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Valve Bagging Machine

Whether in cement or flour bagging, Synda Valve Bagging Machine can guarantee fine valve bagging. With the impeller filling system, this valve bag filler can fill the valve bag tightly and safely.

The access door, and the de-dusting pipe connected with the bag filters or pulse filter, Synda Valve Bagging Machine will fill the powder product via the filling spout linked with the filler having less dust. The product inside the filling spout will not clog or bridge with minimum spillage.

As the impeller rotates at high speed, the product is concentrated to help the valve bagging machine with fast filling. This valve bag filling machine designed at high technology and human-machine friendly operation. It improves the production capacity a lot with easy to parts changeover and clean.

Matched with the most reasonable ultrasonic sealer, Synda Valve Bagging Machine makes sure reliable sealing for valve bags containing non-woven cloth material. Instant sealing with safety, this valve bag filling machine is a good helper for construction material, milling, pharmacy, and food process industry.

  • Speed: Valve Bag – up to 360 bag/hr
  • Dimensions: 1140*680*1750mm
  • Weight: 850kg
Technical Data UT-25
Speed Non-woven Plastic Valve Bag:Up to 360 Bags/hour
Bag width range 300-500mm
Bag length range 300-800mm

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    Valve Bag Filling Machine
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