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 Primary packaging, secondary packing are all designed for your product. Automatic & High-Speed, We Guarantee Any Uncertainty. We know well what an automated packing machine values for you.

Your First-Choice Packing Machine Manufacturer

Synda Pack stands out as the top choice for your packing machine requirements, offering exceptional machines suitable for granular, powder, and liquid products across a wide range of industries. Our machines are equipped with quick changeover parts, ensuring ease of operation and high efficiency, making them the perfect solution for your packaging needs.

Regardless of the specific products you intend to package and the materials you plan to utilize, we assure you that we possess the capability to supply you with the perfect machine for your factory. Through a comprehensive evaluation of your individual packaging needs, we can go a step further and customize a complete machine line that precisely aligns with your distinct requirements.

Synda Pack, a renowned packing machine manufacturer headquartered in China, takes immense pride in its ability to provide state-of-the-art automatic packaging systems. Our expertise lies in the design and development of dependable and fully automated packaging machine lines, guaranteeing a seamless production process for your business. We prioritize customer satisfaction beyond the point of sale, offering extensive technical support and supplying complimentary spare parts to ensure the durability and longevity of your machinery. Regardless of whether you are an end-user, a wholesaler, or an importer of packaging machines, our unwavering dedication remains focused on assisting you every step of the way.

Take action by reaching out to us today to inquire about our exceptional packaging machines and receive a competitive price quote.

Synda Pack will provide you Best Automatic Packing Machines & Solution.

Pouch & Sachets Packing

We cover all pouches packing machines, they can pack all kinds of pouches. With many pouches packing machinery, you can choose gusset, pillow, stand-up, stick, zip, spout, 3-sides seal sachets... Read more

Open Mouth Bagging

We can provide open mouth bagging machines. Polypropylene, PE or paper bags are available. Fully automatic baggers or semi-automatic bagging machine both at your requirement. Read more

Form-fill-seal Packaging

Competitive form-sill-seal packaging machine price and professional after-sales service. Many VFFS machine modals for you to select, for different styles and sizes packaging. Read more

Weighers & Pump Filling

We manufacture many kinds of weighers & pump filling machine. For liquid filling, paste filling, granules weighing, powder auger filling, and snacks multi-head weigher filling. Read more

Box Filling & Packing

We can supply box filling & packing machines for bag-in-box or bottle-in-box packing solution. Read more

Palletizing & Winding

With customized & designed automatic packing systems, we can supply fully automatic palletizing & winding packing lines on base of ABB, FANUC, and KUKA robotics. Reliable with competitive price saves your investment a lot. Read more

Let Syndapack Custom Your PACKAGING, and Skyrocket Your Business

Tea Bag Machine

Automatic tea packing machine for all kinds of tea. Suits for filter sachet with string and tag, pyramid bag, and double chamber bag.

drip coffee bag packing machine

Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine

High-speed up to 65 bags/min. drip coffee bag packing machine, automatic coffee packaging.

Sachet Packing Machine

Sachet packing machine used for 1~50g sachet filling and sealing. Suits for stick pack, 3 side seal, 4 side seal, and center seal.

VFFS Machine

The VFFS machine uses rolled film as packaging material. It suits for 20g~20kg products auto bag forming, filling, sealing, and printing.

Automatic Bagger Machine

It’s a fully automatic weighing and filling, closing machine for open-mouth premade PP bags, PE bags, and Paper bags with 25kg & 50kg. Tag feeder and date printer are also available to choose from.

Doypack Packaging Machine

The premade doypack packaging machine uses the premade pouches to auto-pouch feeding, filling, and sealing. Suits for 100g~10kg.

1 Kg Packaging Machine

The packing machine is primarily designed for filling and sealing 500g and 1 kg bags. It offers two types of automatic packaging machines: one for roll-of-film packaging and the other for pre-made bags.

Bag-in-Box Machine

The bag-in-box machine comes in three main types: conveyor filler, robot spider, and cartesian gripper. Additionally, it can be integrated with carton erectors, case sealers, and other packaging equipment for a complete packaging solution.

