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HB25-PP Automatic Bagging Machine

Synda has fabricated the automatic bagger that is reliable, robotic, flexible, and easy to operate with a stainless steel structure. This HB25-PP bagging equipment is auto filling and sealing for granules and powder using Poly bag (Polypropylene bag), and paper bag.

With easy changeover for a wide range of utility, automated packaging systems, wonderful filling accuracy, and high speed, Synda Pack HP25-PP Automatic Bagging Machine satisfies the various needs in the PP bagging process.

Compared with the semi-automatic bagging machine that the bags use hand load operations, Synda HP25-PP Automatic Bagging Machine is much efficient and labor cost saving. Flexible packaging, only for big polybag packaging, this automated bagging machine is ideal packaging equipment for 25kg bag packaging.

Its customized weigh-filler and control system that generates a perfect dosing system for granules or powder automatic bagging. Automatic bagging operation, perfectly united with palletizing lines, alarming system, an emergency stop, Synda Pack HB25-PP Auto Bagging Machine make sure high quality with safety and bagging efficiency for your product packaging.

  • Double vacuum pumps with stable performance for bagging
  • Adjustable conveyor designed for bagged products
  • From raw material to bagged products without human interfere
  • The intelligent alarming system guarantees the security of the bagging system
  • Hot melt glue sealing makes bagged products have a long shelf life
Technical Data HB25-PP
Speed PP Bag:Up to 720 Bags/hour
Bag width range 500-800mm
Bag length range 450-500mm
Open Mouth Bag Material PP Bag (Polypropylene bag)

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