Automatic Bagger Machine

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Automatic Bagger Machine

Open Mouth Bagging Machine, Fully Automatic Bagging Line

  • Widely used for granular materials and powder products in big bags bagging.
  • Flexible and automatic bag packing machine with a compact design.
  • Automatic bagging and sealing machine using premade & open mouth bags.
  • Perfect match with automatic bag filling machines as integrated bagging lines.
  • Tightly installed with gross weighing or net weigh can be for bulk packing machine units.
  • It also can be used for PE or Paper coated with the plastic layer.
  • Fully automatic bagging systems controlled with PLC & HMI and make it easy to operate.
  • Available for weighing scales that use screw feed, gravity feed, vibrator feed, and belt feed.
  • The automatic weighing and bagging machines can be up to 8~12 bags per minute.
  • The semi-automatic bagging machine is also Synda’s new main machine which has good performance at a competitive price.
  • Stainless steel up to food-grade standard and carbon steel coated with plastic for chemical and plastic pellets industry.
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Automatic Bagger Machine

As an automatic bagger machine supplier, we can choose the most suitable and custom-made automatic bagging machine for our clients. It’s widely applicable all products with good flowing or non-good flowing.

With a lot of functions, such as automatically feeding the bags, filling products into the bag and seal. Baggs can be polypropylene, PE or Paper bag, etc. It’s capable of bagging almost all products, such as animal feeds, pet food, rice & grains, beans & pulse, peas, chickpeas, lentils, and so on.

The automatic bagger machine now is one of the best and popular packing machines worldwide. For it’s stable with fast filling and packing. The speed can be up to 720 bags/hr.

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Automatic Bagging Machine
automatic bagger machine

HB25-PE automatic open-mouth bagging machine mainly used for PE bags (polyethylene bag) weighing and filling. It’s auto placing the bags, opening, filling, and thermal sealing. Synda can give you the best bagging machines for open mouth bags. It can perfectly match with electronic weigher, bagging scale. Not only can it’s suitable to be 25 kg bag packing machine, but also can do 50 kg bag packing. This auto bagging machine uses stainless steel 304 structure and suits a lot of industries, such as pulse food, lentils, chickpeas, soya beans, coffee beans, pet food, seeds, and animal feedstuff. The bagging speed is up to 720 bags per hour.

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automatic weighing and filling machine

The HB25-PP automatic bagging machine is mainly designed for 25kg and 50kg bag packing machine. With specially design bag clamp, it can auto bag placing, weighing, and sealing. Synda can choose the most suitable auto bagging systems for your product. Integrated bag sewing machines matched with this auto bagger machine, it can realize auto thermal sealing or thread stitching according to the different packing machine model. It makes your product in the bag for long using life. Synda has already exported many sets of bagging equipment to our clients from different industries, such as plastic granules, agro-food, chemicals, and animal feeds.

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automatic open mouth bagging machine

HB50-PPH automatic bagging machine used for 25~50kg PP bag that contains PE film bag inside or whole paper bag.  Stainless steel 304 structure is explored for this automatic bagging machine. Not only smooth sealing but also continuous working makes excellent package bagging. Synda will supply the best automatic weighing and filling machine with open mouth bags for you. This automated bagging system is designed mainly for plastic granules and animal feedstuff, and similar products auto bagging and bag closing. Click the below button to find our open-mouth bagger for sale.

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Valve Bagging Machine

This valve bagging machine is mainly used for automatic valve bag packing. This auto bagging machine is integrated by the weigh fillers and ultrasonic welding machines. Synda can manufacture the most advanced automatic bag filling machine for our client. This polybag filling machine is mainly used for poly bags with nov-woven fabrics. Our valve bag filling machines are designed to handle any material you wanna pack, from cement, clays to plastic pellets and seed.

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The HP Series Open-Mouth Bagging Machine are high-speed bagging machines designed for bagging all types of free-flowing materials into polyethylene, paper or poly-woven open-mouth bags. These bagging machines can handle pillow-type or side-gusseted bags of various sizes at up to 50kg.

The compact design of the HP Series Open-Mouth Baggers allows for an easy fit in tight spaces, and facilitates, among others, maintenance operations and bag reloading. All of these bagging machines are equipped with a bag detection system on the spout, which greatly increases the cleanliness of the equipment during operation.

