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Cartesian Gripper

A cartesian gripper is a wonderful machine used as a bag-in-box machine. In other words, it’s a cartesian coordinate robot that’s to grip and fill the bags into the cases or cartons. Most importantly, it’s quite an economical bag-in-box machine.

At the same time, the cartesian gripper has a reasonable design and easy structure. Therefore, it runs stably and smoothly. There’s no downtime because of its easy structure and easy operation characteristics.

In addition, it is also flexible to run with X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis. So it’s a very versatile machine that used in many industries. There are salt, fertilizer, rice, pasta, sugar, and snacks industry, for instance.

Consequently, as a good assistant of the bag-in-box machine, the cartesian gripper greatly improves the efficiency of the bag-in-box packing machine line. filling and inserting machine!

  • Easy structured with stable running performance
  • Quite economical compared with other bag-in-box machines
  • PLC & HMI touch screen control
  • Easy to install and easy to operate
  • Tailor-made with your real packaging situation
Technical Data G-700
Packing Speed 10~15 bags/min.
Gripper Weight 0.5kg~5kg
Gripping Type Vacuum
Machine Dimension 2000*1500*2200mm

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