Bag-in-Box Machine

The bag-in-box machine is an automatic bag filling and inserting into the box packing machine. In other words, it automatically erects the case or carton and fills the packaged bags into them. In addition, a case sealer is added to seal the filled cases accordingly.

There are usually are 3 types of bag-in-box machines.  First, it uses a high conveyor Box filler that drop-out to the case. Second, it uses a cartesian gripper to grasp the bags into the cases. Third, it uses a robot spider to grasp the bags and insert them into the box.

The bag weight ranges from 0.1kg t0 7kg. However, the 3 types of bag-in-box machines have a slight application range. We can customize them according to your package’s real situation. Furthermore, the filling type is flexible too.

The bag-in-box machine has a wide range of applications. Subsequently, it can serve many industries. For example, sugar mills, flour mills, rice mills, pasta factories, salt factories, snack food, nuts, and the fertilizer industry.

Meanwhile, a bag-in-box machine can be integrated into a packing line by linking with other packing equipment. For instance, case erectors, carton sealers, elevators & conveyors, VFFS machines, pouch filling machines, and so on.

bag-in-box packing machine demo

Bag-in-Box Machine Features

  • Great bag-in-box machine line with bags automatically filling into the box
  • 1 kg packing machine united, with roll stock film or premade pouches
  • Flexible bags stacking and filling mode that fills the bag into the box
  • Carton erector, case sealer, converged conveying system attached
  • Fully automatic bag-in-box machine unit with PLC centralized control system
  • Customized bag-in-box packaging solution suits your box packaging needs
  • Easy to learn and to operate
  • Intelligent and Safe with the alarm system
  • Imported and famous brand of electrical parts
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    conveyor bag filler

    Conveyor filler is a simple-structured and easy-to-operate bag-in-box machine. After the bags are positioned, they are automatically falling into the box. Because of its simple structure, it’s quite easy to operate and maintain. Likewise, it’s quite economical.

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    robot box packing machine

    Robot spider is an advanced technology and high-speed bag-in-box machine. Therefore, it’s used for food box packaging often. It uses a specially made vacuum gripper to grasp bags into boxes. In the same vein, its advantages of super-fast and high-efficiency make it a good helper for industrial packaging.

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    cartesian bag filler

    The cartesian gripper is a very economical bag-in-box machine.  It moves X, Y, and Z-axis direction, which is a very simple structure. Therefore, it’s quite easy to operate and maintain. That’s is to say, it has a low investment while good returns. In addition, few spare parts needed. So it’s the most wanted bag-in-box machine in the market.

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