Pasta Packaging Machine

We supply variant functions of pasta packaging machines for the pasta industry. They are for pasta automatically filling & packaging in bags, boxes, and jars.

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different types of pastas packaging

Pasta Packing Machine

Reliable & Integrated Pasta Packaging Machine Line

  • All pasta packing machines are available
  • Pasta packing machinery ranging from 20g to 20kg
  • Easy to know the know-how and quite easy to operate
  • GMP food-grade stainless steel
  • Fully automatic control system
  • Bulk pasta packaging with sachet, premade pouch, box, and pallet
  • Secondary packing machine available after bulk pasta packaging
  • Spare parts and installation provided
  • 24/7 technical support
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    1kg Pasta Packing Machine

    1 Kg Pasta Packing Machine

    Synda 1 kg pasta packing machine uses a roll of film, which consists of a VFFS machine (form-fill-seal), multi-head electronic weigher, end belt conveyor, and bucket elevator. The packaging capacity is customized accordingly.

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    pasta packaging machine

    Premade Pouch Pasta Packing Machine

    Synda premade pouch pasta packing machine consists of a rotary packing machine, multi-head electronic weigher, maintenance worktable, bucket elevator,  and date printer. It suits for 1~3kg premade pouch filling and sealing.

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    25kg Pasta Packing Machine

    25Kg Pasta Packing Machine

    Synda 25 kg pasta packing machine consists of 2-head net weigher, maintenance worktable, manual bagger machine, automatic bag closer, and end belt conveyor. Premade PP bag and Paper bags both are available.

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    Box Pasta Pasta Machine

    Box Pasta Packing Machine

    Synda box pasta packing machine line consists of 2 sets of VFFS machines or Rotary Packing Machines, converged belt conveyors, carton erector, auto box filling machine, auto box sealer, and inkjet coder. Central controlled and intelligent.

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