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Robot Spider

The robot spider is a highly advanced bag-in-box machine. As its multi-function and high-efficiency, it’s quite suitable for automatically filling bags into boxes. High precision, powerful processer, this robot spider bag can fulfill your box packing needs wonderfully.

It matches with diagnosing sensors that can detect and reject faulty products. And all motion is programmed inside a computer chip. Furthermore, it’s flexible and stable making sure good running performance.

Meanwhile, the gripper of the robot spider is customized according to your bag sizes. So it’s a wide filling range. It bears max. 3kg.  In addition, as having installed high-accuracy sensors, it can easily orient and grasp the bags from the running conveyors.

At last, famous electrical brands are also used besides the reasonable structure.  Therefore, Synda robot spider type of bag-in-box machine can ensure your bags filling & inserting into boxes with 100% safety.

  • Speed:  up to 16 boxes/min.
  • The entire process from conveying, positioning, filling, carton erecting, sealing (Optional date code printer)
  • Dimensions: 3500*1500*2200mm
  • Weight: 480kg
Model RG-3000
Speed 16 boxes/min.
Filling Range Max. 3kg
Bag width range 30-280mm
Bag length range 30-350mm

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