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Multi Lane Sachet Packing Machine

Description of Multi Lane Sachet Packing Machine

Synda Multi Lane Sachet Packing Machine is also known as a multi-track stick packing machine. It belongs to the family of form and fills packaging machines. At the same time, multi lane is also a stick-packing machine that mainly packs stick sachets.

According to the lane number of the machine, there is a max. 10 lanes for a multi-lane sachet packing machine, which is defined by the max. film width of the machine. For instance, 2 lanes, 4 lanes, 6 lanes, 8 lanes, and 10 lanes.

However, saying it fills different raw products, there are several categories. Examples are liquid multi-lane machines, granules multi lane sachet packaging machines, and powder multi-lane machines. Namely, the machines can pack liquid, granules, and powder separately.

Dosing Amount

We know that multi lane sachet packaging machines are mainly for stick sachet packaging. Therefore, like other sachet packing machines, it’s also a small dosing and packing machine.

It mainly fills from 1 ~ 50 grams. Well,  according to the material density, it might variable weight that can fill. Anyway, it can fill within 50 grams.

Sachet Types

This gorgeous multi lane sachet packing machine mainly makes stick sachets. However, there are dozens of sealing patterns that machines can realize. For instance, perforation, chain, pour spout, rounded, sea shapes, bottle shapes, and various cut types.

These sealing patterns provide a wide choice for your stick sachet packaging.

High Speed

This god-damn vertical pouch packing machine has a very high speed of packaging. It reaches as high as 40 cuts per minute. In other words, it’s 24000 sachets per hour for 10 lanes.


With its beautiful packages, variable sealing patterns, and high speed, the multi lane sachet packing machine is widely used in many industries. Listed but not limited to, cosmetics, pharmacy, food, beverage, health keeping, and so on.

  • Speed: PE/PET packaging material – up to 24000 bag/hr
  • Fully automatic multi-lane sachet packing machine with high speed
  • Wide applicate for liquid, paste, jam, powder, granules products filling and packing
  • Dimensions: 700*900*1800mm
  • Weight: 450kg
Technical Data ML-10
Speed PE/PET Pouch:Up to 24000 Bags/hour
BOPP/PET Pouch: Up to 40 Cut/min
Filling Range 3~50ml
Bag width range 30-80mm
Bag length range 30-90mm

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