Bag-in-Bag Machine

The bag-in-bag packing machine is designed to efficiently fill and insert small bags into larger bags. It consists of several essential components, including converged conveyors, a small bag filler, and a large vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machine. These components work together seamlessly to streamline the packaging process and ensure accurate and reliable bag-in-bag packing.

25kg Bagging Machine

The 25kg bagging machine offers exceptional return on investment (ROI) due to its advanced features, including automatic weighing, filling, automatic bag guiding and conveying, and bag closing. These functions work seamlessly together to enhance efficiency and productivity in the bagging process, making it a valuable investment for your business.

Bottle Filling Machine

The machine is designed specifically for filling buckets weighing 1-5kg with granules or powder. It offers a fully automatic operation, encompassing the entire process from weighing the material to filling the buckets and conveying them. This seamless automation ensures efficiency and accuracy in the bucket-filling process, making it a reliable choice for various industries.

Granules Packing Machine

Synda offers a range of granules packing machines specifically designed for your granular products. These machines come equipped with various granules fillers, which can be seamlessly integrated with VFFS machines and pouch-filling machines. Whether you require a volumetric filling machine, 4-head linear weigher, multi-head weigher, or a custom-made electronic weigher, our packing machines ensure precise and accurate packaging for your granular products.

  • Customized Solution: Our packing machines are specially designed to meet the unique needs of your granular products.
  • Accurate and Efficient: Our filling machines offer precise weighing and fast filling capabilities.
  • Space-Saving Design: The compact structure of our machines is designed to save valuable workshop space.
  • Seamless Integration: Our packing machines work seamlessly with different types of auxiliary packing equipment, enabling you to create a comprehensive and streamlined packaging line.
  • PLC Control: Equipped with a PLC control system, our machines offer advanced automation and precise control.
  • Hygienic and Food-Grade: Constructed from food-grade stainless steel, our packing machines are suitable for packaging food products.

Powder Packing Machine

Our packing machine is widely acclaimed in the powder industry for its exceptional performance. Equipped with an auger filler, it offers the capability to automatically weigh, fill, and seal your powdered products. What sets us apart is our ability to provide custom-made machines tailored to your specific powder characteristics.

  • Hygienic and Health-conscious: Our packing machine prioritizes hygiene, ensuring a safe and healthy powder-filling process.
  • Reliable Sealing for Product Integrity: The packing machine ensures secure sealing, eliminating the risk of any leakage or contamination.
  • Damage-free Packaging during Transport: With its reliable sealing mechanism, our machine prevents bag damage during long-distance transport.
  • Enhanced Safety with Alarming System: The machine is equipped with photocell sensors and an alarming system, ensuring a safe operating environment.
  • Accurate Dosing and Flexible Options: Our packing machine offers precise and accurate dosing, allowing for consistent filling of the powder.
  • Flexibility of Operation: Our packing machine offers the freedom to choose between manual and automatic operation.
  • Advanced Control System: The machine is equipped with a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and an intuitive HMI (Human-Machine Interface).
  • Simple Maintenance: Our machine is engineered to be easy to maintain, with accessible components and clear instructions.
  • Expertise and Support: With our experience and expertise in the industry, we provide comprehensive support to our customers.

Liquid Packing Machine

Our packing machine is specifically designed for filling and sealing liquid and paste products. It offers a wide filling range, accommodating various substances such as water, beverages, jams, ketchup, sauces, and soups. Additionally, Synda specializes in providing customized machines tailored to meet the specific requirements of your liquid or paste products.

