Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle filling machine is the perfect solution for powder, granule products, such as detergent powder, grains, pet foods, snack food, etc. It’s automatically weighing, filling, conveying the bottles, such as jar, bucket. Manually or automatically seal the bottle is optional according to your filling needs. The bottle filling machine is one of our main packing machines that is widely used in the granules filling industry. The filling range of all our granule filling machine is from 10~5000g. The filling speed can be up to 10~15 bottles/min.

Bottle Filling Machine Features

  • Bottle filling machine for powder, granules, and jam products
  • Stainless steel structure with GMP standard
  • Fully automatic bottle filling and sealing machine
  • Bottling line with electro eye and photocell to positioning and filling
  • Suitable for the bucket, jar, bottle, etc.
  • Available for attaching automatic lid pressing, cap feeding, cap sealing
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    detergent powder bottle filling machine

    Detergent Powder Bottle Filling Machine

    The bottle filling machine for detergent powder can fill from 50 grams to 5 kilos gram. Integrated with 2 head electronic weigher, it’s a very popular bottle filling machine in the detergent powder industry. Auto lid pressing machine is optional. However, the filling head is selectable from 2 heads to 6 heads.

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    high speed bottle filling machine

    Jams Bottle Filling Machine

    Jams filling machine is mainly used for high-speed jams filling and packing. There are different filling modes. For instance, piston filler, servo motor filler, pneumatic filler, gravity filler, and weighing filler. Meanwhile, the filling head number is from 2 heads to 12 heads. In other words, the filling speed is selectable.

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    powder bottle filling machine

    Powder Bottle Filling Machine

    The powder bottle filling machine is mainly using auger filler as the main filler. According to your powder production capacity, there will match different numbers of auger fillers. At the same time, the filling range is also custom-made. It ranges from 10gram to 5kg. Likewise, the positioning chain-belt conveyor is also custom-made.

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    grunules bottle filling machine

    Granules Bottle Filling Machine

    There are linear weighers or multi-head weighers that used to weigh and fill your products into the bottles. High accuracy and runs stable. The bottles can be glass, plastic. Bottle style could be jars, buckets, alien shapes, and so on.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Bottle Filling Machine

    If you are a company that deals in the packaging of products in liquid, granular, or powder form, you will want to buy a bottle filling machine that is most suitable for your bottling requirements. 

    The packaging of any company’s product plays a crucial role in attracting customers and keeping the contents safe from contamination. Besides, packaging makes it convenient to transport products in a hygienic environment. 

    With so many product catalogs online, it can get confusing as to which bottle filling machine to purchase. Whether you are experienced in the field and are looking for an upgrade or are about to make your first bottle filling machine purchase, you will find this guide valuable. 

    This ultimate guide shows you all you need to know about bottle filling machines from what they are and their components, their applications, the working principles, the different types of bottle filling machines, and what to look for when selecting a bottle filling machine. 

    Read on. 

    Here’s a quick run of what this article covers:

    What Is A Bottle Filling Machine?

    The Components Of A Bottle Filling Machine

    Types Of Bottle Filling Machines

    Level Of Automation

    • Automatic bottle filling machines
    • Semi-automatic filling machines
    • Manual bottle filling machines

    The Type Of Liquid Bottling Machine

    • Free-flowing liquid bottle filling machines
    • Viscous liquid bottle filling machines

    Inline & Rotary Bottle Filler

    • Inline bottle filler
    • Rotary bottle filler

    Filling Types

    • Overflow filler
    • Volumetric filler
    • Vacuum filler
    • Pump Filler

    Types of Products Filling

    1. Liquid bottle filling machine
    2. Powder bottle filling machine
    3. Granular filling machine
    4. Jam filling machine

    Types of Containers

    1. Bottle filling machine
    2. Can filling packing machine
    3. Jar filling machine

    Applicated Products

    1. Water Filling Machine
    2. Juice Filling Machine
    3. Oil Bottle Filling Machine
    4. Chemical Filling Machine

    Auxiliary Filling Equipment For the Bottle Filling Line

    • Bottle Cap Sealer
    • Bottle Leak Detection Equipment
    • Labeling Machine
    • Printer
    • Shrink Wrap Machine
    • Categories of Conveyors


    What Is A Bottle Filling Machine?

