Cartoning Machine

Synda designs and manufactures automatic cartoning machines. It can erect, fill, fold, glue seal, or tuck to close the cartons. A large number of products can be filled or inserted into the folded cartons, no matter they are sachets or single items themselves. Such as pharmacy, nutrition, confectionery, beverage, cosmetics, food, etc.

There are several main types of cartoning machines that we can supply:

  • Horizontal Cartoning Machine
  • Vertical Cartoning Machine
  • Continuous Cartoning Machine
  • Sachet Cartoning Machine
  • Bottle Cartoning Machine

The cartoning machine can pack the products from the unscrambler conveyor into the folded carton and glue seal it from the ends of the cartons. Sometimes it tucks ends flaps and closes them. The products also can be pushed into the carton from the mechanical case on the conveyor.

The cartoning machine is widely used for packaging sachets or bottled stuff. With our specially designed conveyors and unscramblers, we can give you tailored integrated cartoning machine lines. It continuously and automatically saves labor costs a lot.


Cartoning Machine Manufacturer

Best Cartoning Machinery With Better Price

  • Integrating carton opening, folding, and sealing
  • Compact and reasonable design, simple operation, and convenient maintenance and servicing
  • Automatic products, tray, leaflet feeding, code printing, and unqualified kick-off
  • Easy and fast adjust on the same cartoning machine by calibration
  • All parts contact with your products explores Stainless Steel 304.
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    Advanced Types of Cartoning Machines

    Multi-lane Sachet Packing Machine

    Our horizontal cartoning machine has the main feature that can easily access all the components from both sides of the machine. Easy to maintain.  It integrates opening, packing, folding, and sealing.

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    Automatic Cartoning Machine

    The Automatic Cartoning Machine is one of our flagship products. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, accuracy, and easy operation. It can be added before and after the equipment, automatic feeding, automatic lowering, printing characters and other functions.

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    Cartoning Box Packing Machine

    Cartoning Box Packing Machine can be applied to the packaging needs of various industries. The machine is larger in size and meets more needs. With easy changeover and PLC controller & HMI, it’s quite easy to operate.

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    Cartoning Packaging Machine

    Cartoning Packaging Machine has a faster production speed and is fully automatic. The HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) displays the carton packing speed, accounting, trouble alarming when there is no paper box, or no product, or it can not open the box, and other parameters.

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    Sachet Cartoning Machine

    Synda sachet cartoning machine is mainly used for filled sachets’ automatically inserting into the opened boxes and then sealing them. It’s fast and reliable. The speed can be up to 24000 sachets/hour. Sachet cartoning machine can be linked to multi-lane sachet packing machine into an integrated packaging machine line.

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    honey sachet packing machine

    The vertical cartoning machine is specially used for loading bottled products. Such as medical syrup, health-keeping nutraceuticals, liquid cosmetics, etc. It’s fully automatic from inserting the bottles from the top load, to closing the cartons.

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    Useful Document for Cartoning Machine

    sachet packing machine brochure

    Cartoning Machine Brochure

    Cartoning Machine: The Ultimate Guide

    As a manufacturer or distributor, are you looking for a cartoning machine to sort out your carton packaging needs? 

    If yes, then you need this ultimate guide to a cartoning machine.

    This guide covers all that you need to know about carton-forming machines and explains the following:

    • What is a Cartoning Machine?
    • Types of Boxes for Packaging
    • Benefits of Using a Cartoning Machine
    • Challenges of Purchasing Cartoning Machines
    • The Use of Cartoning Machines in Different Industries
    • Main Parts of a Cartoning Machine
    • Types of Cartoning Machines
    • Buying Guide for Cartoning Machines
    • Carton Closure Techniques used in Cartoning Machines
    • FAQs about Cartoning Machines
    • Conclusion

    What Is A Cartoning Machine?

    A cartoning machine, also known as a cartoner,  is a type of packaging machine that forms cartons in various shapes. 

    Cartoning machines are capable of erecting, filling, folding, and sealing cartons during a commercial packaging process. The cartoning system consists of mechanical, pneumatic, and electrically-powered components combined to facilitate the formatio