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Automatic Bagger Machine

As a leading automatic bagging machine manufacturer, we can choose the most suitable and custom-made automatic bagging machine for our clients. It’s widely applicable to all products with good flowing or non-good flowing.

With a lot of functions, such as automatically feeding the bags, poly bagging machines fill the products into the bag and seal. Baggs can be polypropylene, PE or Paper bag, etc.

The automatic bagger machine is capable of bagging almost all products, such as animal feeds, pet food, rice & grains, beans & pulse, peas, chickpeas, lentils, and so on.

The automatic bagger machine now is one of the best and popular packing machines worldwide. For it’s stable with fast filling and packing. The speed can be up to 720 bags/hr.

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Automatic Bagger Machine Manufacturer

Best Automatic Bagging Machine With Better Price

  • Fast filling & auto control.
  • PP, PE, or Paper bags are all available.
  • Flexible automatic bagger machine with a compact design.
  • It’s weighing and bagging machine widely used for almost all granular and powder products.
  • The small bagging machine is an auto bagger & sealer with a tag placer.
  • Perfectly integrated with different kinds of bag filling machines as auto bagger lines.
  • Gross weigher or net weigher perfectly grouped as bulk packing machine unit.
  • Bagging scales with screw feed, gravity feed, vibrator feed, and belt feed.
  • Synda newly designed Manual Bagging Machine has a very competitive price.
  • Stainless Steel structure for the food & pharmaceutical GMP industry.
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    Advanced Types of Automatic Bagging Machines

    HB25-PE Automatic Bagger Machine

    HB25-PE automatic open-mouth bagging machine mainly used for PE bags (polyethylene bag) weighing and filling. It’s auto placing the bags, opening, filling, and thermal sealing. Synda can give you the best bagging machines for open mouth bags. It can perfectly match with electronic weigher, bagging scale. Not only can it’s suitable to be 25 kg bag packing machine, but also can do 50 kg bag packing. This auto bagging machine uses stainless steel 304 structure and suits a lot of industries, such as pulse food, lentils, chickpeas, soya beans, coffee beans, pet food, seeds, and animal feedstuff. The bagging speed is up to 720 bags per hour.

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    HB25-PP Automatic Bagging Machine

    Synda HB25-PP auto bagging machine is mainly designed for 25kg and 50kg bag packing machine. With specially design bag clamp, it can auto bag placing, weighing, and sealing. Synda can choose the most suitable auto bagging systems for your product. Integrated bag sewing machines matched with this auto bagger machine, it can realize auto thermal sealing or thread stitching according to the different packing machine model. It makes your product in the bag for long using life. Synda has already exported many sets of bagging equipment to our clients from different industries, such as plastic granules, agro-food, chemicals, and animal feeds.

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    HB50-PPH Automatic Bagging Machine

    Synda HB50-PPH Bagging System used for 25~50kg PP bag that contains PE film bag inside or whole paper bag.  Stainless steel 304 structure is explored for this automatic bagging machine. Not only smooth sealing but also continuous working makes excellent package bagging. Synda will supply the best automatic weighing and filling machine with open mouth bags for you. Fully automatic bagging systems controlled with PLC & HMI and make it easy to pack plastic granules and animal feedstuff, and other similar products. Click the below button to find our open-mouth bagger for sale.

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    manual bagging machine

    Synda HB50-PPM Manual Bagging Machine is designed for heavy bag filling and bag closing. This unit deployed an automatic rail guider device that auto conveys the filled bag to the bag sewing machine. It’s a fully automatic bagging machine except for the bag placing manually. High-efficient, flexible, and safe, it’s alarming when there’s no bag placed by hand. The bagging speed is as fast as the fully automatic bagging machine while the cost of the Manual Bagging Machine is only half compared with a fully auto bagging machine.

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    25kg bagging machine

    Synda 25kg Bagging Machine is a specially manufactured for 25kg granules weighing and bagging. Fully automated weighing, bag feeding, filling, and bag closing, it’s suitable for all 25kg granules of product packaging. High speed and high-quality automatic bagging machine, it’s a quite flexible packing machine for you.