    As a manufacturer, you may produce products in a variety of states; oily, free-flowing, creamy, granules, or powders. A bottle filling machine helps in the industrial packaging of those products into bottles. You need a bottle filling machine to complete your industrial bottling line. 

    Bottle filling machines are essential in industries that deal with pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, agrochemicals, and industrial detergents. 

    Bottle filling machines are designed with components that receive those products and pack them into bottles. The machine is equipped with a measuring mechanism that ensures the correct quantities be released into the bottles. 

    The machine also has a capping mechanism to secure the contents once the bottles have been filled. Additionally, they label the bottles and print vital details such as the date of manufacture.

    Bottle filling machines can be categorized using multiple criteria and can fill containers of various shapes and sizes. 

    The Components Of A Bottle Filling Machine

    The components of a bottle filling machine may differ from one machine type to another. Nonetheless, there are some parts common to most bottle-filling machines. 

    1. Machine Pivot Wheels

    You need pivot wheels to help you move the machine to your preferred location.

    1. The Start Pedal Or Switcher

    The start pedal or switcher is a device that is used to switch on the machine.

    1. The Collection Tank

    The liquid collection tank acts as a holding area for the product that awaits filling into bottles. 

    1. The Discharge Hopper

    The discharge hopper directs the product from the liquid tank into the filling head. Depending on the machine, the dosing of the product into the filling head may be achieved manually by operators or automatically through mechanized bulk feeders. 

    Contents in the discharge hopper are measured into the required volumes. After that, the product is funneled down into the filling heads. 

    There are products that have difficulty flowing unless the temperature is warm. If you deal with such products, there are discharge hoppers that are equipped with a heating mechanism that discharges hot water to encourage the flow of products down the filling heads. 

    1. Inlet Solenoid Valve

    This valve controls the product flow through the filler taps and into the filling heads. 

    1. Filling Heads/Filler Taps

    The filler heads or taps dose the product that’s being packaged into the bottle. They release measured contents into the container. 

    1. Support Trays & Levels

    The bottle support trays and tray start levers provide mechanical support to the bottles as the filling process progresses. 

    1. Corking Unit

    This unit “corks” bottles that have been dosed with the product by placing caps or lids to secure the contents and prevent spillage.

    1. The Machine’s Mechanical Drive System

    This is the overall mechanism responsible for the synchronized movement of the bottle filling machine. The system ensures that the release of products is perfectly sequenced with the movement of bottles. 

    The system can be operated by a motor and gear system. For instance, the Corking Unit Ratio motor synchronizes to ensure every bottle on the line receives the product before it is capped. 

    1. Movement Sensors

    The bottle filling machine has sensors that guide the dosing of products into bottles. Sensors ensure that products are only released by the filler heads if there is a corresponding bottle awaiting products. This way, the sensor helps prevent spillage of products hence waste reduction. 

    Sensors ensure the filling process runs safely and with precision.

    Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

    This is like the brain behind the entire bottle-filling operation. It is a set of programmable computers that drive the automation of the bottle packaging process. A raft of inbuilt computers provides the artificial intelligence necessary to regulate the fill rates, product volumes, and other programmable functions. Human operators monitor and manipulate the PLC system using a human-machine interface.

    The Human-Machine Interface (HMI)

    The bottle filling machine provides monitors that are mostly touch screens for operators to manipulate the operations of the machine or monitor its performance. The human-machine interface in some machines is button-driven. A user-friendly HMI makes it easy for operators to learn to work with the machine. HMI that is based on imagery traverses language barriers. 

    1. The Machi