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HB50-PPH Bagging System

Synda HB50-PPH Bagging System is identified by its high speed, constancy, accuracy and compact structure in the bulk material packing of chemical and animal feeds. Its united fabrication makes sure fine operation, spares changeover, flexible bag size adjustment, and easy to maintain.

Synda constantly improves its HB50-PPH Bagging System for colorful industrial production in the small scale bagging machine. This bagging system is available for factories, R&D institutions, or starters that are senstive on labor costs.

As independent and area-saving machinery, HB50-PPH Bagging System is compatible with all kinds of weigher or fillers for now and then animal feedstuff, fertilizer, and chemical bagging processes.

Synda HB50-PPH Bagging System is a 100% automatic machine, with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) & HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) control system. Very popular for its auto bagging system, it guarantees reliable bag auto placing and wonderful filling and bag closing.

  • Speed: PP Bag – up to 720 bag/hr
  • Dimensions: 5700*2350*4200mm
  • Weight: 1100kg
Technical Data HB50-PPH
Speed PP Bag:Up to 720 Bags/hour
Bag width range 500-800mm
Bag length range 800-1100mm

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