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    UT25 Valve Bag Filling Machine

    This valve bagging machine is mainly used for automatic valve bag packing. This auto bagging machine is integrated by the weigh fillers and ultrasonic welding machines. Synda can manufacture the most advanced automatic bag filling machine for our client. This polybag filling machine is mainly used for poly bags with nov-woven fabrics. Our valve bag filling machines are designed to handle any material you wanna pack, from cement, clays to plastic pellets and seed.

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    UT25 Valve Bag Filling Machine

    Synda Express Automatic Bagging Machine is an automatic bagging machine for courier envelope pouch fast filling and packaging. Reliable, easy operating, imported brand electrical parts, Synda express automatic bagging machine is our best sales machine.

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    We Customize Your Automatic Bagging Machine

    We customize the automatic bagging machine for your products. According to your product characters, we can design the net weighers with different feeding modes. With different filling weight, the weigh hopper is designed and fabricated accordingly.

    Stainless steel or carbon steel coated with plastic protect, dust collecting device beside the filling spout, voltage power is all can be customized for the automatic bagging machine. A drawing showing the automatic bagging solution will give you before you give us the automatic bagging machine purchase order.

    After good communication with you, a perfect automatic bagging machine will come out with the below features,

    • Friendly man-machine interface
    • Compact layout suitable for your workshop
    • Safety shutdown protection with auto alarming system
    • Adjustment & maintenance is convenient
    • Good running since customized new weigher and bagging machinery
    automatic bagging machine 3d design
    Let Us Customize Your Automatic Bagging Machine Now

    Automatic Bagger Machine – The Ultimate Guide

    The automatic bagger machine is an awesome packaging machine. It’s popular globally as it’s easy to operate. A single operator can run an entire production line. It delivers speed and effectiveness in a revolutionary automated packaging process.

    50kg paper bags

    Paper Bags

    The automatic bagger machine is a reliable packaging solution for non-sticky, granular, and powdery content. It packages contents into bags of between 20kgs and 50kgs. 

    It’s a fast-filling, high-speed loading machine capable of packaging up to 720 bags per hour. The automatic bagger machine is preferred for its speed and efficiency in packing multiple free-flowing products.

    A variety of automatic bagging machine solutions are possible depending on the products you intend to pack. These machines come in different speed capacities allowing you to choose what works best for your industrial needs.


    Automatic Bagging Machine

    What’s the Definition of an Automatic Bagger Machine?

    Watch this video clip of an Automatic Bagger Machine for open-mouth bagging machines at work

    In this ultimate guide to automatic bagger machines, we’ll explore in great detail how the machine works and respond to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the machine.

    We’ll dive into the uses, parts, and factors to consider when purchasing the machine.

    What’s the Definition of an Automatic Bagger Machine?

    Watch this video clip of an Automatic Bagger Machine for open-mouth bagging machines at work

    Automatic Bagger Machine is tailored to automatically pack free-flowing granular and powder contents such as pulses, animal feeds, pet food, fertilizers, and pharmaceutical products into bags. The bags mainly refer to PP (Polypropylene), Paper, and PE bags from 20kg to 50kg. 

    It functions by automatically placing the bags, filling it with content, and closing the bags. The bag closer could be Stitcher, Sealers, Ultrasonic Sealers, or 2 in 1 Bag closer (heating & stitching). Some of the bags may need a cover strip and adhesive with glue.

    What are the Categories of Automatic Bagger Machines?

    There totally several kinds of automatic bagger machines, such as automatic bagging machine, manual bagging machine, PP bag automatic bagging machine, PE bag automatic bagging machine, valve bag filling machine.

    PP Bag Automatic Bagging Machine

    PP Bags Automatic Bagging Machine

    PP Bags Automatic Bagging Machine

    The open mouth bagging is a versatile machine with a high bag changeover of up to 720 bags per hour. It is automated in the placing, opening, filling, and thermal sealing of the bags.  It’s suitable for packing 25kg and 50kg bags. The machine employs a stainless steel structure that’s ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries. Pre-made PP bags are made of Polypropylene material.

