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Synda Packing Machine For Granules, Powder, and Liquid

If you are not good at packing machines, buying packing machines from China could be a tough thing for you. Synda Pack is a leading packing machine manufacturer in China. We supply a very qualified packing machine for granular, powder, and liquid.

Whether you need to package granules, liquid, or powder material, Synda Pack is always able to supply you with the best packing machines for your factory.

We can provide you with the whole packaging lines according to your package requirements. Synda Pack has a very good performance on the automatic packaging systems design, you will get the cheapest packing machines and quickest reply on your email.

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Granules Packing Machine

Granules packing machine means the automatic granule packing machine which is specially manufactured for granules or similar products. Synda can provide granules packing machine for your granular products with different granules fillers. These fillers can be linked with the VFFS machines and pouch filling machines as an integrated packing machine. Volumetric filling machine, 4-head linear weigher, multi-head weigher, and custom-made electronic weigher guarantee well-packing for granules.

  • Special made filling machine for your granules product.
  • Accurately weighing with fast filling.
  • The compact structure of the granules packing machine saves workshop space a lot.
  • Excellent packing performance that can link with other different types of packing machinery
  • PLC controlled to make the granules packing machine be a good part of a packing line
  • Made of Food-grade stainless steel is suitable for food packing.
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Powder Packing Machine

Powder packing machine is widely used for powder industry. With auger filler attached, it can realize weigh-filling and packaging by using different fillers and pouching machines. Synda can give you a custom-made powder packing machine on the base of your powder characteristics.

  • Hygienic powder packing machine for healthy powder packaging
  • All the silos or feeders explore sealed type protecting powder from leaking during filling
  • Well designed heating sealer especially for powder pouch sealing avoids bag damage during transport
  • Safety is considered adding photocell touch & emergency switch on the powder packing machine
  • Small powder packing machine is also available
  • Automatic powder packing machine or manual powder filling machine both are under your choice
  • PLC controlled & HMI (Human-machine Interface) easy to operate and be into a powder filling line
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liquid packing machine

Liquid Packing Machine

Liquid packing machine is manufactured for liquid & paste product filling and packaging or bottling. It’s a type of packing machine for water, beverage, jam, ketchup, and sauce. Synda can give you a customized liquid packing machine upon your liquid or paste product that uses a sachet or bottle as packaging material.

  • Different liquid fillers can be selected which guarantees perfect liquid metering and filling
  • High metering accuracy with fast filling
  • VFFS machine and pouch packing machine can be matched with flow meter filling machine or pneumatic filling machine
  • Compact structurer make liquid filler well performance with bottling machinery
  • Liquid packing machine is flexible and can be linked into different packaging lines
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