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HB25-PE Open Mouth Bagging Machine

Whether in powder or granules bagging, Synda HB25-PE open-mouth bagging machine can make sure consistent, reliable, and safe sealing. It’s a wonderful bagging solution for custom-made and small-scale processing, therefore suitable for bagging machines for chemical, and feedstuff industries.

The united, flexible, and customized design of Synda HB25-PE Open Mouth Bagging Machine is free faulty. It thermal seals PE/Nylon bags with or without code printing.

With a compacted structure design and easy to operate by the HMI (touch operation panel) and the PLC (programmable logic controller), Synda HB25-PE Open Mouth Bagging Machine has no possible downtime.

As an expert in automatic bagging machine manufacturing, Synda has made out a machine that improves bagging lines within your limited workshop space.

Synda HB25-PE Open Mouth Bagging machine is a tightly integrated auto bagging machine with high efficiency and easy operation. If have an extended area, material elevator, code printer, or weigher checker, the metal detector can also be matched.

  • Perfect bagging system structure designed
  • High bagged products weighing accuracy
  • Fast speed designed for automatic bagging machine
  • The large volume of magazine superly saves time and labor cost
  • Good bag sealing performance PE film bag (polyethylene bag)
  • Big brand of electrical parts with excellent programmed bagging system
Model HB25-PE
Packing Range 25kg/bag
Weighing Precision +-0.2%
Packing Speed 600~1200bag/hr.. (standard good fluidity)
Voltage/Power  AC380V 50HZ <=7.5kw  (Available for custom-made)
Air Consumption 2 m3/min.
Preformed Bag Size L*W=800~1000mm x 450~500mm
Preformed Bag Material PE Bag (Polyethylene bag)
Dimension (L*W*H) 4700*3400*3900 (mm)
Weight 2400kg

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