Snacks Packing Machine

Snacks packing machine is one of synda’s specialty products. Snacks are the kinda food that people love most. Its quality standard requires higher. So does the packaging. Synda Pack has researched much and developed our own snacks packing machine. They are greatly improving the snack’s packaging capability and quality.

snacks packing machine

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Snacks Packing Machine Supplier

With best industrial snacks packing machinery and solutions

  • All machinery made in accord with GMT food standard
  • Well structured and easy to operate with few downtimes
  • Compact design and space-saving at your snacks factory
  • Intelligent PLC control system
  • Fully automatic weighing, filling, and sealing for snacks packaging
  • Secondary packing machine available for an integrated packaging line
  • Spare parts and installation provided
  • 24/7 technical support
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    1kg Snacks Packing Machine

    Synda 1 kg snacks packing machine uses a roll of film, which consists of a VFFS machine (form-fill-seal), electronic weighers, maintenance worktable, slope belt conveyor, and Z elevator. Advanced packaging technology with reliability.

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    Synda pouch snacks packing machine consists of an automatic rotary packing machine, linear weigher, maintenance worktable, bucket elevator,  and date printer. It suits for 1~3kg premade pouch filling and sealing.

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    25kg Snacks Packing Machine

    Synda Snacks 25 kg bagging machine consists of 2-head net weigher, maintenance worktable, manual bagger machine, automatic bag closer, and end belt conveyor. Suits for PP, Paper, or PE bags.

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    Synda box snacks packing machine line consists of 2 sets of VFFS machines or Rotary Packing Machines, converged belt conveyors, carton erector, auto box filling machine, auto box sealer, and inkjet coder. Automatic PLC control system.

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