    Automatic Bagging Machine

    Automatic Bagging Machine Line

    It’s equipped with a custom-made bag clamp that automates bag placing, weighing, and thermal sealing. The machine is suitable for packing agro-foods, plastic granules, animal feeds, and chemicals into 25kg and 50kg bags. The Auto Bagging Machine integrates with the bag sewing machine. You can achieve thermal sealing or thread stitching depending on the packing machine model used. 

    Bucket elevator, end bagging belt conveyor, tag feeder, bag closer, slope conveyor, tidy and flatten conveyor, conveyor waiting for palletizing, robot palletizer, on-line film wrapping machine are all be added and integrated into an automatic bagging machine line.

    PE Bags Automatic Bagging Machine

    PE Bags Automatic Bagging Machine

    Is an easy-to-use, fully automated PE Bags Automatic bagging system for packaging 25-50kg bags made up of PE film bags.  The machine is made of stainless steel 304 which is rust-resistant and fitting for food and pharmaceutical packaging. It provides for smooth sealing and has a high bag changeover

    Manual Bagging Machine 

    This Manual Bagging Machine is almost similar to the automatic bagging machine. The only difference is the manual placing of the bags.  Cost-effective; costs half the price of the fully automated machine while operating at the same packing speed.

    Valve Bagging Machine

    The valve bagging machine is used to automatically pack contents into special bags known as valve bags. Mainly packs using poly bags with non-woven fabrics. Can pack a wide range of materials from construction material, lime, cement, clay, plastic pellets, or seeds. Weigh fillers and ultrasonic welding machines are integrated into the valve bagging machine.

    Uses of  Automatic Bagger Machines

    Automatic Bagger Machines are suitable for packing almost all easy-flowing granular or powder products. The machines can be applied in the following industries;

    Industry Product Packaged by Automatic Bagger Machine
    Agriculture Seeds, fertilizers, animal feeds, wood pellets
    Construction Concrete, cement, sand, plaster
    Milling Flour, cocoa, sugar
    Chemical Processing Zinc oxide, plastic pellets, detergents
    Industrial Minerals Barite, Garnet, Bentonite
    Pharmaceuticals Pharmaceutical products in powder and granular form
    Food Processing Pet food, Animal Food, Snacks, Nuts.

    These include bag animal feeds, lentils, rice, coffee beans, soya, pet food, fertilizer, chickpeas, pulses, and the like.

    8 Benefits of Automatic Bagger Machines 

    There are totally 8 benefits that automatic bagger machine brings. We will irritate in the below.

    Compact Machines that Save Space 

    Automatic bagging machine layout

    Automatic Bagging Machine Layout

    An automatic bagger machine is compact and flexible packaging and can be installed in small spaces. It can fit into a seven square meter space.  Saved floor space can accommodate more machines and storage. This makes for better economic use of your premises.   

    High productivity

    Automatic Bagger Machine and Automatically Packed Bags

    Automatic bagger machines have higher productivity. They are fast-filling and faster than manual packaging. The output can be up to 800 bags an hour. Higher productivity improves your company’s efficiency as you increase sales while maintaining fixed costs like rent.


    bag packing machine

    Bag Packing Machine 

    Automatic bagger machines are highly automated with simple Human-machine interfaces (HMI) for operating technicians.  Operating the machines does not require deep technical machine knowledge. There are clear user manuals and available online support. Bag changeovers are quick due to the automation of these processes.

    Furthermore, productivity is also predictable. This means the machine has a programmable number of bags it produces per hour unless there is machine downtime.

    Improved Workplace Safety

    Automation lowers the risk of employee injury compared to a manually-driven packaging process. 

    The machine has high accessibility allowing for convenient cleaning and maintenance of its various parts.

    Hygienic Packaging 

    bag filling machine

    Bag Filling Machine

    Automatic bagger machines are made from stainless steel structures that are corrosion-resistant. This promotes the safety of food products and pharmaceuticals being packaged. 

    Moreover, there is controlled handling of packages limiting contamination of products.

    Lower Labor Costs 

    Automated packaging reduces the need for human labor, lowering labor costs.

    Automatic Bagger Machine at Synda Pack 

    Automation eliminates manual processes of folding, sorting, weighing, filling, and sealing. 