  • Precise and Reliable Filling: Our machine ensures perfect liquid metering and filling, guaranteeing consistent and accurate results.
  • Efficient and Fast Operation: With high accuracy and high-speed filling capabilities, our machine optimizes production efficiency, reducing processing time.
  • Versatile Filling Options: You have the freedom to choose from a gravity filler, servo motor filler, or pneumatic filling machine, enabling you to select the most suitable option for your specific liquid filling requirements.
  • Convenient and Low-Maintenance: The compact structure of our machine makes it easy to operate and maintain.
  • Whether you prefer a gravity filler, servo motor filler, or pneumatic filling machine, we have options to suit your specific needs.
  • With its compact structure, our machine is designed for ease of operation and maintenance. It is user-friendly, allowing for seamless control and adjustment.
  • Maintenance is also simplified, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing productivity.
  • Moreover, our packing machine is highly flexible and can be seamlessly integrated with other packaging equipment.

Food Packaging Machine

Synda offers a diverse range of food packaging machines that are versatile and cater to various products, such as potato chips, fruit chips, cashews, nuts, spices, snack food, pet food, and grains. Additionally, we provide a wide selection of weighing and packaging options, accommodating quantities ranging from 2g to 100kg. Whether you require small-scale packaging or larger bulk packaging, we can customize a machine that meets your specific needs and ensures efficient and accurate packaging of your products.

  • Comprehensive Functionality: Our packing machine offers a range of functions including elevating, weighing, filling, sealing, date-printing, counting, and conveying out.
  • Doypack Packaging Excellence: Specifically designed for doypack packaging, our machine excels in efficiently filling pre-made pouches.
  • Versatile Weighing Options: Whether you require a multi-head electronic weigher, a combined linear weigher, or a volumetric cup filler, our machine ensures accurate measurements
  • Beautiful and Diverse Bag Styles: Our machine offers various bag styles for a super attractive pouch packaging. Whether you prefer a 4-side-seal, quad-seal pouch, M-bag, or zipper pouch, you have the freedom to select the style that enhances your product’s visual appeal and catches the consumer’s attention
  • Material Flexibility: We understand that different products may require different bag materials.
  • Precise Sealing and Date-Printing: The sealing mechanism of our machine ensures a secure and reliable seal, protecting the integrity of your products during storage and transportation.

Automatic Bagging Machine

We are not only good at weighing, filling, metering but also we are excellent at bag-making and premade-bags-filling. No matter you have problems with heat-sealing or bag stitching, we will always give you our best technical support. Because we love it and focus on the automatic bagging field forever.

Semi Automatic Packing Machine

Some people may say, “give us a packing machine that can resolve all his packaging needs”. However, we know there’s no such machine that can pack all types of bags with different filling weights. But we can say a semiautomatic can solve 80% of that task. Believe us, it’s a good choice.

Machines For Packaging

Automatic Plastic Packing Machine

Uses plastic film to pack, including PE, Paper/PE, PET/PE, PAP/Alu/PE, etc. Meanwhile, bag styles can be 3-side-seal, 4-side-seal, and center seal.

Spices Packing Machine

Fill mixed spices into several bag styles. For instance, pillow bags, gusseted, hand-hole bags, quad seal, and so on. Most importantly, we can give a customized one.

Bread Packing Machine

Flow pack bread packing machine mainly uses for packaging bread, cookie, chocolate, vegetable, meat, salad, sandwich, and grains.

Shrink Packing Machine

Heating Shrink Packing Machine, Shrinking Tunnel Machine. Automatic Shrink Packing Machine. Fast and reliable heating and shrink packing.

The Ultimate Guide To Packing Machine

It’s hard to choose a packing machine for your business or for your factory. Especially for a newcomer, they don’t know what should they pay attention to when buying the packaging machine.

Price or quality?

How does a packing machine consist of? How does a packing machine works?

How long will it arrive at your site after the purchase? How to install or operate the machine after buying it?

Let’s dive into the article.

What should you pay attention to when buying a packing machine?

Do you need an automatic packing machine or a semi-automatic packing machine?

This is a question that puzzles many buyer or boss of a new business or a renovation one. First, you need to know what kind of packing machine you need. Do I need a semi-automatic packing machine or an automated packing machine? If your production yield is very big, let’s say, 5 tons per hour, in 1 kg package, then you must need an automated packing machine.

Automatic Packing Machines

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We can set a standard to decide whether to choose an automatic packing machine or a semi-automatic one.

