • They operate at high packing speeds of between 40-80 boxes per minute. 
    • You can achieve the packaging of multiple product sizes with varying designs on an automatic wrapping machine by changing their modules. Replacing the modules to suit the required packaging size and design is fast and convenient in an automatic cello wrapper. 

    2. Semi-Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine

    A semi-auto cellophane wrapping machine combines aspects of an automatic wrapper and a manual one. 

    Automatic elements such as digital frequency converters minimize the level of manual intervention in the packaging process. 

    With a semi-automatic cello wrapping machine, you need to preset certain technical elements like the size of the package being wrapped, the type of packaging material being used, the size of the film, and the set number of rotations for the packaging exercise. Once you preset these key parameters, the rest of the process is automatic. 

    Semi-Automatic Cellophane Wrapping Machine: Distinguishing Characteristics

    • The semi-automatic wrapper has several automated features including product feeding, folding, wrapping, automated seal features, package counting, display, security functionalities, and so on. 
    • The machine is made up of a lightweight but sturdy stainless steel frame that’s simple to operate. 
    • Semi-automatic cello machines make use of BOPP cellophane film wrappers. These film wrappers are cost-effective and environment-friendly. 
    • The semi-auto machine has a sophisticated dual protection mechanism that reduces the wear and tear of machine parts. 
    • A sturdy structure that’s safe to operate by way of a one-way hand device that hampers reverse shaking when the machine is in use. 
    • The machine features a two-edged rotary knife for cutting. 
    • The machine is made to resist shaking during operations using anti-wear elements that consist of an original swing device.
    • Adopts a full cylinder drive that ensures the machine runs steadily with a high level of accuracy. 
    • Fast packaging operations that can package 10-30 boxes a minute. 
    • You can conveniently adjust the packaging sizes where the machine changes the molds and amends the packaging specifications to reflect the required dimensions. 
    • This machine makes use of an inbuilt frequency conversion adjustment mechanism to vary the packaging speed. 
    • The machine has the benefit of packaging that’s resistant to moisture, oil, and dust. Besides, the packaging can incorporate tamper-proof properties to distinguish the packages from counterfeit products. 

    3. Manual Cellophane Wrapping Machines

    A manual cello wrapper has a sturdy build made from stainless steel.

    manual cellophane wrap machine

    The major packaging processors on this machine are manually driven. These processes include all the functionalities from attaching the film to counting the final