    The high initial cost of buying the automatic bagger machine will eventually be justified by the saving on labor costs over time. 

    Low production costs give an edge over your competitors.

    Consistent Packaging 

    25kg bagging machine

    25kg Bagging Machine

    With automated packaging, there is limited room for human error. Automation results in packaging that is accurate, consistent, and error-free.                                          Automated quality assurance using artificial intelligence (AI) enables the machines to accurately detect errors. 

    This also means there is higher product safety due to consistent packages that secure content properly.

    Versatility of machines

    An automatic bagger machine allows for various bag sizes. The operator can set the required weight in the operation panel. The machine will fill material into the bags with setting weight.


    The machine can be connected to a dust collector via a dust collector port. This ensures a clean working environment.

    The stainless steel material used for the structure meets international safety standards (GMP).

    The Components of Automatic Bagger Machine

    automated bagging machine

    1. HB(Heavy Bag) Auto Bagger
    2. Weigh Fillers 
    3. Belt Conveyors 
    4. Tag Feeder 
    5. Maintenance Work Table
    6. Bag Sealer

    How Does the Automatic Bagger Machine Work?

    The premade bags will be filled into the magazine of the automatic bagger machine. The magazine improves from 200 pcs of empty bags to 400 pcs. It saves the labor and time saving a lot. 

    automated bagging machine

    Automated Bagging Machine Magazine

    The bags are clamped into position when they get to the automatic bagger machine.

    Automatic Bag Clamp

    The vacuum sucker attached to the bag placer grabs each bag from the magazine.

    Bag Placer

    The automatic bagger machine stretches the bag open and aligns it to the spout for filling. This is are fully completed at the same time.

    Bag Filling Machine

    Bag Filling Machine

    The bag is filled with contents at the filling spout. This happens when the storage hopper automatically opens a valve to release contents into the bags. The unit simultaneously weighs the content. Filling automatically stops when the package reaches the preset weight. The feeding valve closes stopping the flow of content until the next bag is aligned to the spout.

    The bag top is then closed by stitcher and sealer. 

    The transfer device moves the bag to the closing line.

    bag closer

    Bag Closer

    The bag is released, tided and flatted, and conveyed.

    belt conveyor

    Bag Fall and Conveyed 

    A palletizer may be used at the end of the automated bagger machine to facilitate the onward organization of the packages. 

    robotic palletizer

    Robotic Palletizer

    The Auxiliary Packing Equipment For Auto Bagger Machine

    • Elevators, bucket elevators, belt conveyors; convey the bags to the bagger machine for packaging.
    • Tag sticker, tag feeder 
    • Code printer; print on the bag essential information such as manufacture date.
    • Weight checker, Metal detector; they verify the weight of contents being packed. Metal detectors check for contaminants in the free-flowing contents.
    • End belt conveyors; move the products from the bagger machine to the loading zone for further packaging.
    • Palletizing machines, including robot arm palletizer, X-Y-Z palletizer
    • Winding machine 
    • Pallets feeding system

    How much Does an Automatic Bagger Machine Cost?

    The cost of the automatic bagger machine varies depending on the size, speed, and type of machine. The price ranges from $40,000-$60,000. You may get better deals by directly contacting product manufacturers for factory prices.

    After How Long will the Automatic Bagger Machine Pay off my Initial Investment?

    Capital invested in purchasing expensive machinery should help you realize better profitability in the long-run. Your company’s operations should justify the cost of new machinery.

    You determine this by calculating your return-on-Investment. 

    If you’re currently using a manual bagging system, you’ll need to justify the purchase of a new machine over a manual bagging system. 

    You’ll also need to compare your return-on-investment between the automatic bagging machines you intend to purchase to verify which is more profitable.

    You calculate simple return-on-investment by comparing;

    • The total cost of the machine you intend to buy (a), and
    • Total benefit (or loss) derived from investing in the machine (b)
    • To get the simple return-on-investment ( c )

    Then c = ( b / a X100)

    For example, if the total projected profit from the machine is $100,000 and the machine costs $200,000, it will work out as follows:

    Then, a =  200,000

    b = 100,000

    c = b/aX 100 OR (100,000/200,000) x 100 =50%.