For 10~50kg/bag, below 5 bags/minute, it can use a semi-automatic packaging system; If the output is 5 and 10 bags/minute of your production line, it should use an automated packaging system.

For other packages, like the bottle, jars, pouches, and sachet, with filling below 1kg, if the output is below 10 pcs/minute, it can use a semi-automatic packaging machine, if more than 10, we suggest using an automatic filling machine or automatic bottling machine.

Of course, it also depends on your budget. The cost of an automated packing machine is double the price at least compared that semi-automatic or manual packing machines.

What kind of package you should use?

There’re a lot of categories of packaging machines.

For plastic soft bags, there is a packaging machine like the VFFS machine for a roll of compound film (PE/PET/BOPP/Nylon), a pouch filling machine for pre-made pouches (stand-up pouch, zipper pouch, spout pouch, quad-seal pouch), sachet machine that belongs to a small packing machine (3-side seal sachet, the 3-side seal includes back seal, 4-side seal sachet, stick sachet with rectangular corner or round corner), tea bag packing machine (filter bag with an outer plastic bag with tag and string, triangular woven nylon bag, double chamber tea bag).

Tea Packing Machines

For big open mouth bag (pp bag, woven plastic bag), there are machines like automatic bagging machine with automatic bag feeder system, automatic bagger with manually feed the bag, semi-automatic bagging machine (automatic weigh-filling, manually handling the sewing with a sewing machine that attached with a pillar).

For bottles, there’s a high-speed rotary automatic bottling machine(glass bottle, pet bottles), medium speed automatic linear filling machine (glass bottle, pet bottles, jars).

What kind of products do you need to pack?

After you have known the package material and style, you need to know well about your product. For different products use different packing machines as well as other auxiliary packing equipment.

Generally, the packing machinery all can be used to pack granules, powder, and liquid. While high-speed rotary bottling machine belongs to the liquid filling machine which mainly used for packing liquid products. There is also a special filling machine for filling jam, like soybean jams, fruit jams.

Therefore, you need to tell exactly your package material, style with filling volume, or weight per package. The characteristic of your product that needs to pack should also tell the packing machine supplier.

What auxiliary packing equipment you need?

We know the automatic or semi-automatic packing lines where the auxiliary packing equipment is compulsory. It will greatly increase the work efficiency.

At the very beginning, you need to tell your packing machine supplier, what does your product come from? Is it the bulk product from the up-floor big silo? Or it from well-packed bags that need to repack? The elevator or conveyor will be added to the packaging lines.

The packing machinery supplier will do the elevator or conveyor according to the conveying distance or elevating height. The automatic control with the main machine will also be considered.

Should I buy from a local reseller or from the manufacturer directly?

With the development of internet and logistics, now it’s getting easier and easier to buy from the manufacturer directly, regardless it will take more time to study the machinery through the website.

You can learn from YouTube and see all the packing equipment working videos as you want. You may also be able to learn what’s the key factor deciding the quality as well as good pricing.

Though there are some disadvantages of buying directly from the packing machinery manufacturers as it needs before the machinery arrives at your factory after order. It’s worth it. For it has these advantages buying directly from the manufacturer:

  • The packing machinery manufacturer knows more about your industry and will give you a customized packing solution.
  • Auxiliary packing equipment can be added with a different function that suits your packaging or filling needs.
  • There’re a lot of applied package styles for your choosing.
  • Automated packaging systems can be designed including all your machinery.
  • Perfect designs for your factory workshop from the top and wide views.
  • There are a lot of weigh-fillers or metering & filling for your products.
  • The spare parts will be original and cheaper than from the distributor.
  • We will give you reliable packaging machinery with a competitive price according to your budget.
  • The machine manufacturers will also help you with the electrical parts for your other equipment.

Therefore, the many-years experienced packing machine manufacturers are the best choice for your factory’s automatic production lines. They will guarantee the machinery running stable with their expertise.

What’s the main function of the packing machinery?