This automatic bagger machine is new bagging equipment developed by Synda for bagging granules and powder materials in the agrochemical, food, and other industries. The bags can be polypropylene, PE or paper, and big bags.

With multifunctions of automatically bag feeding, bag loading, filling, filled-bag conveying, and sealing, auto bagging machines can work in conjunction with all kinds of granules and powder material equipment to realize the unmanned production operation of large-size packaging.

It can work in conjunction with all kinds of powder and granules bagging equipment to realize the unmanned production operation of large-size packaging. The 10″ LCD touch screen control (waterproof and dust-proof to the level of IP65 or above, and can adapt to the humid and dusty working environment).

  • Friendly man-machine interface
  • Automatic fault diagnosis
  • Safety shutdown protection
  • Adjustment & maintenance is convenient


Well Instruction For a Newcomer When Choose a Right Packing Machine. 2019-07-04T09:19:32+00:00

As a newcomer on packing machine, we advise you get to know these factors when you select the right packing machine for your product.

First, tell the manufacturer of the packing machines the exact product that you want to pack. Products with good fluidity or non-fluidity, size of the products. If your product is very special, better send a video of the product flowing.

Second, tell the package styles and packaging materials. Sachet, pillow pouch, gusset pouch made of a roll of film; Or premade pouch, like doypack, zip bag, the bag with sprout, etc. Meanwhile, tell the plastic materials, such as PET/BOPP, Nylon/PE, Paper/PE, Single layer of PE, Foil/PE, etc.

Third, you should also tell the filling range, in other words, how much weight per time or per bag/pouch. It’d better tell this for selecting the right packing machine model.

Four, it’d better tell the way where the products come from. If the product come from the ground, it needs an elevator to elevate the products to the filler of the packing machines. If the products come from the big silo, it just let the filler on top of the packing machine link with the big silo.

Many packing machines for almost all industries 2019-07-02T01:20:52+00:00

With more than 22 years of expertise in the packing machine field, we can supply many solutions to packing machines for different products. No matter of form fill seal or premade pouch filling, we can give you the right one. We can also supply automatic bagger machine for PP open mouth bag filling and sealing. Sachet filling machine and tea packing machine is also within our range.

Manufacturer of Packing Machine Is Worthy of Your Trust 2019-07-04T09:21:34+00:00

Synda Pack is a brand supplier who is focused on form fill seal machine, automatic bagger machine for PP open mouth bag filling and sealing, sachet packing machine, tea packing machine, premade pouch filling machine. Quality, Service, Good Reputation is our key competition. A long business relationship is our forever pursuit.

How do I know if my production needs are high enough to make packaging automation worth it? 2019-06-18T07:30:25+00:00

Below certain production levels it just doesn’t make sense to automate your packaging. Likewise, if your production levels are quite high you may have to prepare to invest in multiple systems or multilane packaging equipment.

To help you see where your production levels fall, below are two tables that give you estimated number of bags a packaging machine can produce in certain time periods.

Assumptions: 8 hour shifts, one shift per day, 21 working days per month, 251 working days per year.

Fast Response on Packing Machines Inquiry or After-sales Is one of Our Main Advantages! 2019-07-03T10:14:54+00:00

Fast Response On Packing Machines

We would give you feedback after getting your inquiry of needs or aftersales questions. Filling machine or packing machine is easy to operate while it needs 1-3 months adaptiveness. Therefore, we would give you 24/7 technical support.  For we care about your suitability on the packing machine. Bringing value, like time-saving or cost saving by using automatic packing machines is our final goal.

Brand new packing machines with custom-made! 2019-07-02T01:21:12+00:00

All packing machines are designed and manufactured after knowing your products packing needs. We pay attention to and care about your exact packing requirement, such as the product categories and shape, status. Then we will get to know the package type, pouch, sachet, premade or roll of film as packaging materials. We will also give your packing machines solutions in accord with your product and packing unit situation.

3 Years Warranty For All Automatic Packing Machines 2019-07-04T08:56:06+00:00

Start from 1th. Jan. 2019 to 30th. June 2020, we would give our customer of 3 years warranty of all our packing machines. During the warranty period, all packing machines, like form fill seal machine, pouch filling machine, automatic bagger machine for PP open mouth bag, sachet packing machine and tea packing machine, if there was any problem caused by the quality of the machine, we will send the spare parts free of charge. The daily consuming parts are excluded. The warranty period is calculated from the delivery day on B/L which will be 3 years + 50 days.

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