    The return-on-investment is 50%. The higher the return-on-investment, he better.

    Although this is oversimplified, it can serve as a valuable decision-making guide for your business.

    Generally, automation is characterized by a high initial capital investment that leads to increased production, improved efficiency, and better profitability.

    What is the Routine Maintenance of Automatic Bagger Machines?

    The quality of maintenance will determine the durability and efficiency of your automatic bagger machine. Some maintenance practices are routine. The machine manual contains detailed guidance on maintenance.

    • Conduct machine inspections on a regular basis. The design of the automatic bagger machine allows for easy accessibility of parts making inspection, and maintenance easy.
    • Replacing worn-out parts; Keenly monitoring the machine in operation is recommended. Stock spare parts, particularly for parts that wear out more rapidly.
    • Lubricating the machine regularly as per user manuals. Oil the machine parts after every 90 days.

    It’s advisable that sophisticated maintenance procedures are conducted by well-trained technicians. It’s good practice to liaise with the manufacturer for technical support when required. Maintenance support can also be delivered online.

    A well-maintained machine reduces downtime, improving its output and profitability.

    How Long Does it Take to Ship the Automatic Bagger Machine from China to My Country?

    According to chinaimportal.com, it takes between 40 days up to 60 days to get an automatic bagger machine to your country. 

    From China to destinations in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Africa it takes 30-60 days. Add an extra week, or more for time to load and unload the goods from the ports in both countries. 

    What’s the Technical Knowledge Required to Set-up and Run an Automatic Bagger Machine?

    Automation makes this bagger machine easy to learn, run, and operate. 

    It’s equipped with a 10″ LCD touch screen control. The screen can work in a humid and dusty environment as it’s both dustproof and waterproof.

    Here’s what makes this machine user-friendly;

    • Friendly man-machine interface
    • Automatic fault diagnosis
    • Safety shutdown protection
    • Convenient adjustment in a matter of minutes, not hours
    • Easy to maintain as it has a sturdy, accessible design

    What is the Lifespan of an Automatic Bagger Machine?

    The lifespan of an automatic bagger machine will depend on the use, type of machine, level of maintenance, the working environment, and whether the machine is new or used. 

    If the machine is well used,  it is proven to bring a satisfactory return on the investment. 

    The lifespan varies substantially from user to user as different industries have different packaging needs. The machine may perform in proper form for up to 10 years.

    How to Operate The Automated Bagger Machine?

    1. Assigning Qualified Persons to Operate and Maintain the Machine

    Automated machines are easy to understand and use. Nevertheless, machine operators must be well-versed with how the machine works. It takes more knowledge, and education to operate an automated machine than run a fully manual packaging system. They should also beware of basic machine maintenance such as cleaning. 

    You must prepare your staff by providing relevant training. You may need to replace unskilled labor with trainable machine operators to run and basically maintain the machine.

    2. Don’t Change Variables Continuously 

    Automation is a process by which machines carry out repetitive tasks with speed and accuracy. Automatic bagger machines are made to perform at best for a specific product type, or bag size. 

    Adjustments to vary these specifications is usually by modifying the machine program for new bag size, or product type. 

    Continuously varying the bag sizes, or product types will compromise machine efficiency in the long-run. Think about the machine that best serves your packaging needs. Then stick to those packaging dimensions as much as possible. 

    When you operate in an environment where you package a variety of bag sizes and products, you’ll need to pick an automated bagging solution carefully.

    3. Adhere to a Strict Maintenance Schedule

    Conduct regular service and maintenance of the automatic bagger machine to achieve the best possible output. A well-maintained machine runs more efficiently and breaks down less frequently. 

    Ensure oiling and replacement of parts that wear down quickly. Failure to conduct these regular maintenance schedules could lead to the breakdown of expensive parts. 

    Such breakdowns may be costly to replace and may take longer to repair as the spare parts may not be easily accessible and repair may require specialized machine experts.

    4. Ensure the Machine Runs in a Good Working Environment.

    An automatic bagger machine works optimally in a clean environment where dust levels are controlled to a minimum. Dust collection systems will limit the settling and eventual accumulation of dust in such places as air cylinders, rollers, air intakes, rollers, rotary joints, and belt drives.