Talking about the function of the packing machine, you need to know there are two main categories of packing machinery. One is for the bulk product, like granules, powder, liquid, and paste; the other is for the packed products, like the packed pouches, bags, sachets, bottles, jars, then it needs to repack into cartons, sacks, and pallets.

The bulk packing machine is mainly used to pack granules, powder, liquid, and paste products. It has the function of weighing, filling, pouch form-fill-seal, pouch automatically filling, sealing, printing & coding, labeling, etc.

The repacked packing machine which also called secondary packing machinery includes bag-in-bag or bag-in-sack (bag-in-bag secondary packing machinery, bag-in-box, or bag-in-carton (box packing machine, bag-in-pallet (robot pelletizing machine and pallet winding machine).

The auxiliary packaging equipment, like an elevator (Z type bucket elevator, screw elevator, bucket elevator, big-angle slope belt conveyor, etc.), conveyors will be very good equipment that constitutes fully automatic packaging lines with the main packing machines.

These automated packaging machines you need to learn as much as you can since it will help you with an automatic production line in your factory. It will save you from huge labor costs and management expenses. You only need is one or several good engineers and factory managers.

Synda can also give your operator and factory manage good training at your site or our factory. It makes sure a good ROI for your business.

Shall I buy from from China or from Europe & the USA?

This question is becoming much transparent nowadays as many factories knowing the Chinese equipment have very good quality with competitive prices compared with the counterparts in Europe and the USA.

Many machinery companies from European countries & USA cooperate OEM with Chinese factories. Most people from European countries or the USA find that the machinery is manufactured in China.

Meanwhile, there’re a lot of companies with famous brands or good reputation companies that come to set up factories in China with local factories. There’s no secret in the market.

So made-in-china now is getting more reputable than before. With most of the advanced technology is grasped by the Chinese.

Synda has more than 23 years in the packaging machine industry which starts from studying packing machine technology from German. Many years later, we now have our own patents including advanced technology.

So it’s obviously buying from China will be a smart choice and a trend nowadays and in the future.

What’s the pricing of packing machines?

The price of the packing machine is determined by the function, material, and dimension of the machine.

Automatic sachet packing machine for small sachet dosing 5~100g granulespowder, and liquid, the price is around $3800 per set. 4 side seal is higher than 3 side seal by 300$.

Granules, Powder, and Liquid Sachet Packing Machines

VFFS packing machine price is around 7500$ ~ 25000$ per set according to the max. film width. Using reducer or servo drive motor to pull the film, vertical and horizontal sealer, it will be a different price. For reducer is cheaper than servo drive motor.

The price of an automatic bagging machine for the open mouth bag with dosing 25kg and 50kg is around 50000$ ~ 60000$. The price is various according to the bag’s closer type and weigher type. The auto bag placer type is also a key factor influencing the price.

The valve bag packing machine price is 20000$ per set. It’s made of carbon-coated plastic granules. Using stainless steel 304, the price goes up 20% or so.

The price of the Multi-lane packing machine is about 25000~50000$. The price will be different in accordance with the different fillers and the number of tracks. The powder auger filler will be a higher price than granules volumetric cup filler and liquid piston filler, or liquid pump filler. The track amount is also influencing the price of the multi-lane packing machine.

All fillers

The price for the semiautomatic packing machine for granules and powder is around 7500$. It has a multi-function of auto weighing, filling, manually placing the bags of 25kg or 50kg, conveying, and bag closing. The liquid semi-automatic packing machine is 2000$ or so.

How much will it cost to use a packing machine after buying it?

There are spare parts cost during use. The percentage of the total machine is about 2% per year. For example, if you buy a sachet packing machine at the price of 3500$, the spare parts cost of using will be around 100$ per year. If you buy a VFFS packing machine at the price of 22000$, the spare parts cost will be 220$ or so per year.

The machine operator salary is a big expense. It will need 1 or 2 persons for the automatic packing machine. It needs around 5800$ per person annually. This amount is a standard salary, different regions may have a slight difference.

The other expense is electricity. It can calculate this cost by the loading power of the total machine.

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