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HB50-PPM Automatic Bagging Machine

Synda HB50-PPM Automatic Bagging Machine is hygienically manufactured with stainless steel material and some hard parts with galvanized steel. It’s variable with different bag sizes and integrated food and chemical manual bagging machine for factory batch production.

Having a competitive cost advantage compared to HB50-PPH, this Automatic Bagging Machine is most suitable for factories, small-scale businesses, or starters. It saves the investment capital a lot and decreases the labor stuff too. This manual bagger is fully automatic except for the bag placing, and it manually places the bags. But it’s as fast as the HB50-PPH.

For dismantle and maintenance, easy spares changeover, or system improvement, Synda HB50-PPM Automatic Bagging Machine features unit design. Additionally, the dynamic parts and electrical control systems are independent of the main automatic bagging part. It’s multi-function as integrated with filling machine and bag sealing machine.

Synda HB50-PPM Automatic Bagging Machine wonderfully makes sure the reliable and constantly working via its almost fully automatic control system with easy support to other united equipment. These include tag auto feeder, code printer, bucket/belt/screw elevator, end product belt conveyor, weight checker, and metal detector.

  • Speed: PP Bag – up to 720 bag/hr
  • Dimensions: 4500*2350*4200mm
  • Weight: 700kg
Technical Data HB50-PPM
Speed PP Bag:Up to 720 Bags/hour
Bag width range 500-800mm
Bag length range 800-1100mm

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