    A favorable working environment will prolong the working life of your machine. Moreover, it can lower the cost of regular maintenance and promote productivity by limiting machine downtimes. 

    7 Factors You Must Know Before Purchasing an Automatic Bagger Machine

    Here are 7 factors to consider before you settle on the best machine for your industrial packaging requirements. 

    #1. Products Being Bagged

    The product you will be packing mainly determines the automatic bagger machine type you’ll select for purchase. Is your product easy-flowing, or is it highly volatile?

    Easy-flowing contents to be packaged may be fine or coarse powders, pellets, or granules of varying sizes. Use machines that go well with the product type.

    For example, fine powders are best packed with vacuum fillers and air fillers. On the other hand, gravity fillers are suited for granules. 

    Although some machines can pack a variety of products, there’ll be a machine that’s best suited for the product you’re packaging. 

    #2 Machine Filling Speed

    How many bags do you intend to pack over a day’s work? Can you break this down to bags per minute/hour/shift?

    You’ll choose a bagging machine that meets your production requirement.

    Generally, fully automated bagging machines run faster than semi-automated machines. They’re also more costly.

    For comparison, a fully automated bagger machine that produces 12 bags per minute costs $60000. An equivalent semi-automated bagger machine costing $8000 can pack 7 bags per minute. 

    Semi-automatic bagger machines are slower due to human intervention in certain stages in the packaging processes.

    Consider future expansion plans. This means you’ll select a bagger machine that produces more than your current requirement.

    #3 Your Budget

    Automatic bagging machine costs entail initial purchase price, operational, and maintenance costs.  

    Compare your budget and your intended packaging volumes. 

    Fully automated bagging machines cost more than semi-automatic ones.

    Achieve value-for-money by purchasing versatile machines that can handle a variety of products and bag sizes. Acquire a packing solution that accommodates future expansion plans for your business. 

    #4 Available Floor Space 

    Consider the amount of space available versus the foot-print of the intended machine. Fortunately, most automated bagger machines are compact. 

    Nevertheless, it’s vital to ensure there is enough room for machine operators, integrated filling components, outbound conveyors,  packing, and storage areas. 

    #5. Packaging Bag Types

    The type of bags you use for your packaging can determine the machine you’ll select. Some automatic bagger machines are custom-made to handle specific types of bagging materials. On the other hand, versatile machines can handle a variety of bags. 

    Bags are made from different materials from plastic to paper bags. Some bags are simple while others need complex handling by special bagger machines. The material you use will influence the machine to purchase.

    These machines may also have distinct bag holders. Others may have provision to detect if a bag is porous.

    #6 Your Automation Plan

    What strategic packaging objective are you planning to implement? Is your intention to fully automate your packaging line? How do you want to achieve it? Step-by-step through semi-automation then eventually moving to full automation?

    The scale of automation in choosing an automatic bagger machine varies from manual bagging, semi-automated bagging, to fully automatic packaging with robotics, and additional sophisticated technology.

    What’s your current capacity in terms of integration with existing equipment, and technology? These factors have a bearing on the choice of the automatic bagger machine you’ll select.

    Acquire bagger machines strategically in line with your automation objective. 

    #7 Require Technical Skills

    Determine the level of skilled labor needed to run the machine, and how much it costs. Break it down to unit production cost when you compare the various bagging machines available.  

    How many people can run the machine successfully at full production? Automated systems are easier to operate but require labor that’s more skilled. Besides, less staff can run fully automated processes. That implies, enhanced production with minimal man-power costs.

    Do you have skilled resources to run the machines you want to purchase? Or is your current staff trainable for handling advanced machines?  


    We have taken an in-depth look at automatic bagger machines in this ultimate guide. You’ve observed the types of automatic bagger machines and their benefits. 

    You’ve also seen how they function, what you should do when operating them, and factors to consider when choosing an automated bagger machine to purchase.

    An automated bagger machine that’s well maintained can deliver tremendous benefits to your business. The most outstanding advantages are the increased output and reduced labor costs.

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